Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blue Monday and Met Monday

Hello Dear Ones, and welcome again to Blue Monday and Met Monday. Until I run out of blueness or makeovers I will continue to combine these fun Monday posts. So don't forget to visit our hostess for the most Blue of the week, Sally at

...and our hostess of marvelous makeovers, Susan at to see many great transformations going on in Blogland!


Now for my contribution to Blue Monday. I've been busy making stuff! So many of my dear friends are making tassels and I wanted to try my hand at it too! My sweet friend, Judi, at Cranberry Blossoms, has a gorgeous bird tassel she's made and is using a picture of it as her header on her blog and I've just loved it - so I've been a copy cat! I hope it's okay, Judi!! Well, mine's not as pretty as hers.
Found this precious little birdie with the curly tail at Michael's. Poked an eye ring in his little back - ouch! added ribbon for the hanger and then hot glued my way to tasselness. See the pretty Blues of the ribbons and fringey stuff? My little bird looks a little like I've bound up his little wings! ;)
I don't think he looks too unhappy, do you? I hope not!
Now gaze on his lovely curly tail. I know it's not Blue but his tail is just full of gorgeous curlyness, don't you think? Hope you've like my first attempt at tasseling!

Now on with my Met Monday...
Here you can see a ball of crochet string and a number ten crochet hook.
Oh so many things can be made with just these two little items.
I love to do all kinds of needlework, embroidery, needlepoint, can't knit, but I can crochet up a storm! So with one little number ten crochet hook and a gazillion balls of crochet string...
...I made a nekked ( that's Texan for naked. I seem to have so much nekkedness going on all over my house, don't I? ) table very happy!
I crocheted a tablecloth!
Now I didn't accomplish this last week! Actually I crocheted this tablecloth about seven years ago and it took me over a two year period to complete it. We were traveling quite a lot and I would take my work with me on the plane and just crochet! No one cared then about my sharp little crochet needle or my little sharp scissors. So I worked on this a little sporadically.
Here's a closer look at the squares. I can't remember how many little squares I made to make a very large tablecloth.
Here's a really close up of my work. After I crocheted all my squares I started crocheting them together in strips and then crocheted the strips together.
Now when I want my dining room to look frilly and a little romantic, I just pull out my crocheted tablecloth and voila! I also crocheted a tablecloth for my Mother maybe twenty years ago in a different pattern. I know, I'm wonderful, aren't I? Please know I'm just kidding! ;)

Please go visit Sally and Susan to visit more Blues and more Mets today!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Red Tablecloth

Well, another busy night's come to an end
I think I'll just rest my weary bones and set here with my friend
Folks may say I'm a crazy old coot, well, I recon I could be
But this old red checkered tablecloth means an awful lot to me.
You see I wait the tables, I'm here most every night
I see young folks a-kissin' an' I sure do see 'em fight
And that old checkered tablecloth in the corner over there
Well, it's my friend, we both of a secret that we share.
Dreams belong to every man and mine just might come true
That's why this old checkered table cloth is, is always set for two
I know I'm just a waiter but it weren't always so
I used to bring my true love here some twenty years ago.
And right across the table while we'd be holding hands
My friend the checkered table cloth would listen to our plans
Every single night I'd bring her to this place
I can't forget her laughter and I just can't forget her face.
Now I sit here with my friend an' I rest my weary bones
My love walked out that door one night an' left me here alone
That's why I never left this place and I'll tell you somethin' more
Some day I'm gonna see my love aome a-walking through that door.
Now after ten we're sitting here just like we used to do
This old red checkered table cloth is always set for two...

~sung by Walter Brennan


  1. Your bird tassel is lovely...and the bird looks very pleased to be apart of something so pretty! And that table clothe...OH MY GOODNESS...I can't even imagine the endless number of hours it would take to create something that big and beautiful! You must be so proud!

  2. oh Sheila, that is one beautiful piece of should be so proud!

  3. Gosh you are wonderful, and I am not joking either. That tablecloth is amazing is so detailed. You artistic types can turn your hand to anything. I just cannot kniwt or crochet although I am trying to sew. The last time I knitted anything I made my daughter booties. Only problem was they would have fitted a fiver year old. You have to stick with what you are good at.

    And Shelia I know how good you are to your Mom because I just have the one daughter too. And she is the most beautiful precious girl in the world. And I am sure your Mom says the same. Go ask her.

  4. Shelia, that birdie is really cute and no, he does not look like he is hurting. And that crocheted tablecloth looks amazing. I know it's tedious to crochet and so I really admire your patience. It's beautiful so it's worth all the hard work you've done....Christine

  5. Well Sweetie, it looks like you're as TALENTED as you are SWEET & LOVING! Both are DARLING, just like you! Hugs, Linda

  6. Sheila,

    As a lover of all birds, real or fake, I think your tassel is lovely It took a lot of creativity & turned out beautiful!

