Sunday, December 28, 2008

We've Had An Accident!

Dear Ones, let me tell's amazing how fast plans and life can change is just a few seconds. Most of you know I'm the pianist at my church. Well, I leave on Sundays at 8:45am to practice with our Praise Team. Mother is living with us after the storm and she goes to church early with me. We were all ready to go and she turned to go get her purse, I turned to get my car keys and Mr. Precious screamed out! I turned around and Mother was on the floor crying out in pain!

Since the hurricane our hospital beds are only for mothers having babies. So urgent care is what we have and very limited at that. We take her, she's x-rayed and her arm is broken above her elbow and they tell us she probably needs surgery. She needs an orthopedic doctor and Galveston has none at this time. So the ER doctor calls all the hospitals - "Can you take an elderly 85 year old female with a broken arm?" Blah blah blah. Long story short - we finally find a place for her at Houston's Methodist.

They transport Mother in an ambulance andMr. Precious and I follow. We take the x-ray on a CD and they look at it, give her some pain meds and tell her to make an appointment in a few days with the doctor they've recommended and send her home! They said the way her arm broke, it should heal on it's own - hopefully~

I am so thankful she didn't have to have surgery. That would be very hard with her age. But Dear Ones, I'm asking for prayer...she is in such pain. They did put her arm in a sling and that helped to keep it from moving around. But she is so allergic to so many pain meds that it's difficult to give her the ones that would help the most. Please pray she will heal correctly and the meds will work.

I feel so badly for her! I feel responsible! She caught the toe of her shoe under an area rug and that's what made her fall. I was just thinking a couple of days ago that I should take them up, but I didn't do it and now she's hurt!

Here she was at Christmas dinner telling one of her stories to some of our friends feeling good and not broken.

After cooking and spiffing up the house for two days, I was exhausted and Mother was so glad to help clean up the kitchen while I rested.

I believe in the power of prayer and I know I can count on my Dear Ones to be praying for my Mother. Her name is Lucille. I probably won't be blogging much in the next few days, but I'll try to keep you updated on her.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :(


  1. Oh no....I am sending up prayers for your dear mother. It is not your fault and you do not need to feel guilty...accidents happen. I'll keep her in my prayers for a recovery without surgery and that she won't be in too much pain.♥


  3. Prayers going out for your Mom and you..... and NO it is not your fault!

    Find a nice soft pillow for her to keep her arm elevated.... and maybe an ice pack or a cool cloth to help with the pain...

    and for you my dear...a glass of cocoa (or wine) to soothe your nerves. Try not to blame yourself. Your sweet Mom would NOT want you to!

    I am glad you were there for her when she fell!

  4. So sorry to hear about your mother's fall. I know that is hard. I frequently work with patients who fall for one reason or another and break something. A major thing we have to work on with some is to get over the fear of falling. Also no matter what we do to make our homes safe, something can still happen through no fault of our own. So don't feel guilty. I pray that your mother will heal quickly.

  5. I will be saying prayers for your precious mom. I am a friend of Jessica and Terrie. I am not a blogger, but enjoy yours. Please don't blame yourself.


  6. Dear Shelia, I am so very sorry about your mother. Please tell here I am thinking of her and all of you. All of you are in my prayers. It is not your fault Shelia. Accidents just happen. I feel so bad for all of you. What a year it's been.

  7. Oh, Shelia, I'm so very, very sorry to hear about your dear mother! We had a woman at work who twisted her leg while reaching for her little puppy, and broke her leg in six places!! Just reaching to get her little puppy! Her leg just shattered and she was out of work for six weeks, now she is walkng with a little walker on wheels. These things happen no matter what we have in our homes, so please don't feel guilty. I'm so terribly sorry to hear she is in pain. Please know that your mother, and all of you, will be bathed in prayer by all of your blogging friends!

  8. Shelia, So sorry to hear about your Mom - I didn't realize how your area is still so devastated from the hurricane. I hope your Mom finds a med to help comfort her and ease her pain and mends quickly! ~ Robyn

  9. Shilea, Of course I will pray for your mother, Lucille. I feel so bad for her. i am glad she didn't need surgery. It's not your fault!

    The unfailing love of the Lord never ends!
    Lamentations 3:22 NLT

    Hugs, Terrie

  10. Well bless her heart and yours too! I will be praying for both of you dear ones. Its not your fault at all and she knows that. Please dont beat yourself up about that. I pray for a quick healing and that she returns to her happy self. As for you my sweet dear friend... I pray for peace. Take care and keep us posted. (((hugs)))...susie

  11. Oh Shelia I will certainly be praying for your mom. My mother, age 76, had the same kind of break last June. It was her left arm between the shoulder and the elbow. It broke when she tripped and fell while walking outside. She was put in a sling too, no surgery. She was very stiff and sore all over for a few days because of her fall as well as having pain in the broken arm.

