Friday, October 17, 2008

I Heard The Birds Today!

I must tell you...I heard the birds singing today in our backyard for the first time since the storm! Chloe Dawn and I are always serenaded with the sweet songs of the little birds every morning, but since the hurricane it's just be silent. A little eery! As I took Chloe out today I heard the most beautiful little peeps and chirping! It was certainly music to my ears. I have often wondered where the birds went, if they survived?

I do have a little sadness in my heart though. I still do not hear the "coo coos" from the morning doves who were always sitting on the wire above our fence! I haven't seen any. I hope they flew away and will come back. I know God puts a clock of awareness in His little creatures and I'm praying the morning doves will be back soon!

Think I'll go back outside and just listen...

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Birds of a Feather

I'm a lonesome little bird,
Looking for a mate,
If the right one says the word,
I won't hesitate.
When she he comes flying my way;
Here's what I'm going to say:
Birds of a feather,
Just you and I;
Someday together away we'll fly,
Off to a lovenest like Love birds do,
Somewhere I'll build one for you,
Who knows then maybe,
Two birds will sing;
Rockabye baby,
What joy 'twill bring;
Birds of a feather can never go wrong,
Helping each other along.
All around the world I've sought,
Someone of my kind,
Two hearts with a single thought,
Have been hard to find.
I know I'll meet her him some day;
Here's what I'm going to say:
~ sung by ?