Thursday, November 13, 2008

Somewhere In Time Party

Welcome to our Somewhere In Time Party. We are very romantic ones who dearly love this olden movie. It is hosted by our Jan at to her blog and you can visit all the lovely ones participating in this beautiful event. Now Darlings, this is a rather long post, but you must's all about the romance!! :)
This romantic fantasy movie was made in 1980 which starred Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. I did a little research and found out the movie was adapted from a 1970's vintage novel "Bid Time Return" by Richard Matheson.
The music from this movie is so very beautiful and moving! The soundtrack - John Barry's score to this movie is among the most romantic, seductive works ever! Especially the "Theme From Somewhere In Time" and "Rhapsody On A Theme of Paganini". I've played the piano for quite a few weddings in my day and the theme song from this movie is requested more than any other!'s so romantic and lovely!

Oh, this was such a handsome handsome young man! He's a little silly at times in the movie and at other times very serious and determined. Meet "Richard".
The movie was filmed on location at the Grand Hotel and at the former Mackinac College - both places located on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Some parts were filmed in Chicago.
Jane Seymour - what can you say? She was and still is a very beautiful woman. Meet the enchanting "Elise". These are her off the cuff words to Richard while she was on stage during her play:
The man of my dreams has almost faded now.
The one I have created in my mind.
The sort of man each woman dreams of
in the deepest and most secret reaches of her heart.
I can almost see him now before me.
What would I say to him, if he were really here?
Forgive me, I have never known this feeling -
I've lived without it all my life.
Is it any wonder, then,
that I failed to recognize you?
You - who brought it to me for the first time.
Is there any way I can tell you how my life has changed?
Any way at all to let you know what sweetness you have given me?
There is so much to say . . .
I cannot find the words.
Except for these -
I love you.
Such would I say to him, if he were really here.

Though this movie bombed at the box office, it has earned a loyal following since, regarded by many as a cult film. Now I'm over 50, but for you younger ones ~ if you choose to see this movie - give it a chance. It's a little cheesy at first, but it will suck you in before you know it. This is one of the few movies which has generated a fan club. Despite the negative reviews during its brief three week run in the theaters, Somewhere In Time, fans a classic.

I do believe these two actors were at their absolute most beautiful in this movie!
The film begins in May 1972, when playwright Richard Collier is approached by an elderly woman who places a pocket watch in his hand while pleading with him to "come back" to her. Eight years later, Richard, stressed from writing his play, decides to take a break and stays at the Grand Hotel, where he becomes entranced by a strangely captivating photograph of a mysterious, beautiful young woman. With the assistance of an old man who's been working at the hotel since 1910, Richard discovers that she is Elise McKenna, a famous early 20th-century stage actress. Upon digging deeper, he learns that she was the aged woman who gave him the pocket watch eight years earlier, but who subsequently died later that same evening.

Just so you will know, there isn't much offensive material in this movie. Language is mild. And the picture on the bottom right side - you will only see bare shoulders.
The character of Elise McKenna was inspired by real-life stage actress Maude Adams, a much-loved theatrical performer in her day, who led a reclusive existance in her later years. One more little tidbit ~ Jane Seymour's twin sons, Johnny and Kristopher Keach, are named after two men dear to the actresses' heart-- legendary singer/songwriter Johnny Cash and her Somewhere In Time co-star, Christopher Reeve.
Richard sees Elise beckoning to him. She has returned to him! His spirit rises from the chair to join his true love forever!
Hope I didn't give everything away about this movie. If you are a true romantic at heart ~ you're going to love this sweet movie! If you haven't seen it, I certainly hope you will!
Be forever romantic sweeties,

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Somewhere In Time

Somewhere in time,
we met on timeless hills...
and in the evening midst we kissed,
and time stood still;
Before the dawn, we found forever...
moments are timeless
when I feel your caress;
Love never goes...
once it has touched your heart...
just like the scent of wine,
that's left as two lips part;
The taste of love will linger after...
I find a meaning now in all that I see;
You're always here inside of me and...
I know where love is true,
it's always with you;
Somewhere in time,
I came to realize


  1. Who hasn't seen Somewhere in Time...??? Are you kidding me! I absolutely love the movie, the music, the love story, oh,oh,oh....
    it is the best.

