Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Bathroom Revisited ;)

Attention! Attention!! Dear Ones, we have breaking news again to share with all of you in the land of Blog!! We have just received word there has been another Bathroom invasion! This is very serious Most Shocked Ones!! Oh, my! Not only one Bathroom was snapped in, but four! That's right - four Bathrooms will never be the same again because of this incident! Now I am ready to get down to my Bathroom Business this second and see if this is a real Diva in the making or one of those Bathroom impostors! No, no Nannete, we will have no impostors! Okay, Dear Assisting Ones, please hand me my toilet brush. Okay, let's see...oh, my, look at the dazzling smiles filled with the pearliest of whites, gorgeous smiling eyes, hair coiffed to perfection and filled with the brightest bathroom highlights. Impostors cannot achieve this, Most Amazed Ones! Now, on with my Bathroom Business...I see beautiful clothed ones dripping in the finest of jewels! We must not forget the most loveliest of arms with the most creamyness of dainty fingers and they are attached to a CAMERA!!

Be still my heart, we have authentic Bathroom Divas, Oh Shocked Ones!
Yes, true Divaship has been achieved. Let's see, do we know this most gorgeous one? Why yes, it's our own Linnea, her lovely daughter and her niece! Congratulations, most esteemed Ones!! You've hit the mark, you've ran the race, you've trampled down bathroom doors all over America and now you will join the ranks of...oops, I dropped my toilet brush. Where's my crown? Hand me my robe, slip is showing? I've told you before I don't wear slips. OOOPS! I didn't realize my mike was still on.
Okay, I'm ready...ahem...Linnea, daughter and are about to be crowned with the most desired and coveted award in all of the world! I crown you Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas and you shall be one now and for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Go proudly into the Land of Blog and wear your crown to show you have accomplished this most daring feat!!


Now, Dearest of Ones, if you are a new visitor to my blog, don't be scared! This is something that happens occasionally. You see, I lead a double life. In one life I am the sweetest thing known to you as Shelia and I'm all about home, Mr. Precious and of course my little Chloe Dawn. But, Most Wondering Ones, my other life is that of The Queen, The Diva, The Darling of the Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas! Yes, Most Precious Ones, this is something that has been going on in my life for some time and now I've brought it into the Land of Blog.

For as long as I can remember, I've been going into bathrooms all over this land and sometimes even into foreign countries with my little camera and snapping a picture of myself in bathroom mirrors. I know, it is amazing, isn't it?
Sometimes in my bathroom snapping I can be charming, sometimes I forget to turn the flash off, sometimes I come out fuzzy and sometimes I look just like the Diva whom I really am. See?
Now, this is the deal, Most Thinking I Must Be Crazy Ones...I am throwing out this Bathroom challenge again! It is ever so much fun to do. You just don't know the feeling of accomplishment, self awareness and the "I Did It" kind of feeling you will have after you've snapped away in a bathroom of your choice.

Now, Dear Darlings, I want you to go to your favorite eating establishments, cameras in your most gorgeous little purses, walk into the ladies' room, make sure no one else is watching you or just kindly ask them to join you...and snap snap snap away taking pictures of yourself in all of your bathroom beautifulness. Oh, be sure to turn your flash off!
If, Most Timid Ones, you are just a wee bit shy (notice that cute pun? Did I ever tell you how clever I am?) ;) of doing this in a public place, you can go into your own home bathroom and snap away. But I must tell you, you will not have the same sense of accomplishment or self satisfaction by just staying at home. I will not call you a bathroom chicken, no, no Nannette, not me. You decide.
I know you're all so big and brave and if you're up for this challenge, please take the little logo I've made especially for you Most Darling Bathroom Ones and put it on your blog along with your most alluring gorgeous bathroom mug, eh, portrait shot!
Let me know when your gorgeous Bathroom portrait picture is posted on your blog and I'll come and get you, bring you to my blog and crown you for all of Blogland to see!
Don't you want to be a part of this most prestigious club of Divas! Have you ever seen more Gorgeous Ones? I don't think so, Wanting To Become Diva Ones.
Many a brave and bold Beautiful One overcame her shyness by barging through the bathroom door...with camera in hand...
This club is not only for us gals, but we have one Hunky Male Diva, one little fuzzied faced Diva (that of course, What Is She Saying Ones, is a little doggie),

We have a Stone Rabbit and even an Alien (pictured above for your viewing enjoyment)!! Now Palpitating Heart Ones, you know now you do not want to be left behind. You know what to do and I'm praying, Not Letting Me Down Ones, you will achieve this most gloriousness of achievements!

