Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

Welcome again to Tablescape Tuesday which is hosted by the most wonderful Diva of Tablescapes - Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/.
Go visit her to see more talented Ones displaying their tables for you today!

Now, we are all so blessed, aren't we? I know I certainly am. I'm really not materialistic, but it will seem like it today.
I began setting up for our Tablescape Tuesday and got a little carried away. So, bear with me! ;)

It all started with this cornucopia to be my centerpiece. I'm not sure if this is a soup tureen or not, but the top is a lid. I placed a grapevine wreath on the table and then sat the cornucopia on a cake stand to give it some height and put it right in the middle of the wreath. Pulled out my little fall leaves, fall gourds and pumpkins and went to town!I'm using my Pier One dishes again ~ they just look so fall-like! The table is draped with a rusty colored tablecloth. I'm using my silver flatware and stemmed glasses in a brown tone.

I sat my little ramekin bowls, which match the color on the plates, right on top. Also a perfect spot for a squash! ;)
I found these precious little pear plates back awhile ago and thought they would work just fine for bread plates! See the precious little butter knife? The handle is a greenish marble look.

Look at these very fall napkins! Actually they are not napkins at all, but kitchen tea towels. The pears are embroidered in an orange thread. I love these little tea towel/napkins. Can you love tea towel/napkins? Yes! You really can!

I only bought two of the bowls that go with this set of dishes. They're really quite large!

Excess? Did I go a tad overboard here? I probably did, but oh, how much fun!
You know we learn an eye pleasing vignette for our table is all about placing our objects on different levels. Beside the candelstick I used a little sherbert dish for a candle holder.

You know how I love salt and pepper shakers. Can you love...you know you can!Here's some little pumpkins!

Now you're looking at my old antique server. I thought it was a buffet, but was promptly told where I bought it, "This is a server!" Excuse me, anyway, I do love this piece of furniture. You certainly can love furniture! I placed a cloche on top of the cake stand (I love cake stands!) with lots of fallness underneath the dome.

The gorgeous fall-like cake stand.

Guess what these are? ;)
Well, there you have it ~ my overdone packed out table. Now this will not be our Thanksgiving table because I don't think I could set any food dishes here! But we could have a good time looking at all the fallness!!
Thanks for coming to see my fall tablescape.
Be a bunch of sweeties,

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

Last night your shadow fell upon my lonely room
I touched your golden hair and tasted your perfume
Your eyes were filled with love the way they used to be
Your gentle hand reached out to comfort me
Then came the dawn
And you were gone
You were gone, gone, gone
I had too much to dream last night
Too much to dream
I'm not ready to face the light
I had too much to dream
Last night
Last night
The room was empty as I staggered from my bed
I could not bear the image racing through my head
You were so real that I could feel your eagerness
And when you raised your lips for me to kiss
Came the dawn
And you were gone
You were gone, gone, gone
Oh, too much to dream
Oh, too much to dream
Too much to dream last night
Oh, too much to dream
~sung by the Electric Prunes