Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Storm Story

My Dear Dearest Ones, my heart is overflowing with love and thankfulness to each and every one of you for your prayers, concerns and love shown to my family during the storm. When our internet finally was up Saturday night I came to my blog and just cried and cried as I read your comments and sweet words about our welfare. I saw the little picture of me you put on your blogs waiting for my safe return. Words can truly not express what I feel in my heart for all of you. You are my family and I love you all! I want to give a little love back, so please if you're reading this please take this award I've made for you back to your blog and know you really are my heart's song!I'll warn you right away...this post will be rather long. So here goes. You all know Mr. Precious, Mother, Chloe Dawn and me left before the hurricane for Dallas. We watched the approaching storm every minute on TV and prayed it wouldn't be so bad. We truly thought we'd be back home in about four days. As you know, this wasn't the case. After the hurricane hit our little island, Mother, Chloe Dawn and I decided we'd go to Alabama and stay with her sisters and Mr. Precious would stay in Texas so he could return to Galveston as soon as possible.

Now, believe me, my aunts are not in the computer world! No, no, Nannette!! So I was not able to let any of you know where we were! I did not have access to a computer but guess what I did have? Home grown vegetables!! My aunt is a fantastic southern cook and she had the most delicious vegetables in the world. So needless to say...we ate very well!!

Now Mr. Precious got onto the island as soon as he could not knowing what he would find at our home. You know now that God spared our home and we're so grateful to Him!! If you bear with me and look at the later pictures, it's just hard to believe our home is in the same place. So much destruction!

But there is always some good that comes out of the bad. Our daughter and son-in-law have just returned to the United States after living in England for two years. His job has taken them quite far from us at the present and God saw fit to bring him to Houston for two weeks to work on a project! His boss knows we live in Galveston and told our darling daughter they would send her too so she could be with us!! Is that not a wonderful thing? I'll say more about this later.

Some of the photos were taken by my Darling Daughter and some by me. She was able to be with her Daddy and come onto the island with him and take some pictures before I could get home. You can see our windows were boarded up and the spray paint means our home was checked by the Arizona National Guard on September 16 at 5 pm.

Here was our damage...the side fence was blown down. It was rotten anyway!

After Mother and I got home, Chloe Dawn had to investigate.

We couldn't drink the water, so you could go and pickup free water, food packets and ice.

All set up to take care of the boo boos!

Now you know me, I try to make everything a fun adventure so I asked the nice National Guard people to pose for a picture. They were giving us the water, food and four ten pound bags of ice! I've never had that many bags of ice at one time!

Even Texas' finest posed for me. I think he was enjoying every minute of this. He didn't try to arrest me or anything! ;)

These pictures are so very sad. This is what you saw on almost every street. You cannot imagine the smell! The mold and mildrew growing every second. It was just awful and the poor people had to be in their homes tearing down walls and moving to the curb their possesions. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is across the street from my Mother's condo. Those folks lost everything they had! Mother had no damage whatsoever! God is so wonderful!

Appliances were just tossed out on the streets.

This does not say 'hoot to kill' know this IS Texas!

Mr. Precious bike riding with our Darling Daughter on the seawall checking things out.

Darling Daughter riding my bike.

This is the downtown area. Looks like a bomb went off!
Now this is funny!

We just love our flag man!!

Where's he think he's going? I'm outta here!

This is an old historic graveyard underwater.

Trying to make a buck selling Ike t-shirts.

Now this is so nice! You could drop off your laundry and these people would wash and fold it for you!

Mr. Precious is cleaning up a bit. Now look at his legs - are they not hot or what? He's a runner, you know, and I'm always bragging on his legs. He says he hates it when I do that, but I know he loves it!

I had to get a close up...he couldn't sweep correctly without holding his sunglasses just so between in his teeth.
Just in case you missed it... ;) Look at the daintyness of his fingers! He'd kill me for that! :)
Actually, Darling Daughter is a runner too. What happened to me? We really did enjoy having her with us.
Even though our Darling Daugher is 33, she still can turn cartwheels and of course a visit is never complete until she performs this daring feat!!

Again, how blessed I am! To have a home, possessions, and family. Mexican food is a blessing too! ;)

The ladies in, Mother and Darling Daughter.

See that sweet little face? While Mr. Precious and Darling Daughter were riding bikes on the seawall they heard meowing! They stopped and this little kitten was hiding between some rocks and just ran and leaped into my daughter's arms and starting crying. The poor little thing was so scared.

