Friday, October 17, 2008

I Heard The Birds Today!

I must tell you...I heard the birds singing today in our backyard for the first time since the storm! Chloe Dawn and I are always serenaded with the sweet songs of the little birds every morning, but since the hurricane it's just be silent. A little eery! As I took Chloe out today I heard the most beautiful little peeps and chirping! It was certainly music to my ears. I have often wondered where the birds went, if they survived?

I do have a little sadness in my heart though. I still do not hear the "coo coos" from the morning doves who were always sitting on the wire above our fence! I haven't seen any. I hope they flew away and will come back. I know God puts a clock of awareness in His little creatures and I'm praying the morning doves will be back soon!

Think I'll go back outside and just listen...

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Birds of a Feather

I'm a lonesome little bird,
Looking for a mate,
If the right one says the word,
I won't hesitate.
When she he comes flying my way;
Here's what I'm going to say:
Birds of a feather,
Just you and I;
Someday together away we'll fly,
Off to a lovenest like Love birds do,
Somewhere I'll build one for you,
Who knows then maybe,
Two birds will sing;
Rockabye baby,
What joy 'twill bring;
Birds of a feather can never go wrong,
Helping each other along.
All around the world I've sought,
Someone of my kind,
Two hearts with a single thought,
Have been hard to find.
I know I'll meet her him some day;
Here's what I'm going to say:
~ sung by ?


  1. Awwwwwwwww....I was wondering if the birds were anywhere around! So glad they're serenading you once again!!

    The tornado that struck my neighborhood, when the kids were little, got rid of the birds for a week or more. Like you said...kind of eerie!! It was indeed a welcome sound when they reappeared.


  2. I'm so glad to hear your birdies are coming back! I'm sure the doves will return soon too!

    Justine :o )

  3. Good morning Shelia -
    So glad the little birds are back. When we lived on the Oregon Coast we discovered that the seagulls always knew about the storms that were coming long before the people did! God built into them the sense of air pressure or something and they headed for safety. We learned to 'read' some of their signs and could tell when it was time to get off the beach and find shelter.

  4. Shelia, with your quirky personality, I KNOW that you'll be hearing "coo-coo" soon whether or not the doves return. lol (Maybe from the neighbors!) lol

  5. I'm so glad the birds have returned to you. I love the sound of mourning doves too. They've left here for the winter now and I miss them.

  6. Good Morning Sheila!
    Oh isn't that a wonderful sound? I never even thought of that...what happens to the animals to the birds..well I HAVE thought of that "never" but right now it is a wonder... I'm so glad things are getting back to some form of normality. I'm sure even Chloe feels better hearing the birds...alll the sound of birds.

    Hope you have a wonderful day...

    Come by and visit...I have a giveaway!!

  7. First time? ... I can imagine your happiness
    understand that little sadness.
    I'm happy with you today, Shelia.

    I love to walk in the morning and start my day with birds songs.

    God bless!

  8. I'm so glad the birds are starting to return Shelia--I love their songs just like you do and I'm sure it's seemed so strange without them.

  9. Sheila I believe all the birds came this way. Yesterday when I was sitting on the porch I saw hundreds and hundreds flying over the mtn.Your birds will be back , it's getting cooler here and they are headed futher south.
    Have a great weekend Sheila .

  10. I just returned from a trip to my cottage in Northern Michigan and our pine and cedar trees there are filled with birds and bird sounds all summer.Although the beautiful fall colors were in full force, the birds were gone and no bird sounds. They flew South. And as you said, it was too quiet.

  11. Sheila… I am so glad that the little birds are returning and I am sure your morning doves will too… I love sitting outside having my cup of coffee early in the morning listening to all the sweet songs of the birds… The Mockingbird is one of my favorites since it mimics so many other birds…


  12. must have seemed so quiet and sad until they returned. I so love the bird songs in our backyard. I've always thought the doves were too sad though. Have a happy day!

  13. I'm glad things are returning to normal in your world.

    I know there are many devastated families around you. I am keeping you all in my prayers.

  14. Hi Shelia...see even the birds know a happy place to live...your house! Fun song you gave us today..
    ;-) Bo

  15. It's wonderful news, the birds have returned to your house. I truly believe the Doves will also return.

    Happy Weekend, Shelia.