  2. FABULOUS movie! FABULOUS soundtrack! This is one of the very rare movies that I have found to be worth watching multiple times. Such a lovely post that has brought back great memories of this movie. Ahhhh time to watch it one more time!

  3. Oh I always loved the costumes in that one!! Just beautiful. Kathy

  4. Shelia, I haven't seen this movie but after your review I am going to have to go and see if I can find it.

    Christopher Reeve and Jane Symour were certainly in their prime that is true. I found everything in your post very interesting even down to who Jane named her twins after. Actually I just saw the Jonny Cash movie Walk the Line the other night and loved that one too.

    I love the romantic movies! And your story and pictures were wonderful.

    Sorry, I didn't realise you played the piano too - wow! I learnt many years ago but hardly anything to write home about I am afraid. Have you ever posted your music on your blog?

  5. Oh Shelia who doesn't love this movie...I have seen it tons...thanks for sharing...hugs and smiles Gloria

  6. Hi Shelia--What a great post this is, give the background and feel without giving too much away. I've not seen the movie, but I'll have to rent it now!

    It tugs at my heart to see Christopher Reeve so young and handsome, when we all know now about his riding accident and paralysis. He looks perfect in the role of romantic lead.

  7. A beautiful film, gorgeous people, a spectacular place! Your post is perfect, Shelia!

  8. I haven't seen the movie in a long time but I absolutely LOVED it!! It really is a very good movie and I LOVE that music!!!!! Those two were absolutely the perfect leads for that movie.

  9. A beautiful post. The pianist for our wedding played this theme song before I walked down the aisle. Shortly after the wedding, Nalley and my mom found a small music box that plays the tune and it is so very special to me. Thanks for the memories.

  10. I also loved that movie. And you did a wonderful job on your post. I really enjoyed it.
    I also wanted to let you know you've been tagged. Please come pick it up.


  11. I've never seen the movie (or even heard of it for that matter), but oh my goodness, he was such a beautiful-looking man. I was so sad when we lost him.
    Justine :o )

  12. Makes my heart hurt!! I loved this movie so much.

  13. What a beautiful post about OUR favorite MOVIE...and ACTORS!! I'm so glad you joined in this party today...thanks!!!

    I went to bed before your post was up and running and am late this morning in visiting, since I over-slept!! LOL!!!


  14. Great post, SHelia! Your love for the movie shines through!

  15. Morning Shelia~ wonderful, wonderful post! I just love that movie. I'm going to have to find it because it is a classic and my daughter has never seen it. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs~ J

  16. Good Morning Shelia
    What a lovely lovely post. Somehow I have missed this movie...I will have to see if I can rent it. The pictures are wonderful and the story I didn't want to read right now just in case. I'm listening to your music and looking at this very handsome man and I'm feeling so emotional thinking about what happened to him. What a tragedy.

    He really was sooo handsome and Jane Seymour is beautiful. Oh dear I have to see this movie now.

    Thank you for the review and have a lovely day.

  17. I've never seen the movie nor read the book, and I'm not sure if I ever heard of it before this. Christopher Reeve so young and handsome, but weren't we all? (sigh)

  18. I do not know how I missed this movie . But I have never seen it before. I am on the hunt now for it though.

  19. It's been years since I've seen somewhere in've brought smiles to my face thinking about seeing it once again, true romance!

    Have a romantic day Sheila,
    Kathi :)

  20. Sheila, you have done the most beautiful post about that lovely movie. I am a fan of the actors and the Grand Hotel. The movie is a wonderful story and should have more acclaim in my opinion. I do love the music and I am enjoying it so much as I send you this comment. How lovely that you play the piano. I had lessons and never took it very far. I have always regretted it.