Darling Daughter called me and we took the kitten to the make shift animal shelter. Darling Daughter cried and cried and wanted to keep the little kitten. I would have kept her, but Mother and Mr. Precious are allergic to cats. Darling Daughter named her 'Tina' because she survived 'Ike'. We pray she finds a wonderful home.

Well, Dear Ones, that's my hurricane story. I hope I haven't bored you to tears. Our home is fine, we have electricity, we can drink the water now (but we don't!) we just don't have land phones. But our cell phones work just fine.
We've had to move my Mother in with us because even though she didn't get damage to her little condo, most of the bottom units did and they are all going to have the walls, carpets, etc. repaired because of the growing mold. They say it may take up to six months before she can move back in. So continue to keep me in your prayers! I've never been so tired. We've been moving her in for over a week now! I wanna sleep in!! I wanna eat cookies and ice cream!!
Again, Dear Ones, I love you and thank you all for your concerns about me. I would have never thought when I started to blog that I would become so attached to you all! You are the song of my heart!!
You are all my sweeties,
Shelia ;)
Here's a little Note Song for you~
Only You
Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart with love for only you
Only you can make this change in me
For its true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do
You're my dream come true, my one and only you
Only you can make this change in me
For its true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do
You're my dream come true, my one and only you
~ sung by The Platters


  1. Good Morning Dear One... glad your home survived the carnage...and that mom's did, too! And that everyone is fine!!

    If you wanna eat cookies and ice it!! You deserve it!!


  2. Hi Shelia, You may not remember me but I am 'Spangles' from RMS. I recently started blogging and just realized that you also have a blog. There were so many people who were worried about you. I am so glad you are ok....Ike was terrible ( we live about 35 minutes south of Galveston. ) My aunt has a home in the historic district and had 3 1/2 feet of water in her home. It's been devastating for so many. I had to giggle at the picture "hoot to kill". Just down the street from me there is a spray painted fence that says " crazy lady with gun." Gotta love Texas, such spunky, spirited people live here. :) Your daughter already captured my heart, I just posted a picture of my daughter & I doing cartwheels the other day. Take care.

    Hugs~ J.

  3. Thank you for showing us so much of what has been going on. I love the picture of you, mom, & daughter, and Mr. Precious sure is sexy!
    I can't believe how lucky you were, with devastation all around you!

  4. Oh, such devastation. My heart breaks. And, I was so worried that you would find the same, but thank God you didn't.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. We all need to remain aware of the suffering people are experiencing.

    Your family is beautiful. Tell Mr. Precious we all agree that he has "hot" legs.

  5. Shelia,
    It is so good to have you online again and posting.

    Those pictures really made me tear up...thinking of what all the storm victims have gone through.

    I'm so glad that things were not so bad for you!

    Your pictures of your family are priceless. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    And...WELCOME back to blogland!

  6. Good Morning Shelia!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos.
    You are really blessed!
    I love your optimism and sense of humor in every situations.
    And I love your deep fath in God.
    It is so inspiring.
    It is your gift from God.

    God bless you and your family!

  7. Thank you Shelia so much for this beautiful Award!
    It is awesome,
    it is from deep of your heart.
    Love it.

    Love & hugsss

  8. Thank the Lord you are safe and sound and back with us, honey pie! What a tragedy to have gone through.
    Smooches and hugs,

  9. Shelia this post was just wonderful to read. I am glad that you are safe and sound, your daughter is lovely and hubby is hubba hubba sexy!!

    You are blessed, you really did leave a void here in blogland during your absence adn I am so glad you are back, please take time to relax, moving your mum in must be very tiring, so rest and have your cookies and ice cream!


  10. I agree with Raxx, you really did leave a void in blogland while you were away! The worst is over now so take a nap and eat all the cookies you want.

    Wasn't it a blessing that your beautiful daughter could be with you at this time! You really were being looked after by above.

  11. We have all been missing you something fierce. I was so worried when we didn't hear anything at all from you. I just knew your home had been destroyed and you were deep in grief...thank God that is not so. :)

    I had to shed a tear for that gorgeous area that is so torn to pieces now. Since I grew up in the Houston area, Galveston was visited many, many times. We were even there as recently as March this year.

    My mom also sent me pictures of the Kemah Boardwalk area...sniff, sniff...that too is devestated and just so sad.

