Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blue Monday and Met Monday

Hello, Dear Ones and welcome to Blue Monday! It's time again to show our Blueness! This most wonderful Blue event is hosted by our every Smiling One, Sally at Please go see our Bluest Sally to see more Blue Ones showing so much Blue today!!

I would love to share with you today a cup of tea from my Johnson Brothers Blue Willow tea set that was given to me by my Mr. Precious. I truly love this old pattern, can you love old patterned dishes? Well, you bet your tea cup you can!! ;) I love the deep Blue color on this pattern. Now, if you'll all come over for dinner tonight I'll set my table with more Blue Willow! Do you like hot dogs? :)
Make sure you go see our Smiling Sally! Toodaloo!!


Oh, I'm so excited! This is the second Met Monday and my first time to participate! Now this awesome event is hosted by our Dish Diva (I'll have to think of another title for her) Susan at Again, go and visit Susan to see more transformations today!

Okay, you know how it is after Christmas - you take down all of your decorations and try to set everything else up back to normal. Well, my china cabinet was filled with Christmas dishes and when I took them out and packed them away, what did I have? Yikes! Gasp! Oh, my goodness! A nekked (that's Texan for Naked) china cabinet! If you have little ones out there who may take a peek at you puter, PLEASE cover their little eyes. I certainly don't won't to offend anyone!
Poor china cabinet, nekked as the day she was whittled out of wood! ;(

Well, this was going to be tough but I am Texas tough and always up for a challenge! Rolled my sleeves up...
Made sure I had my beverage of choice - Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper - for nourishment! Yes, Dear Ones, you can gain strength and be nourished from this marvelous drink. Okay...
Joy! Satisfaction! I could get some satisfaction form filling up my china cabinet. I'm so happy now and I know my china cabinet is happy. See? She's smiling!
I only had one dilemma - which set of dishes would I use? Oh, for a dishaholic, this can be a very hard decision to make. I was going to have to narrow it down to one set with maybe some filler dishes on the side.
Oh, don't fret, Dear Ones, I made my choice! I used my Butterfly Meadow dishes by Lenox. These dishes are really much prettier in person. They are so shiny it was actually hard to get a good picture of them.

I mixed some of my very olden pink depression glass stemware on this side...
And more very very olden pink depression glasses on that side.

Pretty little dessert plates and cups. The cups are sitting on an olden pink depression glass tray that belonged to my grandmother.
Here you can see more little filler dishes.
See the sweet little hand painted salt and peppers? Oh, I do love my little salt and peppers. And you say, can you really love salt and peppers? Why you can bet your Good Seasonings you can! ;)
More beautifulness.
Well, there you have it, Dear Ones, my china cabinet was transformed from nekkedness to complete dishfulness in just a short time. I hope you've enjoyed my part of Met Monday. Please go by and visit our Susan for more glorious Mets!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Reflections of My Life
this Note Song has nothing to do with today's post - I just thought about it and like it! ;)

The changing of sunlight to moonlight
Reflections of my life, oh, how they fill my eyes

The greetings of people in trouble

Reflections of my life, oh, how they fill my eyes
All my sorrows, sad tomorrows

Take me back to my own home
All my crying, feel I'm dying, dying
Take me back to my own home
I'm changing, arranging, I'm changingI'm changing everything, ah, everything around me
The world is a bad place, a bad place

A terrible place to live, oh, but I don't wanna die

~sung by Marmalade