Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two For Tablescape Tuesday and Divas

It's time to deck out our tables again! Tablescape Tuesday is hosted by our Tablescaping Diva Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/. If you love to decorate your table, please join us! Make sure you go by Susan's to view more tables.

Today you're going to get a Two for Tablescape Tuesday. The first tablescape was a lighthearted one in my breakfast room and the second tablescape was the real thing on Thanksgiving day.

Dear Ones, I know Thanksgiving is over, but I'm not quite through showing you my Thanksgiving tables. My table today is set up in the breakfast room, it's a little more intimate in here. The tablecloth is a soft green and I'm using my everyday flatware by Pfaltzcraft.

I used different dish patterns together to give my table a lively casual look! Here for the base plate I've used this whimsical green Bordallo Pinneiro as well as the 'accessory' pieces, as our Diva Susan calls them.

The next plate is a very colorful salad plate called "Blue Bird" by Dario Farrucci. As you can see the salad bowl looks like a little cabbage ~ just perfect for a Thanksgivingie table! Then I've sat a little green pumpkin bowl in the salad bowl to set the whole place setting off!

Soup's on! Here's a little tip: if you're using a small table, you can place your napkin under one of your plates then you won't feel so crowded. It will free up some space on the table and I think it looks ever so charming! ;)

That pumpkin bowl is just a tad big, but I've used it anyway...I love ghost pumpkins! Can you love ghost pumpkins...I think you know the answer to that:)
On two of my place settings, I have used the above plates and on the other two I used these calmer color salad plates.

Can you see the different patterns? Do I pass the test here? Do I collect $200 or go to dish jail? ;)
Is this not the most precious little gravy bowl you're ever seen, all green and cabbagey?

I'm also using the creamer and sugar bowl that go with my teapot from this collection, but that will be another post!
You all know my love for salt and peppers and these beautiful colorful ones are from my childhood! May I present ~ Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turkey!! What? Don't you name your dishes? You don't? I thought everybody did that!

Now to the most fun part of a cute table ~ the centerpiece! Many many years ago I ordered this most cute turkey tureen and have adored him ever since! He is supposedly made up of different pieces of fruit and vegetables.

Look at that profile!

See all of his little feathers adorned with the fruits and veggies?

You must see the cabbage leafed turkey bum bum!!

Just look at this adorable face ~ he knows he's cute! ;)
Speaking of vegetables, look at my artichoke votive candle holders. These come out quite often. I love them...can you...yes, you can!!

Continuing with the bounty of the harvest ~ fallnes of veggies.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my cute little tablescape today! I really do appreciate you popping in!


Hoping not to bore you too very much, I made mosaics of my Thanksgiving table for you. Now you're seeing these Pier One dishes again. I've gotten so much use from them during this fall season! The table has a burnt rusty colored cloth and placemats with cream colored napkins tucked into red napkin rings. The bottom right hand picture shows these little glasses, I think these are glasses, that I picked up at a thrift shop - 6 for $3! I used them for my Waldorf Salad. Also you can see my simple silver flatware.

Here is the centerpiece. Again, I've gotten lots of mileage from my fall filled cloche. I sat it atop a very small cake stand to give height. Found the precious little Pilgrim man and lady at Pier One and their bodies are shaped like squash. Gotta love Pier One...can you...yes!!

This is my old buffet, affectionately named "Little Richard". Just a short story...bought this from a friend named Richard - short and sweet! ;) As you can see my little silly turkey tureen made his way into the dining room, surrounded by pumpkin s&p and gourd sugar and creamer. You can also see my old s&p turkeys. The matching Pier One cake stand with the dessert plates ready for pumpkin pie! Did I ever tell you I love cake stands?? :)

On the opposite side of the dining room is my antique server. I know, I have a lot of furniture in here, but it all gets used a lot! You can see a fall floral arrangement I made in a ceramic basket and I've sprinkled little pumpkins and leaves all around.