    I am so glad that your home and family was safe and sound and that your daughter got to come and be with you through part of this time. We are SO, SO glad you are back at home and with us again.

  12. Shelia,

    Thanks for the award. I accept it with a smile and a prayer thanking God for His goodness.

    Unfortunately, your pictures look like stuff I've seen with Hurricane Andrew. We've stood in lines for free water and ice--amazingly precious commodities.

    In FLorida, we had many SHOOT TO KILL people, and it's necessary to protect your home and possessions. Not all people are good.

    Mr. Precious is a hottie! I wouldn't show too many pictures of him, if I were you.

    You are so fortunate to have your mom to hug.

    lol DD has your sense of humor naming the cat Tina (after Ike)!

    "Only You" is one of my favorite songs from the Early Years. It's good to have you back.

  13. Hiya to my Sweet Mummy!

    I have want to send a Thank You & Big Hug out to everyone in bloggland! It was so very kind of y'all to keep my Mom, Dad & Gran in your hearts and prayers. We are so thankful that they were protected and their homes were too :)

    I am just so thankful that me family is safe and sound. I was so thankful that I could be there to help a little bit. You should know all the wonderful 'helps' that my mum has been to me over the years ;)

    Welcome back Mummy!!! Hopefully you will have time for a nap and a cookie soon!

    I have to say that I have always wanted me Dads legs - I would trade with him in a heartbeat!

    Ta Lovie,

  14. Sheila, You don't know me,but may remember me from RMS,I was vikmoo there. I do not have a blog, but read yours everyday! Well, I did read it everyday :). I truly have missed your post :(, but am soooo glad that your home and family were spared from this horrible storm. Just another sign that God does answer prayers! We were in Galveston to depart for a cruise a few years ago and it's hard to believe that is the same town.
    I'm so glad you could have your daughter there with you and the pic of the three of you is adorable. Oh, you'd better keep those legs of his under wraps, I'm not sure I'd be showing them to everyone :)! Looking forward to smiling again with your blogs! Vicki

  15. What a miracle that your home and mom's home are safe and sound! Praise God! So glad you are all well! Hope you can get some rest soon!


  16. Oh my friend, thank you for sharing your stories and photos with us. You and the dear folks in your area have been in our prayers much. After the news cameras go away we know there is still much heartache and hard work for many. I am so thankful you and your family - and your homes - were spared destruction. I can't tell you how good it is to hear from you again!

  17. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders. You are safe and home again!

    You are right. The pictures did speak for themselves. Such devastation! But I'm so glad you showed us pics of your family. You can tell that you are all so happy just to be safe and together.

    I especially loved the picture of the ladies in red!

  18. So glad to hear you are home and safe again. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope things get better for everyone else affected by Ike as well. That last picture of the 3 of you is charming. Love it!

  19. I am so happy that you and your family and your homes are all safe and well. Looking at those pictures reminded me of Hurricane Charlie, when I lived in Fl. It will take some time for things to get back to normal....but it will!

  20. Sheila what a wonderful post... I didn't even know you yet but missed you because of all of the concern with our fellow bloggers... Your family is just wonderful and I am so glad your beautiful home survived IKE... What devastation around there that you had pictures of... Being from Florida we know the fear of a Hurricane and you where smart leaving... So many people don't... God Bless you and your family...and the people hit by IKE... Thank you for coming to my site and signing my guestbook... I know we'll become good bloggin buddies...

    Hugs & Love

  21. You're right, it's amazing with all the destruction around you that your home was spared. I'm glad your mother (husband's mother?) has your place to go to. The pictures make my heart sad but I'm sure it's much MUCH worse in person. Glad to see the cleaning and rebuilding going on. Once again, glad you're safe and so happy your daughter could come and see you!

  22. I am so glad that the Lord watched over you so well. I see the news reports and my heart just breaks for those who have lost everything. It makes you realize how unimportant our things really are.
    I love the pic of the "ladies in red" you all look so beautiful.
    You are all still in our prayers.

  23. Dear Vicki! Thanks so much for popping in to see me and your kind words. Yes, I remember you from RMS altho I don't go and visit much any more. Please leave me a comment any time you come to visit. I really appreciate hearing from you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Oh Shelia...It is so good to get the inside scoop on the big, bad Ike. I'll bet you have never felt closer to God than these past days...He certinly took care of you...and we are so grateful! One can't imagine the horror of something like that without seeing the pictures. Thanks so much for the sweet award you are giving all of us and I'm on my way now to install it! Oh, your daughter is a knockout! and your lil ole mama ain't too bad either...haha!
    ;-) Bo

  25. What a mess those storms make. I am so glad you were spared Sheila.You truly were blessed.Glad you are back to posting.We all missed you so much.
    Don't work too hard !