    I know that needlework takes a great degree of patience as Christine says and so I believe that you have to enjoy the art very much to make a creation such as yours. The detail and sheer size of it amazes me and you are too humble. It is just absolutely beautiful. I could not crochet a tea cozy if you gave me a year!!

    Very inspiring post for a busy Monday. Love it! :-)


  7. I love the tassel!

    I have a hard time working with the small crochet...although I have edged pillowcases. My Texas grandmother/Nanny, tried to teach me to crochet with the small thread, when I was about 10 years old. Never could quite master it, but I do crochet with yarn, when my hands allow it. Your tablescloth is gorgeous. Crochet, like this, is almost a lost art!

    My children's paternal g'ma saved the string from feed sacks for many years. She used it to crochet a bedspread. Absolutely gorgeous!! One of the girls' aunts has that spread now. It is very heavy!

  8. The bird tassel came out just great. I love that birdies curly tail! Did I ever tell you that the nickname my family call me is "birdie"? lol!
    Ooooo Shelia! That tablecloth is just perfectly wonderful. Can you love a table cloth? As you would say "yes I can!"
    Seriously's beautiful!
    P.S. How is momma feeling these days?

  9. Your tablecloth is just beautiful. Have a great day

  10. Shelia, you are so talented!
    I'm speechless!

  11. You are so talented and creative! I think the birdie looks happy and the work and detail in your tablecloth are amazing. Kathy

  12. That is so beautiful! I never learned to crochet. My grandmother tried to teach me how to tatt (sp?) with a ball of string like that, but I couldn't get the hang of it....can you? That tablecloth is now an heirloom piece! Linda

  13. I love your tablecloth! That gives me a great idea for my next project. Mr. C and I will be taking some trips and what a perfect project to have. My quilt is too large to take on trips.

    Thanks for the idea...I'll be copy catting you :-)

    Thanks for the awards also. I had some to post and forgot about them too! We are so alike ;-)

  14. Ooh girl, your birdie tassel is super cute, but that tablecloth blew me away!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, the details in each one of those squares is exquisite, Shelia! Holy cow! I can just see the table set at Christmastime with a red cloth beneath that. Ooh, it'd be so pretty!

    Justine :o )

  15. Morning sweet's's me! Yep I am in the land of blogging again! lol

    You did fantastic on your tassle...but girl I think you could do fantastic on anything you set your mind too..

    I mean just look at that gorgeous treasure of a tablecloth...oh my word Pickle that is a beauty!!!

    I loved that song...I never knew Walter Brennan sang that...learn something new everyday! lol

    Thanks so much for coming by to check on me sweetie...have a great week!

  16. Sweetness, that is beautiful and that tassel, you've got me looking at where could I use one of those, and, oh yeah, how would I make it. LOL
    My Mom used to crochet everything, she had doilies on everything. Tables, chair backs,chair arms. :) I have some of the ones she made in the closet.I could never learn that, although I can make a chain from here to Dallas. LOL

    Love ya,

  17. Shelia, that tablecloth is breath taking! Must have taken hours and hours.

    Your birdy is cute too. We all love our tassels, don't we? They just add the perfect finishing touch to so many things.

    How's your mom doing?

  18. Oh Shelia! That tablecloth is so beautiful that I would be afraid to use it! What a talent you have.

    I really like the little birdie tassel too. I'm sure he'll forgive you for piecing his little heiney is you made him so lovely!

    Happy Blue Monday!


  19. I am so impressed with both of your creations, Shelia!
    I, too, have been inspirred by everyone's tassels, and now yours. I've been gathering up materials and now I need to take some time to sit down and make some. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes!

  20. Wow Shelia...that is gorgeous! I know it must represent hours of work!! I love it! And you did one for your mom, too! I must say that you are very patient, my friend! Have a good week...hugs...Debbie

  21. That IS one gorgeous birdie, nice job. and the table cover is lovely. and the flowers make it all pop!
    Have a great day, Candy

  22. are just full of surprises! I think your crocheted cloth is exquisite...I bought a small circular one in an estate sale a while back (used for TT) and it saddened me to think of the little lady who had spent hours working on it & no heirs wanted it...I got it for a mere $3...
    ;-) Bo

  23. Oh, Sheila, I just can't get over that tablecloth!
    Elaine :)

  24. My grandma loved to crochet, so I know how much work goes into each one of those squares.... wow, you are a patient and dedicated woman!! The tablecloth looks very nice on your table :-)

    Your little bird tassel is cute :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  25. Good Morning my sweetest of friends... I just loved your little winged friend... I think she looks happy perched up on her little frilly nest... And you tablecloth is just exquisite... I can crochet a little but nothing like that... I have a crocheted tablecloth that my grandmother made... it is also very beautiful... Sadly packed up in storage too... Love ya


    ps... How’s Mom????

