Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blue Monday: Whoopee! I Have A Christmas Tree!

OOPS!!! Now you can see how bumfuzzled I've been! Forgive me! I know it's not Blue Monday!! I'm confused, I'm crazy, I'm an idiot! I need rest!! lol Just look at my tree - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze and know I'm just thankful to have it up whether it's Saturday or Monday - I don't know the difference.

Being not such a sweetie,
Shelia ;(

Hello, and welcome to Blue Monday. This most Blue event is hosted by the Most Smiling One, Sally at . Go visit Sally and then you can visit other Blue Ones!

Now, this is a Blue Monday post you really can't see. But if you use your imagination just a bit you'll be able to see lots of Blue! ME!I was so Blue, believe me, not having our Christmas up and shining bright! Well, I would have been Blue and singing "I'll Have A Blue Christmas Without You" if we had not put it up! We've never put up our tree this late in the game, but I was not going to be Blue this year, so up it went!
Lights on!
Lights off! This reminds me of that thingy in the 80s. The Clapper - clap your little dainty hands and 'lights on'! Clap them a second time 'lights off'! Blueness is fading, can you see?
We're pretty traditional and I love angels on top of our tree looking after us all! She's certainly not Blue!
Here's a bit of blue in Mary's outfit. Would you call this a Blue outfit or a Blue dress?
Sweet little cherub - not a stitch of Blue!
Little cherub bums - still no Blue!
More from the cherub band - a slight touch of Blue on those little fluttering wings!
Glass angels and angel icicles. No Blue!

I spy Blue behind the cross!!
Quite a few little White House ornaments...
A bit of Blue...
More Blueness...
Blue precious stone in the drop ornament. See the poinsettia? No Blue.
Good ole state of Texas - Blue!! Yay!
Frosty pine Blue.
Little antique looking ornament - again, no Blue.
I have a mixture of ornaments on my tree don't I? Still, no Blue!
Yikes! He's a scary looking little thing! His uniform is Blue. He looks a little dangerous so maybe I had better put him somewhere else.

Well, now, aren't you glad you didn't have to see me all Blued out? I'm not blue, I'm happy today because - Whoopee! We have up our Christmas tree!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,


  1. You have so many beautiful ornaments! I love the crosses and the one of the holy family.
    are you aware that it's still Saturday?

  2. beautiful...even if it is BLUE MONDAY on a beautiful PINK SATURDAY!! LOL!! Love BOTH posts!!!

  3. oh, dear....i am wondering around all of Blogland in such a state of it saturday ? Pink Saturday? or am I so blue because I didn't post anything for BLUE MONDAY?? Help me, oh Queen of Silliness Sheila....tell me which way to Sat.ville or to Mondayville......
    You are SUCH a silly and we love you dearly!!
    love, bj
    oh, and your tree with all the LOVELY ornaments is just STUNNING....

  4. Gorgeous tree! Your ornaments are wonderful - so special. Thanks for sharing them with us today. I love big trees but our little home doesn't have space. Just a small sweet house where our special tree looks right at home!

  5. lol Poor, poor darling. Her tree was not up, and she has clearly lost her mind. lol She THINKS it's Monday (when we all know it's only Saturday).
    Hmmm, maybe she's shufflin' off to Buffalo during the extended weekend.
    Whatever... (see how young I talk?) lol... Your tree is as expected: sophisticated, classic, gorgeous, delightful!

  6. Morning Shelia.

    Hmmmm a blue Monday on a pink Saturday??? Well, thats is just fine, you are keeping us on our toes now aren't you?!? We know Christmas is zooming up on us but we REALLY need those couple of extra days, so we'll just keep in at Saturday today, okay????

    Your tree is just beautiful and I am so glad you ended up putting it up! We too LOVE a mixture of LOVED ornaments!

  7. Hi ya Shelia!
    So nice to see you at my place! I have enjoyed checking out your gorgeous tree and ornaments. Lovely and sooo elegant.
    Be good!

  8. Blue Monday on a's all good with me! Your tree is just lovely!!! I love the pictures of the ornaments that you have shared. Every thing you have posted is so pretty. I am glad you got your tree up. I would put one up even if I had to wait until the last minute. I'm glad yours is up and you shared all it's loveliness with us.
    take care,

  9. I'm so glad you are not blue anymore! Beautiful tree in your beautiful "new" foyer!! Sally

  10. It is a big tree and a pretty tree!!!

    If I have not told you, thank you for my Christmas Card Swap goodies! Love them!

    BTW, the weird tag/bookmarker is actually an ornament. Please stop by my blog later for a tut on how it works!


  12. You are the silliest woman!! I had a good chuckle thanks to you! Love that gorgeous tree and all the ornaments just beautiful! Continue being the quirky blue one that you are Sweetie!! Hugs French;)

  13. OK Pickle what day is it girl...I am old and get confused real quick..oh by but your none blue Christmas tree is just beautiful girl..I love it in the entry..I have alway been going to put one up in mine and never have..hey I am lucky to get Len to bring in my little one for LR and Kitchen...don't going to push the issue with him..hope you have a safe and blessed what ever day it is..hugs and smiles Gloria ps..where's my song today HELLOooo did you forget that also??

  14. Beautiful tree, no matter what the color. Let's see...we could start a Multicolor Mania Post! No, what was I thinking???? It must be all the stress of the holidays....we don't need another meme right now. We can wait until January!!!
    Merry Christmas my friend and enjoy your tree!!

