Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blue Monday and Met Monday

Hello Dear Ones, and welcome again to Blue Monday and Met Monday. Until I run out of blueness or makeovers I will continue to combine these fun Monday posts. So don't forget to visit our hostess for the most Blue of the week, Sally at

...and our hostess of marvelous makeovers, Susan at to see many great transformations going on in Blogland!


Now for my contribution to Blue Monday. I've been busy making stuff! So many of my dear friends are making tassels and I wanted to try my hand at it too! My sweet friend, Judi, at Cranberry Blossoms, has a gorgeous bird tassel she's made and is using a picture of it as her header on her blog and I've just loved it - so I've been a copy cat! I hope it's okay, Judi!! Well, mine's not as pretty as hers.
Found this precious little birdie with the curly tail at Michael's. Poked an eye ring in his little back - ouch! added ribbon for the hanger and then hot glued my way to tasselness. See the pretty Blues of the ribbons and fringey stuff? My little bird looks a little like I've bound up his little wings! ;)
I don't think he looks too unhappy, do you? I hope not!
Now gaze on his lovely curly tail. I know it's not Blue but his tail is just full of gorgeous curlyness, don't you think? Hope you've like my first attempt at tasseling!

Now on with my Met Monday...
Here you can see a ball of crochet string and a number ten crochet hook.
Oh so many things can be made with just these two little items.
I love to do all kinds of needlework, embroidery, needlepoint, can't knit, but I can crochet up a storm! So with one little number ten crochet hook and a gazillion balls of crochet string...
...I made a nekked ( that's Texan for naked. I seem to have so much nekkedness going on all over my house, don't I? ) table very happy!
I crocheted a tablecloth!
Now I didn't accomplish this last week! Actually I crocheted this tablecloth about seven years ago and it took me over a two year period to complete it. We were traveling quite a lot and I would take my work with me on the plane and just crochet! No one cared then about my sharp little crochet needle or my little sharp scissors. So I worked on this a little sporadically.
Here's a closer look at the squares. I can't remember how many little squares I made to make a very large tablecloth.
Here's a really close up of my work. After I crocheted all my squares I started crocheting them together in strips and then crocheted the strips together.
Now when I want my dining room to look frilly and a little romantic, I just pull out my crocheted tablecloth and voila! I also crocheted a tablecloth for my Mother maybe twenty years ago in a different pattern. I know, I'm wonderful, aren't I? Please know I'm just kidding! ;)

Please go visit Sally and Susan to visit more Blues and more Mets today!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Red Tablecloth

Well, another busy night's come to an end
I think I'll just rest my weary bones and set here with my friend
Folks may say I'm a crazy old coot, well, I recon I could be
But this old red checkered tablecloth means an awful lot to me.
You see I wait the tables, I'm here most every night
I see young folks a-kissin' an' I sure do see 'em fight
And that old checkered tablecloth in the corner over there
Well, it's my friend, we both of a secret that we share.
Dreams belong to every man and mine just might come true
That's why this old checkered table cloth is, is always set for two
I know I'm just a waiter but it weren't always so
I used to bring my true love here some twenty years ago.
And right across the table while we'd be holding hands
My friend the checkered table cloth would listen to our plans
Every single night I'd bring her to this place
I can't forget her laughter and I just can't forget her face.
Now I sit here with my friend an' I rest my weary bones
My love walked out that door one night an' left me here alone
That's why I never left this place and I'll tell you somethin' more
Some day I'm gonna see my love aome a-walking through that door.
Now after ten we're sitting here just like we used to do
This old red checkered table cloth is always set for two...

~sung by Walter Brennan