Well, there you have it - Two for Tablescape Tuesday! Hope you've enjoyed viewing my tablescapes. Now we must dig out our Christmas and holiday ware! Woo Hoo!!
Attention! Attention!! Oh, my Dearest Ones! Don't leave yet! Please! We have more breaking news to share with you! Bathroom invasions have happened during Thanksgiving! Am I, the Diva of the Bathroom, giving thanks for these outbreaks? You bet I am. Now, let's see what has been going on!
Oh, Shut Your Mouth Ones! Look what we have ~ our own BJ from Sweet Nothings and her granddaughter. You know BJ is a Bathroom Beauty Snapper already and now she's talked her granddaughter into being one! Darling granddaughter - I crown you a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva. Isn't she so beautiful? Go forth into your young world and Diva Diva Diva! This is the short version, I know.

Look here, Most Can You Believe It Ones! Here is another returning Diva. This is our Justine from Justine's Froggy Bloggy!! You can tell is has her Divaship down pat! She's gorgeous! She's not fuzzy and she's looking right at us! Oh, Justiney, you Diva, girl, you Diva on!!
These Divas are for your viewing enjoyment today and I truly hope your appreciate all they have gone through just for you!!
Snap snap snap! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Turkey In The Straw

Well, I had an old hen and she had a wooden leg,
Just the best old hen that ever laid an egg,
She laid more eggs than any hen on the farm,
But another little drink wouldn't do her any harm.
Turkey in the hay, in the hay, hay, hay!
Turkey in the straw, in the straw, straw, straw!
Pick 'em up, shake 'em up, any way at all,
And hit up a tune called
'Turkey in the Straw'.
Well, I hitched up the wagon and I drove down the road,
With a two horse wagon and a four horse load,
Well I cracked my whip and the lead horse sprung,
And I said "Goodbye" to the wagon tongue.
Well, if frogs had wings and snakes had hair,
And automobiles went flyin' thro' the air,
Well, if watermelons grew on a huckleberry vine,
We'd still have winter in the summer time.
Oh, I went out to milk and I didn't know how,
I milked an old goat instead of a cow,
A monkey sittin' there on a pile of straw,
A-winkin' his eyes at his mother-in-law.
Well, I come to the river and I couldn't get across,
So I paid five dollars for an old blind horse,
Well, he wouldn't go ahead and he wouldn't stand still,
So he went up and down like an old saw mill.

~sung by Bill Monroe


  1. Again, Shelia, I LOVE your tablescapes!! I love the GHOST PUMPKIN bowl, too!!!

    I wish you lived closer, I'd join you!!


  2. Shelia, Your Thanksgiving table is so attractive. I love all the rich colors mingled together and that turkey is the cutest thing I've seen. Love those treasured salt & pepper shakers too! Thanks so much for such a bautiful grouping of photos.

  3. Wow, I can't believe this one. What a presentation. Just beautiful, girl. And the collection of Bathroom Divas is growing. Love seeing who's next.
    Have a wonderful sunny day.

    Love Ya,

  4. Well those tables are both just breathtaking. I'm learning from TT that I do not have to own whole sets of things. I can buy just the salad plates or just the bowls - then mix and match. I have lots of dishes but I've never done that before. Pier 1....very close to home.

  5. Oh, Shelia! So very lovely! It's a banquet feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing...


    Sheila (who is sleepwalking this morning)

  6. I LOVE your Thanksgiving tablescapes. You have so many BEAUTIFUL dishes that you can mix and match. Just GORGEOUS!!!!!

  7. You have so many different dishes?? where do you keep them all?? And so many of them that I wish I could get my hands on!! hehe..


  8. I love your ability to "dress" a table. Can you love an ability? Yes, you can. I think your idea of napkin placement is a good one; in fact, I love it! Can you... YES!

  9. Oh, you do have the touch! Such beautiful decorations displayed in wonderful, creative ways. I'm still taking notes.

    My mother had that same set of turkey salt and peppers. Actually, I do believe she still has them.

  10. Oh, what pretty Thanksgiving decorations. I love the turkey. I almost bought the exact same "ghost pumpkin", but apparently he came w/ a ladle (sp?) & it was broken, so I never got it...love it though!

  11. Hi Shelia...I've never seen a soup tureen as cute as he is...especially his cabagge-y bum bum...your collection of dishes is superb and I love the way you put things together...wonderful!
    ;-) Bo

  12. Wow, I love your tablescapes! The turkey soup tureen is so adorable and I really love the artichoke votive holders!!!