    She wore the sling for several weeks. Dressing and bathing were really a challenge at first and that's where you'll be a big help to your mom. Getting out of a chair was also quite difficult, because she couldn't use both arms to help push up.

    My mom also reacted badly to the strong pain medication she was given at first and was given something else.

    It took a couple of months, but she did make a full recovery. After the first week of the accident she made slow, steady progress. Her arm is just fine now.

    Please do not blame yourself; it was an accident!

    If I can be of any help or encouragement to you please get in touch with my by email. I truly know what you're going through. Tell your mom that prayers are being lifted up for her--she looks like such a sweetie :)

  12. Oh no my sweet friend Shelia... I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful mom... She looks so much like you and sweet too... now I know where you get all your sweetness & cuteness...

    My dear Lucille, I am so sorry to hear about your accident... I am praying for you to have relief with the pain immediately... And a very speedy recovery too...

    Love to you both
    (((BIG HUGS)))

  13. Oh my dearest sweet oh don't blame yourself silly one;) These things happen that's why they are called accidents! Of course my prayers are with her and a speedy healing;) Hugs to you both French;) xoxoxo

  14. an accident is just that accidental! Our prayers for a speedy recovery to mom....


  15. Definitely!
    And as all your friends here have guilt, just love her to bits...!

  16. Absolutely!!! Tom and I will be praying for your mom, Lucille.

    Shelia, I'm sure your mother has already said it...and if she hasn't, she will ~ that it was simply an accident and don't feel bad about the area rugs. Accidents happen...look at how I fell last year on Memorial day and really got hurt.

    I'm adding her to our PRAYER LIST at the TOP of our BLOG SIDE-BAR. The list will ALWAYS be there...and mom will stay there til you let us know that she's feeling better.

    ~Blessings to all...

  17. Oh Shelia! I'm so sorry about your mom! I said a prayer for her and will add her to my prayer list and keep praying! Don't blame yourself, these things happen, goodness knows, I fall over my own feet, I don't need a rug to trip over, sometimes it's just the way we turn!

    You take good care of her AND of yourself! No playing the old blame-game, ok? I'm sure your mom wouldn't like you to do that either!

    Margie :)

  18. Bless her heart! I am lifting up your dear mother, Lucille in prayer! :) Hugs Rhonda

  19. It's harder when you feel like it's your fault, but remember everything happens for a reason.

    I pray for her. Tell her to rest it on a pillow if she can, it makes it more bearable at least it did when I broke me leg a few years back.


  20. Hi Shelia, I am so very sorry about your precious mother. I know that you will take good care of her. I want to thank you for the sympathy that you expressed over the sudden passing of my husband. I hope to be back to blogging sometime this week.
    With love,

  21. Will certainly keep your mama in our prayers!

  22. Hi Shelia,
    I'm sorry to hear your mother had an accident!

    I will remember her in my prayers!

    I had a similar thing happen to me...I fell and cracked the bone in my arm near my elbow. I just had to wear a sling for a while. But it did hurt!

    Hope she feels better each day!


  23. I will pray for your dear mother Sheila. And sweetie please don't blame yourself.

  24. Shelia...your Mom will be very much in my prayers. And it was DEFINITELY not your fault...that I'm sure of! Love to you and your Mom,

  25. Dear Shelia; I'm going to be covering your mother, Lucille, and YOU in prayer. Please don't blame yourself. That won't help anything anyways. She could have tripped on something else if her balance is off.



  26. I'm so sorry! I'll be praying for a speedy recovery and for the pain to go away. I'm glad she didn't have to have surgery. Kristen

  27. I'll be praying for her and for you. (My Mom's name was Lucille and she broke her arm very badly too - it was OK later, just a little crooked but it worked well.) Hopefully the arm will stay still and will mend without too much pain. Love to you both. ♥

  28. It just takes a second to have things go rong. When I was little I broke my arm, mom had a hard time keeping me still. Hope she gets better soon. Kathy

  29. Oh dear! So sorry to hear that your mother broke her arm. I will keep her in my prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Please don't blame yourself. Accidents are just that...accidents! Look at the bright side, if there was going to be an accident, it happened where both of you were able to help her right away, and not when she was alone in her own apartment unable to get help right away! I'm glad that you were able to find a good hospital and that she didn't need surgery.