  26. I LOVE your little birdie tassel. Aren't they fun to make?!?! The crocheted tablecloth is absolutely amazing. I am quite impressed with you Miz Shelia!!!!!

  27. You did a great job Shelia. That crocheted work is absolutely stunning. I know how much love goes into one of those. My gram used to make them.
    Happy Blue Monday and Met Monday
    Love Claudie

  28. Yes, you ARE wonderful. I used to knit, but I cannot crochet. It must be like algebra and geometry: you like one or the other, but not both.
    I love your tassel, but alas! you did not show HOW to do it. Since you know that I am not crafty, you should know that I must be shown every teeny, tiny step. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  29. Mrs. Precious... your birdssle is the cutest thing ever! And he looks very happy, indeed, to be part of the Precious household! As well he should be! :-)

    And your cloth! Oh, Shelady, I'm so impressed that you made that! My sister does crochet, and I know how much time and effort go into something like that! And what an heirloom you have there. It's lovely just as its owner is lovely.

    Sending much love to you today and hoping Mother Precious is doing much, much better...

    Happy Blue Monday!


    Sheila :-)

  30. You did it! Sheila it's adorable! Don't you just love a good glue gun?!! I haven't made any more tassels! No time!!! I'm going to try and do a "How To" someday! Well, I have to tell you I'm passing over a little award to you that Vanna gave me! You've probably received this award a million times but I couldn't leave you out! So come on over and pick it up! "Sisters! Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters!..." God bless! Lauralu :)

  31. I love the tassel and the crocheted cloth. What talent and patience you have. Both are just stunning.

  32. The little birdie looks so sweet. I think you did a great job. Your crocheted table cloth is lovely and I am sure it was a lots of work. It is good that I don't know where you live or I think I might have to come and get that flower arrangement as it is to die for... so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Wonderful Day!
    from Roberta Anne

  33. You are a genius Shelia!
    I love the birdie and covering up that nekked table with such a gorgeous crocheted tablecloth. Oohhh, I so want to learn how!

    Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

  34. I envy your skills and talent at crocheting. I wish I could do it, what a beautiful tablecloth!
    Little birdie tassel is adorable.

  35. If you would have said you did that tablecloth in a week I would have flipped. Oh, I love that. It is so beautiful. Wonderful job.

  36. What a beautiful tablecloth! And the birdie is adorable as well...

  37. You did such a great job on the bird tassel, I love it! And I think he's happy being a beautiful decoration, he doesn't seem to mind the hole in his back too much. :)

  38. I love the little birdie tassel, Shelia...and wow, your first attempt looks amazingly are just GOOD! :-) As for the crocheted tablecloth, well its absolutely incredible. Wow again! I truly cannot even imagine taking on such a detailed, intricate project, and actually finishing it. What a wonderful accomplishment, and it looks perfect on your dining table. :-)

  39. Dear Shelia, Your are so talented! You have truly been very blessed ♥ Your tablecloth is so beautiful and charming. I just love it! And your little bird is just so precious. You really did a wonderful job on both things. Give little Chloe Dawn a hug frrom us :>)

  40. Wow! I am impressed! You did a great job with the tassel. And that tablecloth!! Awesome! Happy Blue and Met Monday!

  41. Oh my my my that table cloth is simply gorgeous I almost need a big to catch the drool. (lol) I can only wish I could do something like that. You are so talented and such a kind person thank you so much for all your words of encouragement. Your prayers Ican't thank you enough.
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY

  42. OMG Pickle this table cloth is awesome girl..I use to do that so know the time it your Birdie tassel is wonderful...I need to do that girl...thanks for sharing and hope you have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  43. I think you tasseled like a pro! He is just adorable!

    I can just hear you saying "nekked". It definitely has to be said that way or you're just not Southern at all!


  44. Hi Shelia,
    Pretty little bird but...that crochet tablecloth is amazing! What a fabulous job you did and how fun to pull it out and adorn the table with it!

  45. The tablecloth is beautiful! You must have such patience! Thanks for sharing with us!

  46. Shelia that table cloth is so lovely. It makes me so happy to see handwork is still being done!

  47. cute birdie tassel.. but SHELIA!! I LOVE YOUR TABLE CLOTH!!! AH that is simply gorgious!!! Wish I had the patience to make one like that.... (I have one thoug.. got it for our wedding)
    I love crocheted table cloths.. I have them everywhere!!


  48. I think your bird looks quite lovely!!

    I adore that table cloth. I want a crocheted doily but I don't want to go through all that work. I can crochet, but I prefer to knit.

