Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

Welcome to Tablescape Tuesday! Don't we just love looking at lovely perfectly set tables and getting such inspiration from each other? Well, as I've said before, the Queen, the Diva, the ultimate Tablescape Miracle Worker is my friend, Susan, at http://http//betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ . If you like to play with your dishes, come and get inspired!!

I must tell you, today my perfectly set table involves a little more than just a pretty tablecloth and dishes. This time there is food which is so important to today's post! I promise, soon I'll be through talking about the Hurricane and all that's happened to us. But not right now...I have another Hurricane story! So sit down sweeties and let me tell you one...

Well, after we were allowed to come back on the island...so many folks had no electricity, you couldn't drink the water and the grocery store shelves had very few items for a while. The wonderful folks from different disaster ministries were so kind to pass out water, ice and food to us. Now I don't mean hamburgers or hotdogs or even canned goods. We were given cardboard boxes filled with little plastic bags filled with food.

What do you think? I have a perfectly lovely table set all for you! So just sit down. See my beautiful newspaper placemat - no tablecloth needed. You don't even have to read the articles - it's an out dated paper. Okay, now see the flatware? It is so nicely contained in a little plastic wrap for you with a napkin. So convenient. Uh uh, don't pick up anything yet until you wash your little pinkies with the with fresh nap wipe. Now the plastic plate came from my cupboard, but it matches beautifully with the newspaper placemat and flatware.

What will we be having for lunch today? Let's see...there is a little plastic cup of macaroni and cheese. Now if you want it hot you must have a microwave and electricity. If you like your pasta cold, just pop off the lid and go to town!! There's also cheese crackers filled with peanut butter. Yum, protein!! A little bag of Planters salted peanuts. Where my little glass bottle of coke? Did any of you do that years ago - pour that little bag of peanuts into your little bottle of coke? Oh, I'm getting off the track. There is also a very nice very soft nutri gran bar - just like the ones served on the finest of airplanes! Now you must have a beverage and we have a beautiful bottle of clear fresh water for you. If you want a little punch in your water you can pour an individual packet of Crystal Lite into the bottle, shake and drink with gusto!! I do want you to notice the very beautiful individual floral arrangement to set off this gorgeous table! A fern leaf and hibiscus flower from the backyard. Oh, so lovely!

Now wasn't that tasty? I must tell you my favorite item of food in my little plastic pouch was the GUSHERS!! Woo Hoo!! These were tasty little nuggets. Rip the top off the bag and these little gems were all stuck together waiting to be popped into your mouth! As your teeth bite into each little nugget - spurt - your tongue is sent to heaven with the sweet usshie nectar inside!! Oh, delight!! I must tell you, we have many little plastic pouches with food items in them, but somehow there are no more little bags of Gushers. Wonder where they went? Humm...lol

Now if that was not your kind of meal, you have a choice. We were handed a second cardboard box filled with little plastic pouches and a few of these 'stick to your ribs' kinds of food. See, it looks awesome on the Styrofoam plate. I do believe you need electricity if you want to get the true goodness of flavor from this little box!

Yum yum! Can't you just taste the goodness of the 'almost like real' eggs?? Oh, boy, get out of my way! I'm tearing open the little box now!!

Oh, it's wonderful to know too how healthy this delicious meal is!! There is only 435mg of cholesterol and just a tad of salt - 1130mg. Like I said...yum yum.

Now if you would love to achieve a table that looks as lovely as mine, I know you can do it. It's just so easy! You can just copy any idea you would like from me and I will be so flattered. This is a great way to set a table if you're on a budget or just in a hurry, or if you have people coming to dinner who you just don't really care for. Set a table like this and they probably won't ever come back. But please, save the Gushers for yourself. You won't be sorry!!


Now I'm being very serious. You know I'm a silly and just have to turn the sad things into happy moments. So just know that's what I'm doing. We are so grateful for all the help we've had. But believe me...I loved those Gushers. Don't tell Mr. Precious, but I told him Darling Daughter ate all of the Gushers...it was really me who ate them. You didn't hear that from me!! lol

Here's a little Note Song for you~

I'm A Nut

I'm an acorn, small and round

Lying on the cold, cold ground

Everyone walks over me

That is why I'm cracked you see

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

Called myself on the telephone

Just to hear my golden tone

Asked me out for a little date

Picked me up about half past eight

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

Took myself to the movie show

Stayed too late and said "Let's go"

Took my hand and led me out

Drove me home and gave a shout!

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

I'm a nut!(Click, click with tongue)

~ written by: who knows??