Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Pink Saturday Again!!

Good morning, Dear Pink Ones and welcome to another grand Pink Saturday! This wonderful Pink event is hosted by the sweetest and Pinkest One, Beverly at http// . There is so much wonderful Pinkness to be found every Saturday on her blog. To view the Pinkness and all the Pink participants, please hurry over!!

Now, my contribution to Pink Saturday today really doesn't belong to me but to my Mr. Precious! This is his Gone With The Wind Lamp. These lamps are lovingly called by this name because so many were seen in the Gone With The Wind movie. Their stunning appearance in the movie has caused the name to stick.

Mr. Precious truly loves this lamp which was given to him by my Mother! She gave this beautiful lamp to him!! It was purchased in Natchez, M I crooked letter crooked letter I crooked letter crooked letter I humpback humpback I! Now I had to do that because my Daddy always would spelled Mississippi that way to me when I was a little girl and do a little dance. I loved it! He's in Heaven now, so, that was for you, Daddy!! ;)

Okay...I got off track just a bit, I'm sorry!

This is a very old kerosene lamp that was converted to an electric one. But look at the beautiful hand painted pink rose on the bottom globe!! I think it's so lovely.

The top glass globe has the same pink rose painted on it. You know I have seen some of these lamps in antique shops but the top globe had gotten broken and replaced with another globe. Then someone had attempted to paint a flower similar to the bottom globe. Usually they just don't match up very well. How special to have both the original globes.

Mr. Precious really does love and enjoy his Gone With The Wind Lamp. He loves it almost as much as he loves our little Chloe Dawn - she's really into Pink Saturdays!!

Have a beautiful Pink Saturday!

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Puppy Love
And they called it puppy love
Oh, I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And why I love her so
And they called it puppy love
Just because we're in our teens
Tell them all it isn't fair
To take away my only dream
I cry each night my tears for you
My tears are all in vain
I'll hope and I'll pray that maybe someday
You'll be back in my arms once again
Someone, help me, help me, help me please
Is the answer up above
How can I, how can I tell them
This is not a puppy love
~ sung by Paul Anka & Donnie Osmond