    Thank you for your sweet comment about my family. They are full of fun and love. I am so proud of all of them. the ice cream thing was a hoot.

    I read your post yesterday and laughed so much. I think I was distracted and didn't leave a comment. If I did, disregard this one. LOL.


  21. I remember that movie. I enjoyed it. I thought it was such a sweet love story. Oh, and Christopher Reeves was such a handsome man. I still get so sad thinking of what he and his wife Dana had to endure. What a remarkable family they were.

    take care,

  22. I can't believe I've never seen it! It sounds like a movie right up my alley and I absolutely ADORE Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. I am going to go add it to my Netflix que right now!!!
    Thanks for the great recommendation Sheila.

  23. They just don't make them like that anymore do they? Please come by my blog when you get a are a part of an unusual meme. I promise I'm not picking on'll see when you get over there. ;-) Bo

  24. Loved this movie and would love to see it again tonight...

  25. I haven't seen this movie....I tend not to like chick-flicks...maybe because I hate crying at movies!

  26. Oh my goodness! I could not even hear the music without crying! Was that not the most romantic movie ever made? Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories...Debbie

  27. I love this movie soooo much. It was my mom's favorite movie and quickly became one of mine. I love all of the photos, the music and your write-up of the movie - well done! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week :)

  28. Shelia, Your post is great. I am learning so much about the movie. Your collages are gorgeous and bring back such wonderful memories. I have to see this movie again!

  29. Ahhh, one of the most romantic movies I've seen, I loved it!

    buffie :)

  30. Hello Shelia; Some Where in Time is my hubby's favorite movie, and mine. We saw it when it came out and fell in love with. Such love they had for each other, that time could not erase. ahhhhhhhh love it... so romantic.


  31. Such a sweet film. I have to admit, I think that brown suit Richard finds (that is too small), is quite dapper!

  32. I do believe I have seen this but its been so LONGGGG that I need to re-watch this. thanks for giving me this idea...on a cold winter night nothing beats a great classic movie.

  33. Yes - this really is one of the great classics! I loved it. Thanks for the great post.
    It's nice to hear the theme song playing also as I read your post.

  34. Oh so your the Bathroom Beauty Snapper. I will join your club. I bought a new Pink Pocket Camera so no excuses now.
    I did reply to you in my post but I thought I would come over and see you. What a great post on the movie BTW.
    The painting is when they take the row boat out and go to the little island for the first time all by themselves. We call it "the beach house" & the second one you know.
    Loves reading all about your reno's.
    Have a great weekend.
    Claudie from Canada
    P.S. I will let you know when I snap away.

  35. Come back come back!!! I feel like I'm saying something from the line "Somewhere in Time"...
    Come and see the real Brittany, my daughter on my wallpaper I forgot to put her on.

  36. I love this movie and of course these actors. You made your post amazing and I love and feel this romantic atmosphere. Beautiful, beautiful pics.
    Thank you Shelia!

    Have a blessing weekend!

  37. Hi Shelia :)

    Would you believe this is one of Rich's favorite movies? It's true :)

    Beautiful post!

  38. A beautiful post. Somewhere in Time is one of my favorites. I love it. Chris and Jane never looked lovelier. A true classic.

  39. Shelia, this was a very fitting tribute to the movie "Somewhere in time"... I love the time period, the clothes, the romance and the wonderful actors who were a perfect pick for this splendid romance movie.... Thank you for all the memories...


  40. OMG, Shelia... I couldn't imagine that I didn't come here.
    Somewhere in Time... love this clasic, and thanks for lyric.
    You did great and beautiful job!

  41. Hi Shelia ~ I stopped by for Pink Saturday and saw your SIT post and wanted to mention that the Theme from Somewhere in Time was our song for the first dance at our wedding and we honeymooned on Macinac Island. I was enthralled for years with the movie. Still have my old sheet music for the Theme and for the Paganini piece!

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