Now remember, I Will Do This Ones, I have made this logo just for you with my little dainty creamy fingers and my computer to put on your blog. It shouts to the Land of Blog "I'm special!! I'm a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva! This is not for impostors and believe me they are out there! They try to do this, to be part of our most wonderful club. But I, in all of my Bathroom Duties, will not let one impostor in!! I do have the power, Surprised Ones!

Come on, My Most Precious Ones, and show the world who can snap!!
Forever The Bathroom Diva,

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
The goddess on the mountain top,
Was burning like a silver flame.
The summit of beauty and love,
And Venus was her name.
She's got it.
Yeah, baby, she's got it,
Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire,
At your desire.
Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire,
At your desire.
~ sung by Shocking Blue


  1. Shelia I absolutely love your collages of Bathroom Diva pictures! Go girls go--take the risk and become a Diva yourself!

  2. How hilarious are you. By the way Shelia you do your makeup so well (I trained as a theatrical makeup artist). Love the picture of you close up looking in the mirror. You are very pretty! Beautiful blue eyes! You have quite a collection of bathroom snappers now.

  3. Shelia...

    I do think you've gone over the edge!! LOL!!! Have you been inhaling too much wallpaper glue (as the guys removed it?) or too much paint (as all your walls were painted?)

    You're toooooo funny. Just as DDBBSD was bring it back to life again!!!

    Have a wonderful day...snapping pix in the Bathroom! Haven't you taken one of your mom in the bathroom yet?


  4. Wow, What a post, I had no idea there would be so many people seeking that bathroom award. Now, I get it. I was in an awesome bathroom in Branson, wish I had known then. Guess I'll just have to put Branson on my tour this summer. Just for you. :)

    Love Ya,

  5. OK. I'll will be tough. My friends already think blogging is strange..they really wont get this.

  6. oooo, Sweetness One, I can't tell you how glad to know that you WANT us Vain and Beautiful Ones to take yet ANOTHER Bathroom Photo Full Of Loveliness to be presented, in all our Toilet Room Prettiness, to be showcased on your Precious and Fun Game....thank you thank you thank, I can't wait to go to another great eating establishment, camera in hand, and head for their bathroom.!!
    love ya, bj

  7. Good Morning Sheila,

    I always smile when I drop by, thank you for being Sheila :). I will work on that bathroom shot, you must know I hate having my picture is our all staff photo...sigh.

    Have an awesome day!
    Kathi :)

  8. oooo, and you know how you start talking just like the one you hang out with the most? Like if they cuss, you wanna say one, too? Well, I am finding myself saying things like "Oh Beautiful One, please pass the salt" or "Forever In My Heart One, make sure we have plenty of toliet paper" or "Oh, Most Wonderful One, did you take out the trash?"
    I have been getting a LOT of strange looks lately....hee hee hee

  9. Fabulous, O Dear Diva! I love the collages!

  10. Good Morning Shelia
    Oh what fun. I can't believe so many have been sending their pics to you. That is quite a collage isn't it? Love it.
    And to think it came from that morning when you had been thinking about it in bed I believe it was...funny.
    Well...I have been out for dinner since my cinder block picture but its the thing now to say "oops I DIDN'T bring my camera to the restaurant again"...

    Have a lovely day and those pics would give you smiles as they arrive and thats a nice thing.