  14. Wow, both the tablescapes are teriffic! It's great how you mixed various elements together for a very attractive whole.

  15. Wow, both the tablescapes are teriffic! It's great how you mixed various elements together for a very attractive whole.

  16. Oh Shelia...Your tablescape is perfect! I love your bunny plates! And the turkey tureen made of veggies is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Loved his little lettuce leaf rear view! Thanks for sharing...Debbie

  17. Both tables are wonderful but that first one is fantastically eclectic...I LOVE it!Love the turkey's lettuce "bum"....too cute!

  18. The tables were great with every detail in place. Wonderful. Sally

  19. Everything is beautiful! You used two of my favorite things...Bordallo pottery and soup tureens. Gorgeous!

  20. Everything is just beautiful!! Including the bathroom divas! I just love reading your posts. Kristen

  21. You do beautiful table scapes! Love all the fall items and your cute bowls.

  22. Sheila you've out done yourself once again. And your bathroom diva's are beauties as well.
    hugs ~lynne~

  23. As usual, I'm never disappointed when I come visit and see your tables. You dress them beautifully. The turkey bum was a riot!
    Have an awesome day!

  24. Wow! Two for the price of one visit! I love both of your tables. That turkey tureen is absolutely wonderful! All of your plates coordinate so beautifully. I am so glad to meet Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turkey. They are precious! laurie

  25. Great scapes! Those turkeys are wonderful! I love your cabbagy items as well!!

  26. Good Morning Sweet Shelia... How are you today? LOVED your tablescapes... Just beautiful... I loved Mr. & Mrs. Tom Turkey and the Turkey Lurkey Soup Tureen... All was beautiful... And the bathroom Divas are just as cute as can be... Luv Ya! Have a great Day!!!


  27. Are you sure you dont work for Romantic Homes? Because you could!

  28. You definitely collect your $200.00. That is an amazing wattle on your turkey tureen. It looks to me like you have mixed some fresh fruit in with the faux. Looks wonderful.
    So glad you were able to get multiple uses from that colorful centerpiece.
    Very clever to use the cake pedestals as risers to add interest to your table.

  29. Winter Greetings!
    I had to stop and give a heartfelt thank you for your recent comment on my Christmas Poem, The Unexpected Gift :) Each word, I will treasure and except them humbly and with sincere gratitude.

    And your posting here...???
    You are truly a hostess with impeccable taste! I adore the natural theme of the china (pumpkins, cabbages and Turkeys :)! Lovely!

    I hope to visit your blog often and I have opted to become a Follower :) (ooo LOL if that is ok? )

  30. Shelia I loved the double showing today...just beautiful girl..now you know I love that cloche..I think I have 3 now and use them all the time..and whats so funny is the one on the kitchen table that I change out all the time and Len thinks I bought another one lol !! hope you have a great Tuesday..hugs and smiles Gloria

  31. Hi Sheila! Your tablescape is simply FABULOUS!!! Just love it, especially the green pieces! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  32. I love the turkey, and those artichoke votive holders are wonderful! You have certainly created a beautiful home!

  33. Your tablescapes are beautiful and the Thanksgiving one was exceptional Shelia!! I love that turkey bum bum LOL

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)


  34. Lovely table and dishes... perfect for a Thanksgivin table... ;)


  35. You've got a lot of really cool pieces. I especially like Tom the Turkey Tureen and the artichoke candle holders. All the pictures are super fun to look at!

  36. Of course, everything is especially lovely...but story time...well, boo hoo story. I saw those lettuce bowls at Ross. I wanted them but thought, oh Ceekay, you can't have everything...and I didn't buy. Been sorry ever since. And now you have them, which I am so happy for you, but boo hoo for me....

  37. ooo, Sheila...both tables looked just fabulous for Thanksgiving. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to your CHRISTMAS tables...OH, myness...I know they are going to be lovely.
    Have a blessed day

  38. Shelia,
    I'm a new blogger and I came across your blog after following my sister who has a blog. I just adore your table scapes. I love your Mr.&Mrs. Tom turkey S&P shakers. How sweet are they. Everything is so pretty. I will be back for sure.

