Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

Attention! Attention!! Before we can start our Tablescapeing, we have the latest breaking news!! Do you see this bathroom? Darling Tuesday Ones, it has been invaded! That's right ~ at this very moment in Plains, Georgia, while on a tour of former President Carter's childhood home, someone broke the rules and opened a security gate and barged in to do some snapping!Can you believe this, Trying To Remember What Pres. Carter Looked Like Ones? Well, I think he ate a lot of peanuts, although that had nothing to do with his looks, well, maybe it did, and he had big front teeth and...oh, excuse me. We need to get on with the business at hand! Bathroom Business!! Okay, I'm your gal - the Diva of Bathrooms....
I have my toilet brush in hand and I'm ready for the inspection. Okay, I can see clearly now, that's a song, oh Singing Ones! I see the most beautifulness of faces, the most peaches and creamyness of complexions, two, yes, that's right, two lovely sparkling eyes, a smile just filled with the pearliest of whiteness and this lovely one is draped with priceless jewels. Okay, so far so good, Sweet Genuine Ones. There is the most gorgeousness of locks filled with bathroom highlights ~ you cannot get highlights like these at your salon, no no Nanette! Only a bathroom will do for a true Snapping Diva. Onward, (as I'm holding up my toilet brush!) Wait, I see no arms, can you, Oh Puzzled Ones? Oh, my goodness, we've never had an armless Diva before, Astonished Ones! I can see no dainty hands with the creamiest of fingers either! Oh, the shock of it! I must settle down a bit...okay I'm better now...I think I get it, Trick or Treat Ones...it's almost Halloween and this lovely one is pulling a funny on us! Somehow she has manged to snap her lovelyness without using her arms or hands! This is certainly a Diva!! Yes, Dear Trembling With Fear Ones, this is the real thing, and I don't mean Coke! This is a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva!! Do we know her? Why of course we do, this is Donna at http://adventureswithtassie.blogspot.com/. Congratulations, Donna!! I now crown you with the most sought after title in Blogland and maybe even the world!! You are now a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva and will be one for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never!! Go now, Donna, and Diva Diva Las Vegas if you want to!!

Now, Most Precious Ones, you, too can achieve the bathroom wonderment for yourself if you so desire. There are only a chosen few who will ever reach this grand station in life - true Bathroom Divas! So if you want to get down to real Bathroom Business, barge into a bathroom of your choice, not your own is preferred, take your little camera and don't forget to turn off the flash and snap snap away. Come and inform me, The Queen of Bathroom Business, and I will come and get your most gorgeous snap, bring you back to my blog and post you up so high for all the I Wish I Could Be Like Her Ones to see!
Life is so good.....

Hi, and welcome again to Tablescape Tuesday hosted by the most talented tablescaper ever, Susan, at BetweenNapsOnThePorch. Many of us are having so much fun setting our tables, so go over and check her out.

Today I'd like to show you a tablescape that I blogged about when I first started my blog in June of this year. This is a little setting for just us girls to drink peach tea, eat cookies and talk!
The table has a soft moss green tablecloth and I'm using little tea napkins with a tiny little embroidered flower on one corner.

I rather love the roosters and I found these precious little rooster dessert plates! No dinner plates, no bowls, no cups, just dessert plates! But aren't they the cutest little things? These little roosters are ever so feminine and these little plates are sitting atop white dinner plates I'm using as chargers. The white plates are quite old and I do have a set of these.

Here is the peach tea and I'm ready to pour you a glass. The glasses I'm using today are pink depression glass - these glasses are very old. I'm using them only today because it's such a special occasion - you're here! Also, I think it's a nice little touch to tie a ribbon around the handle of my tea pitcher, don't you?