  26. You are indeed so blessed. The area is so destroyed and I do hope the people there are able to get back on their feet as quickly as possible. The pictures spoke volumns. At least some good came out of it by a visit with your lovely daughter.

  27. Thanks Naz for coming to see me!! Yes, prayers were answered and now so many more prayers must be said for so many who have lost everything! I appreciate yours.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. Oh darlin' Shelia,

    I'm so glad that you are safe and sound and that your home was spared devastation. Truly an answered prayer.


  29. Shelia, I have tears but not from boredom. What an amazing hurricane story.

    We continue to keep those affected by Ike in our thoughts and prayers.

  30. Thank goodness your're back safe and sound. And that your lovely home is undamaged. We missed you so much here in blogland. Things just aren't the same without your loving kindness to brighten our days. Heck you even missed my "almost crapper snapper post" I know shocking huh! The pictures of the damage is just heartbreaking. I feel so bad for all those people who have to rebuild their lives.

  31. I am so happy everything was good for you and yours! What a beautiful family and how truly lucky you were! I loved the whole story, hands, kitties, Tina and Ike and all of itStay safe and welcome back;) French

  32. Sheila, Your story and photos are amazing. We have seen devastation like that after Andrew hit Florida in S. Miami to Homestead. Terrible losses and so many people with such bad losses. It breaks my heart. I pray for the folks in Galveston every day. Your lovely home was spared and we can only say it is a miracle. The best news is your safety and your losses being limited. Your daughter is beautiful and Mr. Precious is a fine looking man with great legs. Smile. You are all looking great after suffering such worry. Chloe Dawn is probably so happy to be home as well as all of you. Loved your "red" photo, it is priceless.

    Love and hugs to you all..Jeanne

    PS. Thank you for your very sweet award. I am proud to accept it to remind me that you are well and happy.

  33. OMGoodness...what devestation! Your photos told me more than any I have seen yet, Sheila. I am so amazed at all the thankful you and your family and home were spared.
    Your home, by the way, is beautiful. So large....
    Thanks for the good photos...
    love, bj

  34. Thank you for sharing these pictures. It is great to have you back posting we all missed you. So thankful you and your family and home was spared......
    Pat H aka 9405018 RMS

  35. Thanks for the beautiful award!!!!
    Pat H

  36. I can only reiterate the sentiments that have been expressed by all the other comments--thank God you are back, and you, your family and your lovely home are safe.

  37. Hi Shelia, I am Nancy from Southern Lady. I too prayed for you. You was all over the blogs I visit! I am so happy that you are okay and your home was not destroyed! I was watching the weather channel last night and they were showing a special on the Hurricane that hit Galvaston back in 1900. It was very interesting to watch. Blessings to you! Nancy

  38. Dear Sheila, I am so glad to read the report that you are ok. The photos you took of the devastation so near to you are heartbreaking. Your family was certainly blessed, and I am glad that your house as well as your mom's condo were spared. Hugs, Fieldstone/Pam

  39. Hi Sheila!
    Oh my what a story you've told of Ike! The pictures do tell it all don't they? You are soooo lucky. I'm glad you had family to stay with. I think that would make it all a bit better.
    Its so nice that you shared pictures of Mr. Precious and your darling daughter too. Wonderful that you could all be together.

    I hope things settle down for you.
    Welcome back.

  40. Oh Sheila. I can not tell you how relieved I wa to know you were all safe and that your home (and your Mom's) was spared any real damage.
    Prayers were being said for your safety, and for the safety of your beautiful home. God is so good!

    I know how exhausted you must be, first from worry and then from work and being overwhelmed by it all.

    Gosh what good lookin' women run in your family! 3 hot ladies! And that husband of yours has a sweet pair of legs! Whoo Hoo! *grin*

    Only our dear Sheila would think to take such fun picstures of handsome Guardsmen and troopers!!
    Go Sheila!!

    Yo will remain in my prayers as those in your community still do.

    We all love you Sheila!


  41. oh Pickle, was a terrible time you had, but I'm glad you all 'weathered' the ordeal safe & sound, just inconvenienced = thank goodness, you were one of the lucky ones! the pics are so awful! God does work in mysterious ways! So glad you're all safe! I try to keep up with everyone's blogs - I was Annie100 from RMS if you remember me.

    ps - Mr Precious really does have 'hot legs' !

