Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Bread

Now that fall is in the air, well maybe where you live, there is nothing like a nice little treat ~ pumpkin bread with a scoop or two of ice cream on the side!

Do you know Cielo at ? Well, this lovely lady is really something special. Not only is she beautiful, but she grows lovely roses, decorates her home beautifully and is just the most magically charming gal you can imagine! She shared the recipe for her pumpkin bread on her blog and it sounded so yummy...I had to make it. Go on over and get the recipe!! Run don't walk!! I cut the recipe in half and instead of baking it in a loaf pan, I made 8 little indiviual loaves! We devoured almost all of it last night, but I saved the last one for Cielo to see!! Trust me this is so YUMMY!!

Oh, I'm so blessed! I thank God for canned pumpkin, I thank Him for eggs, I thank Him for oil, I thank Him for flour, I thank Him for electricity so I can bake and I thank Him for my sense of taste so I could enjoy every delicious morsel of this pumpkin bread. Oh, I almost forgot...I thank God for Cielo and her recipe!!

Here's a little Note Song for you ~

Pumpkin Song (sung to the tune "I'm A Little Teapot")

I'm a little pumpkin

Orange and round.

Here is my stem,

There is the ground.

When I get all cut up,

Don't you shout!

Just open me up

And scoop me out!

~ sung by pumpkin eaters everywhere ;)


  1. Looks delicious Shelia!! I see you got that ice cream you were desiring!!!

    I'll have to go over to cielo's and get her recipe, cuz it sure looks scrumptious!


  2. Cute song! Ah, it's good to have you back.

  3. Shelia as I clicked I thought 'please not canned pumkin cuz we dont have it!'

    and there it was, lol!!

    Looks yummy! maybe I'll not be so lazy and look harder for canned pumkin!

  4. wow that really looks yummy... I am running over right now to pick up the recipe... Thanks for the address... Thanks for the song...

    Your so sweet Hugs,

  5. I thank God that you are here and posting this yummy bread and I thank Him that I am here to read it. However...I do not thank you for making me hunger already this morning! LOL
    Hugs, Bridget

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the recipe. I'm going to copy your idea and make them individual and bring them to work. Nice hearing from you again! ~ Robyn

  7. YUMMO! It's so great to have you back Sheila! It just seems like all is right in the world...when I log into my blog and see a new post from you! Oh and if you get a need to check out my "almost" crapper snapper shot on my post called "for shame people for shame" I did it just for you!

  8. That does look YUMMY!! I'll be checking it out.

    It does feel right now with you back on-line. I am sooooo GLAD!!!

  9. and Thanks God for Shelia...

    I believe you ...this bread is yummy.
    Thank you for this piece. Looks wonderful.

    Have a blessing weekend, dear Shelia!

  10. I'm sitting here and can smell the yummy pumpkin candle I have burning.But I sure wish I had a piece of your yummy pumpkin loaf.
    Have a blessed day Sheila !
    I am so glad you are back !

  11. I am so hungry for pumpkin looks wonderful!

    Have A Fantastic Friday Sheila!
    Kathi :)

  12. Sooooo glad you're back postin', sweet chick. I LOVE pumpkin bread.....

  13. Uhmm, that looks good! I think I'll make some this weekend! Oh, it's so good to have you back and posting!

  14. Miss Shelia! I am on a diet!! Stop tempting me... hmmmm..... I wonder if I have that stuff in my pantry.... ;)


  15. ...and I thank God for YOU, and for people like you, who knows how to make others happy.... and oh, your pumpkin bread is yummy! Thanks for saving me a bite! :)

    Have a blessed weekend, sweet Shelia!


  16. I love your song today. Too cute. And that sounds so yummy. I love pumpkin bread and cookies. I can't wait to go start making some.

  17. Oh your pumpkin bread looks sooo yummy. I love pumpkin. It is soooo yummy with coffee and tea and I can almost taste it!

    This Monday is our Thanksgiving so we will have family over for turkey and pumpkin pie and I can't wait for the pie....and the turkey too!

    I hope you have lovely must feel wonderful to be back home.

  18. Oh Shelia, that looks fabulous! I LOVE pumpkin bread. And pumpkin pie, and pumpkin tea cakes, and pumpkin scones (mmmmmm, pumpkin scones) and pumpkin scented candles. Oh my!!! I have 20 more pounds to lose, so I'm going to have to enjoy Cielo's wonderful recipe vicariously through your picture and her post. But, I'm keeping that recipe and when I reach my goal weight I'm using it as my congratulatory treat. I keep canned pumpkin in my pantry year-round.

  19. Oh Shelia I am so glad you and your family are home safe and sound. Your pumpkin bread looks delicious and I can just imagine you and your lovely Mom having a cup of tea together. I am going to remove your picture from my blog and replace with that sweet award you made for all of us. Thank you.

  20. mmmmm pumpkin bread!! I will go visit Ceilo for the recipe. Yours looks yummy!

  21. Mmmmmmm I love anything Pumpkin this time of year! The song is tooo cute Shelia, I've never heard those lyrics before.
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Sherry

  22. Hi is so good to see you posting again and with such a delectable goody too...yum! ;-) Bo

  23. Sheila I just love pumpkin bread this time of year! It makes the house smell so good when it's baking too.

  24. Mmmm... that looks SO yummy!

    Justine :o )

  25. I saw that pumkin recipe on Cielo's blog too! Oh my goodness! It looks so yummy! So does yours. I am going to have to try it, but will try the Splenda brown sugar. I do love me some pumpkin bread!


  26. I like my pumpkin bread with raisins in it and cream cheese spread on top. The ice cream sounds like a great alternative!

    take care,


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