  16. I'm so glad to hear that some of the birds are back. It's amazing how much different life is when such a small piece of it is missing. We often take things for granted until we don't have them any more. I'm glad that you always enjoyed them and realized their importance. God really did surround of with so much beauty.

  17. Ahh the sweet sound of birds! Who wouldnt miss it? So glad theyre back, enjoy!

  18. the doves are hanging out at Suzanne's place! lol....glad to hear that things are coming back to normal for you all.

  19. The birds will return, fear not.

  20. So glad your birds of happiness have returned. Enjoy your weekend!! Sally

  21. Naz, I'm so glad to hear it! I'm waiting for them!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. I love birds and listening to them is a gift. Birds are gods way of telling us things are returning to normal. I sometimes just sit out back and listen to them sing. I also have a bird in my house, I've always had one and it's sweet sound is welcome at anytime of day or night.


  23. Awwwww, I was wondering about all the birds. I had asked my parents about a week ago if they had seen any of their hummingbirds around after the storm. YES, they had. Hopefully, they just flew off and will be making their way back. I love listening to all of the birds singing, squawking and carrying on outside.

  24. Hi Sheila. Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement about the book. I so so appreciated it! Have a wonderful weekend.

  25. Well Shelia, all of god's little creatures will return ..I have three birds inside my house... two parakeets and one Conure..which is a small parrot.I have had tons of hummingbirds come to my feeder on the front porch..they are so much fun to watch.My birds are like babies and go to bed around 7:00pm once I cover their cages for the night...the big bird is like a watch dog and will make loud squealing noises when she see's anyone outside near her house!!
    Talk to you tomorrow. Hugs, Baba

  26. I'm glad you heard the birds. It hard to be hard missing the sound. I hope all the sounds of nature find thier way back to your home.

    take care,

  27. I am so glad some of the birds have come back. It must still be very sad where you are. I can only imagine what all of you have been through.

  28. Hi Miss Shelia! It took a while before we got our birds back too. What I really missed was the squirrels. Something must have happened cause we use to have plenty in our yard. Now we hardly have any, sad. I enjoyed watching them jump and run around from tree to tree.
    Oh miss Sheila... I have my momments of being naughty. Believe it or not I can get myself into some pickles from time to time. The Lord is sooo not finished with me yet. I know I must be one of his hardest students, hehe. I think I can do things on my own and tend not to listen when his gentle voice tells me otherwise. Thank goodness for his grace and mercy cause without it this girl would be in some trouble. I just wanted you to know that Im so flawed and honesty... I try but I too fail. often....Love ya miss Sheila. Thanks for keeping it real.

  29. Being able to hear the birds or any sounds of nature is a treat. When my hearing aids are off, I hear none of that. But with them on, I can try and enjoy some of nature's sounds. The challenge for me is figuring out where the sound is coming from.

  30. Hey sweet Pickle...I amm so glad the birds are returning for you...our back yard stays full of songbirds and you can hear them in the house when I have the back door open letting the breeze in thru the screen door...I have to be where I can hear nature like that...I loved those wreaths you made for your door girl..they are fantastic! Hope everything will begin to get back to normal for all your friends and neighbors...take care and have a great weekend1

  31. Sheila, I am so happy to hear the birds are singing again. Life is slowly trying to find a way to be normal again. I hope the morning doves will be cooing soon. I hope the clean up is making progress in Galveston. Recovery from a storm like that takes time.
    We just came home form a movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua and the dogs name was Chloe. It was a very cute movie.

    have a great weekend Sheila.
    Love, Jeanne

  32. Hello Sheila; How nice for you and Chloe Dawn. I love to hear the birds singing in the morning. I even have a CD called Song Birds it has the most wonderful song birds put to lovely and relaxing music. Just love it,

    enjoy your weekend with your singing birds.


  33. What a sign of hope and renewal! I'm sure the mourning dovees will be back soon, too.

  34. I know exactly what you mean. It took a while for the birds to come back here too! But they are now, even some doves...but if you notice a huge flock of pigeons sitting on your fence, well it's because I told them you had a bird feeder in your backyard! lol!
    Buffie : )

  35. I remember when a tornado went through our neighborhood, how eery it sounded for a long time. The birds were all gone. They did start to return after a time, thankfully! I am so glad some of your birds are now returning! I hope your doves do too!

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