  30. Oh Shelia, I'm so sorry to hear of your mothers injury. Now don't go beating yourself up over this, it was certainly not your fault, accidents do happen. I'm glad it was not her hip or her leg!
    My husband is allergic to the good pain meds too but there are a couple that work for him. If she doesn't get relief from whatever they have given her, try something else. I would be happy to find out what my hubby took after his hip surgery if it would help.
    Lucille will be in my prayers!

  31. OMG Shelia I will keep your Mama in my prayers for sure...I am so sorry please give her my best...hugs and smiles Gloria

  32. prayers, love and thoughts are sent your way - Judith

  33. Shelia, your Mom is so lucky that she was with you and Mr Precious when this happened. So lucky. I am sorry she is in pain and I know how hard this is as my own father is allergic to many medications.

    I know your Mom will be well looked after by you but please remember that you need looking after too. rest where you can too and dont worrry about blogging. We will still be here waiting when you return.

    I also have to say Shelia that your Mom is the youngest looking 85 year old I have seen - amazing skin. She also looks healthy so I am sure she will heal well.

    Take Care and you both will be in my prayers. Families are the most important thing in the world.

  34. I'll be pray for your dear mom recovery. God is great healer. She will be OK very soon.

  35. OH, SHelia! I know how you must feel, but it definitely wasn't your fault. I will be praying for your mother.

  36. Oh Sheila, I am so sorry about your mom. I hope she gets to her doctor very soon. She probably needs a cast. I too am allergic to pain meds. The poor thing. She is in my prayers until I know she is healed.

    With much love...Jeanne

  37. God bless you and your mother. I will pray for the both of you.

  38. Oh dear Shelia...Please know now another voice has been added in healing prayers for your lovely mom, Lucille. She is surrounded by love in your home & also Blogland.
    As others have said, please don't blame yourself...We love you too, ;-) Bo

  39. Dear Shelia
    I am sorry to hear about your mother's accident. It's good to know her arm will heal without surgery. I'll keep her in my prayers and you too!

  40. Oh No,I'm so sorry to hear that. Bless her heart she and you will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Love ya,

  41. Good morning dear Shelia~

    I'm keeping you & your sweet Mother in my prayers~ this certainly was not your fault. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Methodist is a wonderful hospital~ have faith in them & the Lord and she will heal fine.

    Big hugs to all of you~


  42. As a different Glenda has already commented, "everything happens for a reason"
    In May of 2004 I fainted, fell, and broke my arm. At the hospital all they did for the arm was a stabilizing sling, however they wouldn't release me until they found out "why" I fainted. It took a six day stay in the hospital and a battery of tests that ranged from a heart cath, MRI, blood tests daily, and everything else they could think of to run. They finally did a tilt table study and it revealed that I have a condition called Shy-drager syndrome. It causes your blood pressure to fluctuate. Mine had dropped so low, it caused me to faint. If not for the broken arm (left arm above the elbow), I still probably would not know I have this condition. Because I know that I am subject to faint, I no longer drive. Just maybe something more serious than a broken arm was avoided. I would drive in an emergency, if necessary.

    Your Mother is and will remain in my prayers.

  43. Sheila...I'm so sorry your sweet Mom had an accident but SO glad Methodist Hospital could take her. They will take really good care of here there. I'm praying that she be in less pain and heal quickly and I'm praying for you for strength and energy to take care of all you need to take care of! Your Mom is SO cute...I can tell she has a loving, gentle, fun spirit from the Christmas pictures. You're very lucky to have her around...use this time together to sit quietly and appreciate having each other!
    PS: It is NOT your fault, it was an are a wonderful, nuturing daughter and your mother would not want you taking any blame....HUGs to you all!

  44. Your mother is in my thoughts. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

  45. Goodmorning Miss Shelia. Just checking in on Momma. I hope she had a peaceful night with little or no pain. I just wanted yall to know that Im still praying and she is on my heart today. Both of you girls.... take care. Love ya! Susie

  46. Oh Shelia, my heart is just breaking for your sweet little mother. You definitely have my prayers coming her way! And don't blame yourself. It could have happened on anything to anyone. All my love to you.

  47. Good afternoon shelia, Just stopping by to check in on your Mom. I hope she is having a good day and is not in pain. I will continue to pray for all of you. Please give your Mom a little hug from Charli and Me

  48. Oh my, I am so sorry to hear this. I know just what your going through. My mother fell this summer and broke her pelvis in 5 places and there wasn't a cast to put her in. They basicallly did the samw thing with her and sent her home to heal. She had to lay on her back for 6 weeks. Bless y9ur mom heart, I will pray for her for pain free fast healing. Your mom looks as sweet as you are.