  39. Shelia - wow what a great post this is - so much going on. I loved your tablescapes. I liked the first one a lot because there was so much to see and it was different. That tureen centrepiece is gorgeous, no wonder you love it so. A great talking point I bet. You seem very artistic how you put your scapes together. Love your mosaics as well - they look great presented like that. The Bathroom Divas are...well they are gorgeous Divas it is true! Have to do that myself soon enough. Glad to be back home reading my favourite blogs again!

  40. This is absolutely lovely. These are my favorite colors, and my favorite dish colors...you have done a beautiful job...wow. I love the pumpkins on the plates and how you stacked the plates. Blessings,

  41. FABULOUS, Sheila!Love it all!
    Your centerpiece is beautiful....and I'm so glad you showed the turkey bum...I was wondering what the view was from behind :-)...just in case I am ever lucky enough to be seated at your table!
    Truly a feast for the eyes!

  42. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. You never cease to amaze me with your table settings! Compared to you I am a step above paper plates LOL!

    I enjoy looking at all of your pretties!!!

    Where do you keep them all?

    take care,

  43. Hi Sheila...I really like the idea of the pumpkins in the plates. Cool idea! :)

    Hope you're having a good week!


  44. I love your Thanksgiving table Shelia and your turkey tureen--he's quite the fellow! I would love to come eat at your house.

    I have to ask along with Dawn, where do you store all of your beautiful dishes?

  45. Shelia...yes, I can! I love it all! That turkey in the center does know he's cute, doesn't he!
    :-) Love your mixing of the various chinas...it all worked so well...good eye, girlfriend! And your bathroom Divas were divalicious.
    :-) Susan

  46. Shelia, I have been working on Christmas for two days. I almost missed Tablescape Tuesday!! I'll catch up tomorrow, while I await Fireplace Fella! Hopefully he will be here! I'm freezing!

    I love your tablescapes...simply fabulous.

    BJ and her granddaughter and Justine are gorgeous Bathroom Beauties!

    Hope your week is going well!

  47. I love all your pretties! Cake plates seem to be such useful items. Now I want one. Just one, because I have none at the moment. Never have. Hmmm:-( One of these days I will have to get one.

  48. Beautiful tablescapes! Just gorgeous eyecandy. Where do you shop? You find the most fabulous treasures. Just call me next time and I'll meet you there! :)

    I adore Mr & Mrs. Tom Turkey, too.

    Hugs~ J

  49. You have the cutest dishes. I have those cute little bunnies in my hutch. I'm not so sure I want to take them down yet. They still put a smile on my face when I look at them. I adore your rooster tureen! You do run across the cutest finds! And you present them so well! Give Chloe Dawn a hug from Miles! ~ Robyn

  50. Hi Glenda! Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate your kindness!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  51. Hi Shelia, Everything is gorgeous, but that is the cutest turkey ever!!! Blessings, Nancy

  52. Hey Shelia; Wow We!!!!!!! I really love both of your table settings. My goodness you have such a wonderful collection of dishes and all the pretties that go with them. Great job!! Now get going on your Christmas deco. I want photos.. lol

    Have a great week.

  53. I love all these tablescapes and yours is so precious;) Maybe one day I will try to be as good as all you plate diva's out there;) Hugs French

  54. Good evening Pickle sorry I missed you girl I was putting up my new post..looks like a had a great comments day today girl friend.. love ya sis...hugs and smiles Gloria

  55. Hi Shelia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that Turkey!! Love it! I am sorry I have been missing your posts. Somehow it got taken off my blog roll and I have been just keeping up with my blogs through that because I have beeen super busy! Please forgive me! There is another Bathroom Diva pic on my post for you!

  56. Your tablescapes are always amazing! LOVE your centeroiece. :)

  57. Your tablescapes are always amazing! LOVE your centeroiece. :)

  58. Hi Shelia,

    Today I accidentally broke that exact turkey tureen into a bazillion pieces. It belongs to my mother, and I'm heartbroken that I ruined it. While cruising around the 'net looking for a replacement (no luck yet) I found your blog. Do you remember where you bought him? I really would like to replace my mother's. :(



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