You are looking at a sugar scuttle and I have this delightful accessory because of Susan, our hostess today! As I've said, Susan and I go back to Rate My Space days and she was wowing everybody back then with her tablescapes. She had shown a sugar scuttle on her table and I just fell in love with it. I don't think I had ever seen one before. Lo and behold, the very next day I went to my favorite little thrift shop and this little cutie was just sitting there calling my name. I snatched it up in a heart beat, brought it home and shined it up! Now it didn't have the little scoop that should be with it, but a little sugar spoon works just fine! Isn't it just the most darling thing?

The flower arrangement was made by me ~ just stuck some faux flowers in a white tea pot. Some of you probably say no no no to faux. But I say yes yes yes these work just fine ( I couldn't think of anything to fit here that would rhyme with 'yes' ) As I've said before, don't hate me ~ I love my faux flowers and my faux flowers love me!

This is a pretty little crystal candy dish that is just perfect for a few extra ice cubes. Isn't it nice when you can use something you already have in a totally different way?

I have a double crystal candlestick that is holding two little votive cups with votive candles inside. We girls just love to have a little candlelight, even in the light of day.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my cookie party table! So pull up a chair and...
I'll give you a cookie ~ peanut butter cookies sitting atop a hand painted glass platter. I told you I would serve food last week. Cookies are food, aren't they? I love my peanut butter cookies and I know you can absolutely love peanut butter cookies!!!
uh oh...
Chloe Dawn smells the cookies and of course she wants one! Open wide, my little blurry fuzzy face!!

Hope you've enjoyed my little Tablescape today. Please drop by to see Susan and view the other beautiful tables.

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Cookie Song

Cookies cookies listen while we sing to you
Cookies cookies listen while we sing to you
Any one can make a bed
Anyone can sleep
But it takes a cookie to make the day complete!!!!!
Sooooo cookies cookies listen while we sing to youuuuu!!!

~ sung by who knows? ;)


  1. First let me thank you for thinking of me to get Boo-ed, very cute. Then I want to tell you what a beautiful table you set for us and to make cookies for us too, you are the perfect hostess. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for the BOOOOOOO, Shelia!! I'm scared now!!

    I guess it's safe now to uncover my eyes after that scare!!! Oh...and what a pretty sight to see after being scared witless!!! Your table looks adorable...I just wish I could sit there with you and Chloe Dawn and sip tea and eat a cookie!!


  3. That table setting is so pretty. I so agree isnt it nice to use something we already have but in a completely different way. Peanut cookies, YUM. What a perfect hostess you are. Reading your post almost makes me think I am right there enjoying the peach tea and all. Thanks for the inspiration along with the smiles!!

  4. Oh, what a LOVELY cookie and tea table. I love your little sweet plates! And now, I am looking for a sugar shuttle!
    You start my day with a smile and a song in my heart....I love your blog!! I love your Personality!
    love, bj

  5. You can't boo me! Shimmy Mom boo-ed me first (and I have it on good authority that she boo-ed you first too!).

    But you did get to me before I got to you, so I've been kinda double Boo-ed.

  6. I'll have some peach tea and a cookie please! Love the little rooster plates. :)

  7. Thanks Shelia for sharing peanut butter cookies and peach tea.....those are some of my FAVORITES!! I always love your table scapes but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE those rooster plates...they are too CUTE!!!!

  8. Shelia will you please open a tea shop so I can come and have tea there? I just love your table setting, it makes me feel like I'm on vacation!

  9. That was a lovely setting for cookies and peach tea. Yum. You introduced the little rooster so nicely on those lovely plates.
    Everything looks so pretty and Chloe was in on the fun too.

    Well I had never heard or seen a sugar scuttle. Then I saw you had one and someone else too. She hadn't heard it called that or anything special really so anyway I just got one on the weekend too from ebay. I'll share it on my site.

    Thank you for sharing a lovely tablescape.

  10. It is so pretty and delicate. I love the sugar thingy!

  11. Good Morning sweet Sheila... Thanks for the bathroom diva post.. it was awesome... didn't realize you wanted camera & arms but it will surely be in the next one.. Traveling around I can get some great bathrooms... Now you table scape is so beautiful.. true southern hospitality.. and thanls for the peach tea and cookies... YUMO! I loved those dishes with the cute little flowers...