  42. Oh, Annie, thank you so much for coming to see me!! Bless your heart for caring about me!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  43. Bore me? NEVER! I loved reading every word of this, because it was all about survival really, and God's graciousness. I cannot believe the amount of devastation that was all around you, yet your house was virtually untouched. Amazing! Some of those pictures made me gasp, especially the cemetery under water.

    Before you even commented on Mr. Precious's legs, I noticed his hot bod from the first bike picture! That man looks damn good for his age! Great definition in his arms too!
    Your daughter is so beautiful, and I'm so glad you got to spend some quality time with her. And your Mom! Didn't you tell me she was around 80? She looks AMAZING! I loved all three of your red outfits too, especially your shirt.

    I'm so glad our sweetest Shelia is back! Blogland just wasn't the same without you here!

    Justine :o )

  44. Hi Sheila--you don't know me, I found your blog through a link on a friend's blog. Thanks so much for sharing your hurricane story and pictures- words alone really can't explain the extent of the damage. I love the kind folks doing laundry for others. So glad that your family is doing well!

  45. Sheila

    This is so unbelievable... To see it first hand is one thing seeing it in picture is just a small insight.

    So happy you are all fine, and you home too.

    Blog land a great place to be when you need love and support.


  46. Welcome back! I was very touched by your pictures. I live in SW Florida so I have seen very similar situations very close to me. I was impressed with the "laundry" people.

    Debbie in Florida

  47. Oh Shelia - Thanks so much for sharing all those photos. It just makes my heart sad to see all that devastation! But I thank the Lord that He heard our prayers and protected you and your family!!! Are homes beside you in bad shape too? You'll enjoy having your mom with you. My mom lived with us for 11 years after my dad went to be with the Lord, and it was such a blessing to have her near for those last years.

    I'll be praying for you as you go through all the cleanup in the area, moving your mom, etc. etc.

    Love and Hugs,Your Blogging friend, Ruthie

  48. Bored? By Shelia? Never!!! You even managed to make me smile during the telling of this very sad story! I am so very happy and thankful that you and yours are safe and have a home to return to! Take care, Hugs, Buffie : )

  49. Oh my, what pictures you took Sheila! I am in awe of your home, God's hands were truly on your home. Thank you for sharing your story, your town is in my prayers.


  50. Hi Shelia :)

    So sorry I haven't been back until now. This flu has had me glued to the couch.

    You know what I love about you? You can make people smile in the midst of tragedy. I'm looking at all these pictures and while on one hand I can't believe my eyes, the next minute I'm giggling.

    I'm so happy that you and yours are safe and that you didn't have much damage. I hope you get some cookies and a nap soon!


  51. After all that....all that I can think of to say is....I am glad you produced photos of Mr. Precious....(he is real!) lol and his legs are very

    I am so glad you are okay. luv you girl!

  52. Wow, it sure is hard to see all the devastation! I'm sure your heart is breaking for your friends there, but I am so glad you were spared much damage.

    I love the "Don't hit me, Ike! Love Tina" graffiti! Too funny, and nice to see people still had a sense of humor amidst it all.

    How wonderful that your daughter was able to visit! You look so happy, and you can see she is too, doing cartwheels and such! lol

    Oh, and Mr. Precious' legs? Hubba hubba!


  53. Wow Shelia those were some powerful pictures. Some just made me want to cry while others brought a smile to my face. I am so happy for you and your family! I know I said it before, but I was one that was worried about you and started to get more nervous as the days went by.

    It's good to have you home!!!

    take care,

  54. Oh Shelia! I am so glad to see you are back! As you can tell I am a little behind. I got goosebumps while looking through these pictures- I can't imagine what it must be like to see this destruction first hand. What a blessing from God that your house was spared!! I was glued to the tv as they covered Ike and prayed for your safety and your home that I know you love so much. I am thrilled to see that only the fence was blown down.
    Your daughter is beautiful! As is your mother! And yes, I have to agree......your husband does have some nice lookin' legs!! :)
    How did Chloe Dawn do with all the chaos and being away from home? She is probably fine no matter where she is as long as mommy is there, huh?
    Glad you are back! I will continue to pray for your area.......looks like there is a long road ahead for everything to get back to normal.
    Heather :)

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