Thursday, January 1, 2009

An Update On My Mom and Happy New Year!

Oh, my Sweet Dearest Ones! I want you to know how I have appreciated your prayers and concerns about my Mother. Well, things are so much better! God is good and He does answer prayers and for now, we feel pretty comfortable at this time.

Most of you know Mother has been living with us since the hurricane and all of her things and furniture are at our house. I have a scrap booking room off the den and we had filled it up with her things. Mr. Precious decided to move it all to the garage and rented a hospital bed and we've set her up there! The bed has nice high rails so she can't fall out of the bed any more.

Other than her pain I do believe the biggest culprit was the Vicodin the doctor had given her for the pain. I knew she had allergic reactions to it and told the doctor, but he said she needed it. Dear Ones, she took this medicine two days and was just crazy and wiggling around constantly. Wednesday I had to take her to the orthopedic doctor and the only appointment we could get was 8:30am so to bed early on Tuesday. I decided to sleep across the hall from her so I could hear her. Now that it's over, it's almost know how I love to tell stories, so here goes...

I get her settled and she's talking out of her head. I promise you all night long my Mother talked - she saw little children riding on the blades of the celing fan, she saw a little girl in her closet who wouldn't come out, little children were running through the house and taking things, she talked to her sisters, her cousins, Mr. Precious, me, dead people, angels, and she kept saying, " I know you can hear me, why won't you answer me!" Oh, she saw me and I had dyed my hair snow white! She was saying, now your hair was so pretty why did you make it white? lol But she also said I got down in her face and was making faces at her and kicking her! Oh, my! I would go into her room to try and calm her down and tell her she needed to try and get some rest because we were going to see the doctor the next day. She would say, okay, I'll try. I would just lie down again and I would hear her - she was trying to get out of the bed again! Talking and trying to get out of the bed and with moans and groans in between - all night long! I just had dozed off a few minutes and the call button on the intercom went off. I hop out of the bed and go to her room and she just poking that button like everything. I say, Mother, I'm here, what do you want. She looks at me with a very mean face and says, I'm trying my best to get the soap to come out of this dispenser! It must be broken!
I really could go on and get the picture.

We got her down the stairs the next morning - actually we called the A Med group who came with a little chair with tank like treads and strapped her in and rolled her down the stairs and put her in my car. She continued to talk rather silly all the way to Houston. The doctor x-rayed her arm and said it looked better than thex-ray that was taken Sunday. Her arm had actually started to mend a bit! Hallelujah! Is God good or what?

With Mother being more alert, it is easier to handle her and her legs are stronger. I will call her doctor tomorrow and try to get a nurse who can come and help bath her and check her out. That would really help me alot.

I have read all of your comments and I appreciate them so much. I want you to know how I have felt your prayers and I've told Mother all about all of you and how you're praying for her. I am going to copy and print all of your comments so she can read them herself.

Blessings to all my wonderful friends and my prayer for you is to have a wonderful Happy New Year!

You are my sweeties,
Shelia :)