Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

Hello Tuesday Ones!! and welcome to Tablescape Tuesday! There are many of us who just love our dishes and love to set pretty tables. This all started with our very own Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/. She has so many beautiful dishes and can really set a table that will knock your socks off! Go check out her displays and sign up and join us if you wish.

Okay, today I'm taking you into my breakfast room to show you my little tablescape! My table is clothed with a light yellow tablecloth with matching napkins. My dishes are fairly new and I do love them. Can you love dishes? I surely can!
The pattern is called Blue Bird by Dario Farrucci. Here is the little salad plate sitting atop the dinner plate.

The dinner plate...
I love the squareness of the dinner plates! It's hip to be square! That's a song, you know...

This surely must be the Blue Bird of happiness! For me today, it is!
Here is a close up of the napkins and the napkin rings. The color is not this gold - really it's a soft yellow.

Yellow and red...aww...

In the center of my table sits a cloche filled with hydrangea blooms. The cloche is sitting on a footed cakeplate.

I have placed a few little faux berries on just one side of the cake plate.
The loveliest of colors...for autumn!

It's always nice to have a little candlelight! Since my table is so small, I've used these little round candles.

These little candles have a very nice scent, too. Can you smell the aroma? sniff sniff...
I love these little salt and peppers. Again, can you love salt and peppers? I really can! They do not belong to this set of dinnerware, but I think they look perfectly sweet sitting here. The salt and peppers are called Global by Fitz and Floyd.

Now look at the shape of the bowls, they're almost footed!! I love these, don't you? I know you can love bowls!

Now if my tablescape was not Fallen enough for you, maybe this one will be! I've place a different little gourd into each bowl.

Aren't these little gourds just adorable? I purchased them from my local grocery store and would love to dry them and hopefully be able to use them for years to come. Does anyone know anything about drying gourds?

I exchanged my little round candles for my precious little artichoke votives. I just love these!! I love just about everything, don't I?
These are so cute, I thought I would show the other one to you!I hoped you've enjoyed my tablescape today in my little breakfast room! Please come back again and maybe next Tuesday - I'll serve you some food!! ;P
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Blue Bird, Bring Back My Happiness
Blue Bird,I confess,
That I love your story;
You bring hapiness with your melody.
Tell me, is it true, or an allegory?
Blue Bird, can you bring back to me?
The treasure trove, the perfect love, the days that used to be;
The tenderness of each caress, my happiness to me?
Blue Bird, carry my happiness back to me.
Blue Bird, you've heard me call;
won't you answer to my pleading?
Fly high, into the sky; o'er the land;
o'er the sea.Blue Bird, go bring back my happiness;
Bring back my sweetheart to me
Bue Bird, can it be,You are love's tale bearer?
Do you hear the plea of two heart apart?
Do you fill the need, make their world seem fairer?
Carry love seed from heart to heart?
If this is so, then Blue Bird go, and sing your melody;
Below, above, go bring the love,
I'm dreaming of, to me?
~ sung by ?