  49. I will continue to pray for a fast recovery for your mother. Prayers go out to you and Mr. P. also - it is not always easy being a care-giver. Sometimes, we wonder where our strength will come from, but then we remember. There is a children's prayer I always think of -- "God will take care of me, this I know; for Christ, named Jesus, told me so." Take care of yourself, Sally

  50. Oh Shelia, I am SO sorry to hear this news. You and your mom are definitely on my prayer list. I'm so sorry she is in pain. I know you are hurting too, but it is certainly not your fault. We cannot foresee these kinds of things. My dog once tripped my mother and caused a trip to the E.R., and I could not have predicted that any more than you could have predicted her foot getting caught in the rug. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. laurie
    P.S. Your new blog header is so cute!

  51. I am praying for your lovely mama's arm to mend quickly and as pain-free as possible. God is good, and He will help.

  52. I'am so sorry about your Mother, of course I will pray for your mom. It's not your fault accidents happen...Take care Pat H

  53. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

    Please don't feel guilty, Shelia. Accidents happen.

  54. Dear Sheila,
    Please give your sweet mother a hug & kiss from me. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery.

  55. OH Sheila!
    Give your sweet Mom a gentle hung from me. I am praying for a speedy recovery!

  56. Oh Nooooooo!! Not your poor mama!! Of course I will pray for her swift healing! And for the easing of her pain! My goodness that sure is a lot of trouble for a broken arm! It's kind of scary that an older lady can't get prompt medical care at a local hospital. I'm so glad to hear that she doesn't need a cast. Vanna

  57. This is a mighty long list of powerful prayers .... add mine to them please. P.S. I didn't realize you were **THE** Picklepoo until today!

  58. Oh, precious -- precious -- Shelady! I'm so sorry this happened, and you cannot blame yourself! This isn't your fault! You adore your mother, are a WONDERFUL daughter, and she knows that, and we do, too! You musn't blame yourself. This was an accident, and she is going to be fine.

    Yes, we will pray in the mighty name of Jesus! I believe in healing, and I know that Mother Precious will be healed. I'm so thankful she doesn't need surgery! That's a praise report in and of itself!

    Praising God right now for her complete healing, and we come against any pain in Jesus name and thank Him for removing all pain and breakage!

    Sending love to you and yours...


  59. Praying for your Mom, Lucille, that she will heal quickly.
    Roberta Anne

  60. Sheila

    I know I already posted here (#2)...but could you please post a sort update on your Mom for us when you get a chance? I have been thinking about you both!

    Sending cyber hugs!

  61. Oh Sheila! I am so sorry and yes! Your Mom will be uplifted in prayer!
    Bless her heart. My Father broke his arm after his first stroke and, without going fully into the whole story, even tho' it was not my fault really, I FELT it was and blamed myself for weeks after. Now I am telling you this only so you will know that it is NOT your fault. Things happen and we cannot always stop them. You should not blame yourself at all...please do not do that to you! We all love yo so and you have been such a blessing to your Momma. She would never wish you to feel this way.
    My dad did not have to have surgery after all and he healed well from the break. I know your mother will as well. God be with her and with you.


  62. I will keep you all in my prayers dear Shelia
    Claudie from Canada

  63. Oh Sweet Sheila, of course your mother will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery and less pain. I too believe in the power of prayer..I'm so glad she didn't have to have the surgery..please don't blame was an accident,it was unfortunate..continued prayers and lots of hugs...~lynne~

  64. Oh Pickle I am so sorry about your precious mama...I will call her name dear friend..I pray God touch and heal was just an accident one is to blame...she knows how much you love her & love can do more than alot of medicines...take care my friend and Happy New Year to you & yours!

  65. Well it's good that she doesn't need the surgery..but bless her heart I feel so bad about the pain she is in. I will definitely keep her in my prayers!

  66. Oh, Sheila, I am so sorry about her falling. I am thankful that she didn't have to have surgery and I am praying for full recovery for her sweet arm.
    Please don't feel bad about the was an accident and you know they happen all the time and for reasons we don't know.
    She sure looks great for her age, bless her heart...
    love, bj

  67. Shelia I'm saddened to hear of the accident, thank God there's no need for surgerey. Your mom is so amazing!

  68. Oh my dear Shelia. I am so sorry that this has happened to your mother!! Don't blame yourself. It is not your fault and I'm sure your mother feels the same way. It's called an accident for a reason. My prayers are with your mother and you!!! I wish her a speedy recovery!!!

    take care,

  69. Oh no, your poor mom!!!!!!!!!!! And I can't believe what you had to go through just to get her seen. But, I've never heard of a broken arm healing on its own, especially because of your mom's age. Can you get a second opinion? If there's even one to be found?

    Tell mama (Hi Lucille!) that I'll be thinking of her, and praying she heals perfectly.

    Justine :o )


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