  12. I love the dishes. Those dessert plates are so pretty. I love them. You have a very pretty table there. Love it. Thanks for Boo-ing me. Or did I already say that. Well, that is okay. I can thank you again.

  13. very beautiful! I have to laugh because whenever I make homemade cookies, my fur-child is there to get them right as they come out of the oven but also, baldyman and I NEVER, EVER make eating cookies and drinking tea or milk so good. NOPE, I admit-we just take em off the pan, grab a glass of whatever and walk around munching. I'm totally into beautiful tables though so I might have to change how we behave.

  14. Thank you for the boo Sheila. The table is beautimous !

  15. I love the sugar scuttle! I definitely need one of those ;)

    Cute way to have a few ice cubes on the table-for when you can't stop talking long enough to go in the kitchen! I should probably always have ice cubes on the table, LOL.

  16. Chloe Dawn gets more and more adorable every day! My McDuff just loves her! He now wants a cookie too, after seeing her nibbling daintily at her cookie!

    Your tablescape is lovely as always! I adore those little rooster plates, they are so dainty! I've never seen a sugar scuttle before, which I'm surprised at, as I'm always antiquing! I've probably seen them and not known what they were, but now I know! Blogging is so educational!

    Have a lovely, lovely day! Thanks for making me *giggle* this morning!

    Margie :)

  17. Thanks for sending me the Boo! This is a really pretty tablescape. The sugar skuttle is lovely..Now I will be on the look out for one.

  18. What a sweet tablescape! I love it! So dear! The rooster dessert dishes are darling! What a find! Makes me want to go thrifting! Have a blessed day!! Carolyn

  19. What a beautiful table! I'm not usually a big fan of roosters but the plates may have converted me...they're lovely.

    I just bought a "not-so-nice" sugar scuttle so I'm really loving your's...great find!

  20. Hi dear Shelia...OK, now I've I learned a new tablescape idea from you...love the bow on the pitcher's handle. And if I couldn't enjoy some faux posies, I'd never have flowers around except outside... ;-) Bo

  21. So cute! The flowers are so pretty w/ the cute little rooster plates. I have that same pitcher, but need to do-da it up w/ a bow like you did. Thanks for the idea!

  22. Hi Shelia,
    What a sweet table! I love those plates with the roosters. The colors are wonderful...

  23. Loved the tea and the cookies! Chole Dawn is so happy that you are blogging and making all of those goodies to share with her.

  24. Oh I love depression glass and have a nice collection, thanks to my MIL...I'm going to have to blog about it sometime! Your table looks MAH-VALOUS darlink! Those roosters are so pretty and feminine~

    Buffie :)

  25. I can't believe you found that scuttle at a thrift store.What luck.Your tablescape is lovely.And of course I love the rooster dishes,you're right,they are sooo feminine.See ya tomorrow...Ann

  26. Very pretty and girlie...makes me want to put on high heels! And I think Chloe ate my cookie!

  27. Oh I love it, Sheila! I saw those cute little cafe curtains agin too! I love those! Nancy

  28. Hi Ann! Thanks for sitting at my table! Hope you enjoyed your cookies and peach tea!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Sheila, your rooster plates are very cute and I LOVE your sugar scuttle. I need to find me one of those. I think I'm going to go make some peach tea right now and join you.

  30. Congrats to Donna! She's a bathroom Diva! Lovely tablescape Shelia, and thanks for booing me!~

  31. Oh Pickle this table is so fancy girl..all things you do are fancy..I love that Susan started this I just get so many neat ideas from it..sure beats paper plates ans solo cups..oh thanks for the Boo I still need to get it on my blog...Picket trying to help me with that..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  32. What a lovely table setting!!! I love the flowers. Real or not :)

    You are putting me to shame. I have one set of dishes (well, two if you count the paper plates) and I use them for everything. I have 1 teacup that was a gift and NO teapots.