  11. Oh my sweet Shelia... I feel the urge to go out agian and get you amaward winning shot of a Bathroom Diva... I have been in some spectacular bathrooms around this country and wasn't a blogger yet so be prepared... I will be on the hunt now and sending you shots.. You have created a Bathroom Diva Monster...You are my Queen today... Love Ya,


  12. Me again Shelia
    *lol* reading your comment to me made me think..Yup I seem to have a good memory when it comes to the "real important things" seems I can't remember those other trivial things one needs to get by on a daily basis..*g*..

  13. Oh Shelia...all I can say is "Look what you started!" LOL, ;-) Bo

  14. Shelia,
    The Queen,
    The Diva,
    The Darling of the Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas!
    Yes, Most Precious Ones,
    Yes, You are Very Pretty Diva,
    Yes, You are Very Lovely Diva,
    Yes, You Do great, beautiful job!

    Love & blessings

  15. Yay! I am the Bathroom Diva Queen for the day! I will keep that nice warm fuzzy feeling with me today as I go to my continuing Education seminar here in San Francisco. Then when I get home this evening I will grab that logo and put it on my blog. Thank you for the honor. What a fun post to see all the ones I missed earlier!! You are an Awesome Bathroom Diva!!

  16. Shelia, how do you take a picture without the flash obscuring the view? I tried to take pictures in a mirror and I also took pictures of a couple of glass-fronted paintings and the flash on my new camera created such a glare that you couldn't see anything. I'm so new to digital photography that I'm not sure how to prevent that. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for visiting my blog this morning and for your very sweet comments. You are such a delightful part of the 'blogosphere'! Blessings to you, dear Shelia!

  17. LOL! You are hilarious!! I guess I will have to get into my bathroom w/ the camera ASAP--I'll let you know when I get a decent shot!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!!

  18. Girl you ain't right...You are too funny and only you can make going to the bathroom funny..and Girl I already send you my bathroom picture a couple of weeks ago..that was the last shot you'll get me this old lady in a mirror..hope you have a great day Diva doulbl life one!!! hugs and smiles Gloria

  19. HILARIOUS !!!

    Shelia I am so glad I found you !!! I can't wait to see all the pics...snap away Diva's :)

    Kathy :)

  20. Oh how funny! You're making me smile. I love all you bathroom divas!


  21. You ARE so pretty girl! and a little nutty:) too funny... Thanks for the laugh.

  22. I don't think I've ever seen so many divas in one place before!!! What a riot these pictures are. I am proud to be a member of the club!

    take care,

  23. I have to get in on this bathroom diva business! I am going to a concert on Sunday to see the Doobie Brothers I will have to escape to the bathroom. Hope I don't get arrested snapping a pic in the restroom.. ;) My niece Mikayla.. I love it!

  24. Hi Kathy!! I'd love for you to join the Divas! You know you want to!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  25. THat was so much fun to see all the diva's in one place! I still think it's so funny that you can convince all these fine ladies to do this crazy thing! You could take all that power dear Shelia and RULE THE WORLD!

  26. cracked me up with the no slip and microphone! ;) I needed that laugh. You are so much fun. Thank you for brightening my evening.

    **big hugs**

  27. Oh my, this is so FUNNY! I just might try to snap a picture the next time I'm in a restroom!

  28. As much as I adore your silliness, I can't make myself do this!! Why? I don't know; maybe you will convince me yet. Sally

  29. off your medication again I see! lol lol crazy! lol lol You got people wrapping themselves in toilet paper and singing into toilet brushes! Oh my word! lol I love ya girl....but I ain't going in no public bathroom and taking my way..just gives the family another reason to have me committed! lol lol

  30. LOL! So much funny being just a sideliner! I can only imagine the thrill of being a bathroom diva!!

  31. What's this? You want MORE? (sigh) When a person becomes a Diva, everyone wants more, more, more! Soon, you'll be begging for autographs!

    BTW: when the flash is turned off, some bathrooms are too dark for a picture to show my loveliness.

  32. I was missed the first time and I was missed again;)Sigh I'm sad!


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