Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

Dear Ones, I had preposted this TT before the event of my mother breaking her arm. I want to thank you all so very much for all your prayers and good wishes. I really felt those prayers yesterday! I need an extra boost this morning. She is still in lots of pain. I bought home intercoms for her bedroom and ours and one for downstairs so she could contact me when she needed me. Well, a disaster happened last night! She tried to call me, turned off the unit so she couldn't get me and decided she would get up out of bed on her own and go to the bathroom. Horrible ending! She fell on the floor on her stomach and I came to check on her and she had been lying there for an hour or so! I cannot tell you how we struggled to get her back on the bed, not being able to touch her broken arm and the shoulder.

This is where I need your prayers. I don't have any siblings to help out, I'm not able to lift because of a surgery and Mr. Precious' back is just not that strong. We need help! I'm going to call her regular doctor and see if she can recommend putting mother in the hospital or a place that can care for her. I feel so badly that I can't do what I need to do for her. We have her upstairs and I don't think we could get her down without assistance. Please Dear Friends, pray for us.
When I find out what we're going to do I'll certainly get back with you. This is so hard.
thank you so much, Dear Ones.

Hello, Dear Ones and welcome to another fantastic Tablescape Tuesday. I'm finding myself looking so forward to this day each week so I can get a little glimpse at all of your dishy talents! If you'd like to gaze on more lovely tables, just go see our hostess, Dishy Diva Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/
This was my Christmas table. I draped the table with a white tablecloth and used wine colored place mats and napkins.

These Christmas dishes are very simple with holly leaves and berries circling the plate. I bought these a few years ago from Target and I liked them so much I kept going back and buying more. I have service for 20 or more! I forgot exactly how many I have! lol But if all of my sweeties come for dinner, I can give you a plate to eat from! ;)
Now I've shown you the little Christmas tree napkin rings before, but I love them! Can you love Christmas tree napkin rings! Ho Ho Ho, Yes!!
Here's the dinner plate sitting on a golden charger (I wish!) Isn't the design sweet?
Just plain beverage glasses to be filled with peach tea. How I love my peach tea! Can you love...you know me! :)
Now I have quite a few pieces of this dark red glassware. I didn't put anything edible in this little creamer, but I did sit a little votive down in there and it flickered ever so sweetly during dinner.
Cute little salt and peppers - think these came from Target too! I have a couple of sets so I can set a pair at each end of the table. Do you want to ask me if I love my salt & peppers!? Woo Hoo, I do!!
Now, I think I was really feeling good and a bit silly here! Let me tell you a little story: I don't have a gravy bowl to match my Christmas dishes and I looked high and low around my house looking for something that would work. You cannot serve turkey and dressing without gravy and gravy cries and weeps to be poured into a gravy bowl! But being the most clever one, I found a solution! This is a very large cup and saucer that was filled to the brim with Godiva chocolates! After Mr. Precious went to town on those chocolates this pair was just clicking and clacking to sit on my table filled with turkey gravy! And so a gravy bowl was born on Christmas morn. ;) well, it was Christmas evening but that didn't rhyme!
Another piece of the wine colored glassware - a bowl filled with vintage Christmas balls. Would you like one? They're vintage and they're very crispy! Aw, come on, try one just for me! :)
Here is my centerpiece. I'll tell you another very short story and you know how very much I love to tell my little stories: Once upon a time I saw these three trees in Hobby Lobby. Actually it was a few weeks back but I fell in love with them and walked right out of the store empty handed. I became so sad! The corners of my mouth turned down, tears were pouring from my most gorgeous peeepers, I was sad! I dreamed and pined for these pretty softly colored muted green trees and three days before Christmas - I went back. To my delight they were still on the shelves and they were on sale - 1/2 price! Shoutin' Hallelujah! But it's not the end! It's never the end. :)
Aren't they wonderful? So frilly and lovely! I think they look like Christmas tree wedding cakes - the big one is the Bride's cake, the middle one is the Groom's cake and the little one is for ME! ;)

I always have to have a candle and these two candles are scented a wonderful sprucey aroma!
Here I am being silly again. I sprinkled little milk chocolate Santie candies and green and red wrapped candies all around the table.
I gave each person a little votive with one of those little flickering 'fake' flames. No sleeves were caught on fire at my table! No siree! :)
Are you sure you won't have just one vintage crispy Christmas ball?
Look at my little trees again and see all the candies sprinkled around just tempting my diners.
Now, I must tell you something - I'm a copy cat. I think I've told you that before. If you do something and I like it - I'm going to copy you! I hope you don't mind. You've been hanging pretties from your chandy arms and I wanted to do that too!
See these little iciclely drops? Well, I found five of these and hung them from the chandelier and thought they looked pretty and a bit like Christmas icicles hanging down even if it was 70' outside! A gal must have her fun!
See how pretty?
Well, there you have it - my Christmas table. I think my guests enjoyed themselves and I hope you did too!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~ Oh, no! my little Note Song girl disappeared! I'll have to find her!

The Gobble Song

Gobble, gobble, gobble that turkey gobble
Gobble, gobble, gobble that turkey gobble
Gobble, gobble, gobble that turkey gobble
Come on to my house tonight
~sung by a very silly Spencer Barnitz