    I enjoy looking at all of your table settings.

    take care,

  33. I don't know if you noticed, but the shower photo Donna posted was a pipe that ran water into a bucket with holes punched into the bottom to make a shower. Pretty smart ,huh?


  34. Very beautiful and sweet tablescape--'the girls' would feel so special noshing at your table!!
    Love the ice cube in crystal idea!
    p.s. I use my sugar scuttle to hold my razor by my bathtub! ;-)

  35. Hey Pickle!!! Beautiful table setting girl and I don't think I have ever heard or seen a sugar shuttle...but I love that pretty bow ties on the tea pitcher like that but my Burly Boys would tease me forever if I did that! lol Great bathroom Diva pic....wouldn't it have been a hoot if the security have walked in just as she snapped it! lol lol Take care sweetie and have a great week!

  36. I've never seen chintz plates with roosters mixed in. Love those! And I also love that pretty painted glass plate. What a girly table. It's fun to have something for just the "girls" sometimes. laurie

  37. Wow, this is so pretty and delicate....thanks for sharing....Pat H

  38. I'm finally accepting my award from you on tomorrow's post. Sorry, I'm so pokey!! Have a great Wednesday. Sally

  39. Hi Sheila, your post is Donna the newest bathroom diva. LOl no hands. I say she is bewitched!

    As usual your tablescape is beautiful. I love all the lovely tables I visit. Especially yours.. who would think to use your lovely white plates for chargers. Love it girl.

    Your boo-ed idea was so much fun. Everyone sure jumped on it. You rock Sheila.

    Hugs... Jeanne

    PS I don't drink anything but a glass of wine at times before dinner. I thought that post was worth a good laugh. I love to change up my posts for the fun of it. I know you love to have fun my Sheila. Smiling big!

  40. Hi Shelia...Oh, you know I love this! And a sugar scuttle...you go, girl! I remember when you said you found one. Don't they just beat the heck out of an ole sugar bowl! Chole Dawn was seriously going for that cookie...I see a look of determination on her sweet face!
    :-) Thanks for another great tablescape! Susan

  41. This really is sweet! I love those plates! Oh, and do I ever covet those pink depression glass glasses! And yes, I would love a peanut butter cookie!


  42. This is a very pretty tablescape I adore your little rooster plates. Thanks for the cookie ad hug Chloe Dawn for me~ Robyn

  43. Your table look so pretty. It makes me want to get dressed up in my Sunday clothes and have some teas with my girls! I am glad you shared with your puppy!

  44. Shelia~ I want you to know I'm still craving beans and cornbread from your last post.LOL! Now add peanut butter cookies to the list. Beautiful Tablescape! I would love to sit down for a chat and a cup of tea. Thanks for sharing.

    Sweet Wishes,

  45. LOL Shelia you NUT! I think I'll let Chloe Dawn keep it! She looks really hungry. Have a wonderful night!

  46. Miss Sheila, thank you for inviting me to your tea today...the cookie is divine, my how precious is your table setting this afternoon, you have just outdone yourself today.

    Hugs and smiles,
    Kathi :)

  47. Beautiful tablescape as always Shelia!

    Would you believe I have the EXACT same crystal candy dish?! It was one of my grandmothers :)


  48. That picture of Chloe Dawn made my whole day! Mabel looks JUST like that when she's coming in for a treat. Actually, she snaps my fingers sometimes and gets in trouble. :)

  49. I am quite sure by now there is a run on the secondary market for sugar scuttles. Yours is a beaut for certain.
    You are not going to tell me that peanut butter cookies are not one of the food groups, are you? If they're not, they should be.
    Being from the Peach State, I truly enjoyed the tea.

  50. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the name Sheila and found a little porn website...are you aware?


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