Monday, January 12, 2009

Blue Monday and Bathroom Divas!

Oh, hello most Wonderful Ones! It's Blue Monday! Now we're not sad on Blue Monday we're absolutely the happiest Blue Ones around and we're not even Smurfs! We owe all this happy Blueness to the Most Smiling One, Sally at If you want a day filled with the perfect color of Blue, go visit Sally and you'll see many others who will color your day Blue.

I would love to share with you today a set of salt and peppers. The pattern is Blue Italian by Spode. Unfortunately, all I have of this lovely dinnerware is what you see. But the color Blue perfectly matches the Blue of my Blue Willow dishes. Anyway, I love these. Can I love these! You bet your pizza I can!

See the beautiful pattern on top? Just so lovely and Blue.
There are pretty Italian scenes of architecture and landscape all around each one.
Now, I would like to tell you a know how much I love telling you little stories...

I did a little bit of research on this pattern and found out it was introduced in 1816 and many many folks tried their hardest to track down its actual location. They failed. The general consensus was probably a traveling artist combined many locations to come up with this gorgeous place. Now I thought this was interesting...the pretty little floral border at the very top of the neck is a complete contrast to the Italian scene. This border was copied directly from 18th century Chinese porcelain. So whether you eat Italian or Chinese - these little salt and peppers will work. :)
Happy Blue Monday!
Attention! Attention!! We must interrupt this post to bring you yet another late breaking new account! Folks, do you believe Bathrooms are still being invaded all over our country of Blog! Yes, yes, Most Astonished Ones, we do not believe this will ever stop! Now, as The Diva Queen of Bathrooms, I will get down immediately to my Bathroom business just for you to check out the invaders!
Okay, now...where is my toilet brush? I'm always loosing my toilet brush! Thank you, Most Helpful One, this toilet brush is a Christmas present from Santa. You know he became a Diva Dude for us! Let's see - I can see the most gorgeous face with the most creamyness of complexions, the prettiest smile filled with the pearliest of whites. Sparkling pools of glittering eyes and hair, so long and flowing and filled with the most beautiful bathroom highlights! The most slender arm and a hand filled with dainty creamy fingers attached to a CAMERA! Yes, yes! I'm so excited, Most Jumping Up and Down Ones! We have another...wait a minute, Dearest Ones, I see a white glowing robe and and and...I'm almost speechless here...a halo on the most gorgeous one's head! Look! I believe we have an angel! Oh, Most Looking into the Heavens Ones, we have an angel who has come down to earth just to snap for us! Thank you, God!! Thank you! What? What is that you say? Oh, okay, um, well, this really is an angel, this is our own Linnea at Woo Hoo!

Oh, Most Elated Ones, we have more Divas to bring to you today! Well, first I must check to see if they qualify. I've told you before, Most Forgetting Ones, there are impostors among us and we will not let them into our Bathrooms. No way! Onward to my Bathroom business. I see a very small tiny little one here with a little puzzled looking face. But look, she has the most creaminess of complexions, dazzling little peepers and look at that red hair just filled to the brim with Bathroom highlights! She is dressed to the nines but she has no shoes on. That's okay, her little tootsies are sparkling clean! Now is this a wee (catch my pun? I'm so clever) little angel? She has a halo on too! But wait, Don't Be Scared Ones, what is in her lap? I see a very small pink one with little beady black peepers, no hair, no clothes! Oh, cover your eyes! No, it's okay, I think that is a shell covering up a little tiny crustaceus body or something like that! But, My Darling Bathroom Ones, look! These two precious ones are sitting on the throne! Who could these two little ones be? Oh this is our own little Annie and Pinky who live over at Sheila's blog I think our Sheila snapped for this duo, don't you?

Oh, my goodness, Can You Ever Believe It Ones! We have another most gorgeous one! Look! Okay, I will do my Bathroom business now...I see the most gorgeous of ones with the most creamyness of complexions, beautiful peepers, a very coy smile, long flowing locks filled with the most loveliest of Bathroom highlights, clad to perfection, long slender arms and the daintiest creamyiest of fingers attached to a CAMERA! Now please don't covet Most Envying Ones...look at that mirror! We would all love to snap in that mirror. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm getting away from my Bathroom business. Who is this lovely most gorgeous one? Do you know? Well, it's our own Rachael from

Okay, Most Impatient Ones, here I go. Linnea, Annie, Pinky and Rachael...I want you to know the importance of this act you've just committed. Many have tried and failed, but you have achieved. Many have invaded in vain, but not you! Many have desired to wear the title I am about to bestow upon you! Dearest most Gorgeous Ones, I give you the title of Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas - you are now one and shall be one for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Go now Divas and make me proud. Tell everyone you come in contact with of your Bathroom importance. Snap on, Darling Divas, Snap on!
Now if you're still afraid to snap for me - let that fear be flushed down the toilet. You know you want to join this special group of snappers. Just grab your camera, invade a bathroom of your choice, turn your flash off and snap away! Post your picture on your blog or you can email me that you have snapped. I will come and fetch you and bring you here to my throne room and will show you off for all of Blogland to see. Now don't be a Diva! Snap on, snap on, Dear Ones!

Whew!! I'm so pooped (pun, again;) and this post is so long, I won't leave you a Note Song today.

But continue to be my sweeties,
Shelia, the Queen Diva of the Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas ;)