    Your work is just stunning!

    take care,

  49. Hi Sheila, Your tassle is so cute! You did a wonderful job and with a very pretty bird! :)

    Now...onto the tablecloth....oh my, my mouth is gaped open wide in astonishment! IT IS GORGEOUS! What an amazing piece! Beautiful!!! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  50. Happy Blue Monday Shelia
    Oh my goodness! You did a great job with your birdie tassel. It was fun to make wasn't it? It makes me want to make another one too!

    Shelia I just wish I could be a copykat with your second project!!! but unfortunately I'm not as talented as you are in that. The tablecloth is just beautiful...and you make another one for your mother??? whew. I have always wished I could do something like that. You just amaze me!

    have a lovely evening

  51. Happy Blue Monday Sheila!

    Love the tassel!


  52. Hi Sheila,

    Your little bird looks happy to have a pretty little nest under him! One of these days I will try my hand at tassels. Your tablecloth is just gorgeous! I enjoy crochet but I would never have the patience to do such a big project. Lovely!

  53. Hi Shelia
    me again. Oh No! Thats what its all about here...ideas from ideas... thats the fun of it isn't it? *hugs* I love your bird tassel.

  54. Oh! I'm so impressed. Crocheting is the one domestic art I never got the hang of. My grandmother said that I looked like I was shoveling coal. Your table cloth is just beautiful!!!! Sally

  55. I can't believe you made that tablecloth it's beautiful!!!!! that must have taken forever!

  56. The bird is cute but the tablecloth is totally awesome!!!!! I can crochet too but that is so perfect. I would never have the patience to finish a crochet project that large. Wonderful work!

  57. Yes, you are wonderful! That tablecloth looks like a beautiful labor of love, and to do one for your mother too is certainly a labor of love! And your tassel turned out beautifully! laurie

  58. Shelia,
    I have started crochet lessons. I hope I get good enough at it to make something like this table cloth! It is beautiful.

    Love the tassel too!

    :) Diane

  59. Oh, I am SOOO impressed with your great big ol' gorgeous hand-crocheted tablecloth. It's a WOW!

    All the best, Lana

  60. The bird and bird tassel are so very cute. The tableclothe is a work of art. It is just beautiful. Happy Blue Monday!

  61. Hello Shelia; I am in aw of your skills, your table cloth is just beautiful, what a talent you have in your little fingers. Your tassel is just too sweet you did a great job for you first one. The bird looks so happy too. :}


  62. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a lovely tablecloth!!! It's beautiful Shelia!!

    Oh why can't you live closer? I so want to learn how to crochet! I've tried to teach myself...but it's one thing I've not been able to do. (Impatient?!?) A friend of ours from NC was supposed to crochet an afghan for time for Winter '08...but nada...haven't seen it or heard anything about it from her. :-(

    I'm glad I have alot of CHENILLE bedspreads (a couple in twin size) that work wonderfully on the sofa!!


  63. You know how on some people's answering machines there greeting starts off sounding like a real person and you begin to talk to them like they are really there? Well I had that sort of experience here, I thought for sure you had made that table cloth in a weekend!

  64. Hi Sheila, thanks for your visit. The dentist is no fun as you know! Thanks for thinking of me. I love your bird tassel. How cute! I've been seeing lots of these too and just love them. Your tablecloth is just beautiful! I've never crocheted before. Looks like it might take years, especially if I tried! Take care, Kristen

  65. Sheila, I am not surprised to learn you can crochet or make beautiful tassels. Your have an artistic soul. It is all so lovely. Where did you hang the adorable tassel? Your tablecloth is beautiful beyond words. I read the words to your song and loved it. You ROCK!!!

    Love you...Jeanne

  66. Morning ( again ) oh talented one~

    WOW! The table cloth is stunning and I just adore that little bird tassle. Beautifully done my friend.

    Sweet little treasures indeed.

    Big hugs~ J

  67. I had to post a comment here. I looked at this last night before I went to sleep my my old eyelids were starting to droop so I didn't leave you a note. The tassel is adorable but on my goodness, that tablecloth knocks the socks right off my big ole tootsies. What a treasure. I can just imagine one of your grandchildren or great grandchildren setting her table with that and feeling love and pride when she tells her guest that the lovely tablecloth was made by her very own granny. Of course this would be because you decided to hand it down to her not because you croaked or anything. : )

    Hugs, Bridget

  68. Nice work and blog you are having here. 200th post! It really need to call for a celebration. :)

  69. Oh my, Sheila - I am thoroughly IMPRESSED!!! What a lovely tablecloth. I can quilt, and love to do needlework too (cross-stitch, embroidery and smocking), but I can't crochet... so, I will just have to admire your work, and how good that tablecloth looks on your dining table.

  70. Oh My, what a beautiful table cloth. it is so pretty. You have talent my dear.


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