  15. Lovely, lovely tree! Isn't it good to get the tree and get it all decoraqted and sparkling?

  16. LOL. I was at your post early this morning and I just thought maybe you had been in the wine too early, so thought I would come back later and check on you. You gave us a good laugh, thank you. Now, for the real stuff, your tree is devine just like everything you touch.And beautiful photos too. The tree by the stairs is just incredible. Show us more.

    Love ya,

  17. Hey, is perfectly
    A-OK with every one here if you post Blue on Pink...we don't give a flyin' flip just as long as you post !!!:O)
    love, bj

  18. Saturday? Monday? Pink? Blue? No Blue?

    Doesn't matter...your posts make me smile... so keep it up!

    I am very happy you got your tree up so you won't be blue..... I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  19. What a gorgeous tree. it looks wonderful in front of your elegant staircase.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  20. Each ornament is more stunning than the next. Where do you find these beautiful things? What is Blue Monday? Is it like Pink Saturday?

  21. LOVE the pink angel tree topper! Happy BLue Monday and Pink Saturday! ENJOY! Fifi

  22. Shelia, I'm so glad you fially got your tree up so You won't be Blue on this Pink Saturday! It looks lovely on your beautiful new floor. ~ Robyn

  23. Shelia, your tree is beautiful in your new entry way. Wasn't it worth the wait? Just think of all the enjoyment you will have for this time with the Christmas tree and then in the new year...

    Merry Christmas!!

  24. Oh Shelia it's BEAUTIFUL...whether it's Saturday or Monday it is a pleasure to see it!!!

  25. I'm so very happy you put up your tree!! Better late than never, and I'm sure it made you so very happy to set it up on your very beautiful new floor!!

  26. Yea for you! You have your tree up! Your ornies are sweet! I have many of the White house ornaments too. They are so pretty. Your tree is lovely!

    Merry Christmas!

  27. What a beautiful tree you have Shelia. I especially love all the crosses. So pretty. I am glad you got it up. Now you can sit back and enjoy.

  28. Oh silly goose... but one of the silliest sweetest girlfriends there is... first of all let’s say you're the buzz of blogland.... confusing so many as to which day it is and chopping off a couple of days they could be shopping or baking...LOL LOL Your tree is so awesome and looks fantastic all snuggled up into the curve of the stairs... I know you are glowing with excitement that you finally have it up... Very elegant ornaments... Have a GREAT Saturday night... yes its Saturday.... Love Ya


  29. Ok, what are you trying to do here? I just had a serious panic attack! I thought I had somehow slept through Saturday and Sunday when I saw your "Blue Monday" title over on my blog list. Decided I'd better come over to see if it was you or me who had lost our mind! So glad I did, because your tree is gorgeous in that beautiful entryway. I love all of the ornaments you showed us. I'm glad it's not Monday, and I'm glad you are no longer blue. laurie

  30. You little ol' Texas coo-coo bird...I'm so happy you got to put up your gorgeous & well-dressed (not nekkid) tree! Nobody in Blogland deserves to celebrate Christmas more than you...You have been a gift to all of us all year long! Big hugs, ;-) Bo

  31. Sheila dear I don't care what day it is your tree is so beautiful on your brand new floor. Yea!!! We just can't have you being blue. No, no, no it just won't do, to have you feeling blue. I am so happy you are happy now. It's Christmas, you must be happy!!!

    Christmas love...Jeanne

  32. Oh Shelia...Such a beautiful tree on such a beautiful floor! Don't you just go into the foyer and stand and stare at them both? I know I would!...Debbie

  33. Sweet Shelia~ Your tree is stunning and filled with the most amazing little treasures. I'm so happy you have it up! That was the sweetest gift from Justine~ you deserve it my friend.

    We love you bubbles & all!

    Hugs~ J

  34. You almost make me feel like I'm caught up with my blog reading. I didn't think I'd make it here till Monday and I wouldn't have been late. Instead, it is Sunday, so I must be catching up. I need you to keep up with my time for me, then maybe I wouldn't stay so far behind.
    Everything looks wonderful. Glad you got it up.

  35. I'm new to your blog, found you through tiney (my cousin).
    Just wanted to tell you that your tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!. I really love the ornaments. Hope I can get mine to look 1/2 as nice next year (this years a bust already!).
    also, Just wanted to let you know they still sell the clapper, and I've been begging! my husband to get me one for my bedside lamp.

    -Clap on Clap off,

  36. What a beatiful tree with even more beautiful ornaments!

    I think I would have blamed blogger autopost for the wrong day post, lol. Like someone else said, we don't care if it was on the right day or not, we just want you to post!


  37. Love this, Shelady! So glad you got your tree up!!!


    Sheila :-)

  38. Well I'm glad your blue post is up because I'm so behind in my visiting.
    Your tree is fabulous and now I want one also.
    Hang in there dear Shelia. Your a pro now.
    Claudie from Canada

  39. Love those angel ornaments on your Christmas tree!! Too have seen beautiful Christmas ornaments at Hammacher Schlemmer.

  40. What a bunch of wonderful blue you have Shelia!! I like it. Wishing you and yours a Christmas filled with the Joy of the Lord!!

  41. Well I'm so glad your tree is up so you don't have to be blue anymore *winks* Your tree is beautiful Shelia! Love all of your wonderful ornaments! Vanna


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