Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pink Saturday!

Hello Dear Ones and welcome to Pink Saturday.
This wonderful Pinkness is hosted by the most Pinkest of Pink Ones, Beverly at Pop on over and you can see many more Pink One

Today I would love to show you some little Pink 'what nots' as my Mother would call them...

Aren't these very sweet and Pink!? Well, they belonged to my grandmother. She passed away when I was three years old ~ that was 53 years ago! Yes, I know, I'm old...but I'm so very Pink and young at heart! I really don't remember her, I'm so sorry to say, but I have inherited her little Pink 'what nots'. They're really very small, the largest being about 5 inches high. I wonder where my grandmother got these ~ did she buy them or were they given to her as gifts? She never realized her baby granddaughter would have these in her home so many many years later. I know they're small, I know they're not very expensive, but I'm very proud and thankful to have these little Pink 'what nots' from my grandmother.
So I bring a little Pink nostaglia to you today.

uh oh...
Chloe Dawn!! You've been in Mommy's lipstick!! Oh, well, she does look charming, doesn't she? She always wants to contribute to Pink Saturday. So blow Pink kisses my precious little One...mawah...

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

This Kiss

I don’t want another heartbreak

I don’t need another turn to cry

I don’t want to learn the hard way

Baby, hello, oh, no, goodbye

But you got me like a rocket

Shooting straight across the sky

It’s the way you love me

It’s a feeling like this

It’s centrifugal motion

It’s perpetual bliss

It’s that pivotal moment

It’s impossible

This kiss, this kiss (Unstoppable)

This kiss, this kiss

Cinderella said to Snow White

How does love get so off course

All I wanted was a white knight

With a good heart, soft touch, fast horse

Ride me off into the sunset

Baby, I’m forever yours

It’s the way you love me

It’s a feeling like this

It’s centrifugal motion

It’s perpetual bliss

It’s that pivotal moment

It’s unthinkable

This kiss, this kiss (Unsinkable)

This kiss, this kiss

You can kiss me in the moonlight

On the rooftop under the sky

You can kiss me with the windows open

While the rain comes pouring inside

Kiss me in sweet slow motion

Let’s let every thing slide

You got me floating, you got me flying

It’s the way you love me

It’s a feeling like this

It’s centrifugal motion

It’s perpetual bliss It’s that pivotal moment

It’s subliminal

This kiss, this kiss (It’s Criminal)

This kiss, this kiss

~ sung by Faith Hill


Attention! Attention!! Oh, Dear Ones! Can you believe it? Here we are again with breaking news of more and more bathroom breakins! Two more lovelies have been spotted tearing down the doors of bathrooms and snapping away! Will this ever end! I certainly hope not!Okay, I must put on my crown of Divashipness and get down to my bathroom business...
Oh, my, look at this pretty one! I see the most creamyness of complexions. Look at the pearliness of whites, longness of locks, beautifully attired, long slenderness of arms with the most creamyness of dainty fingers attached to a CAMERA! Yes, Dear Saturday Ones, we have a Diva!! Hey, wait a minute, this lovely one is already a Diva!! Why yes, this is our own Rue at Like I've said before, if you're already a Diva, it's okay, you can snap snap again and let me know! I love Divas!!

Okay, here's another bathroom intruder...let's see now...
OOOH, such elegant beautifulness I see, the most gorgeousness of eyes, the pearliest of whiteness in her smiling mouth, she is dripping with priceless jewels, so fashionably attired, lovely arm poised just so with dainty creamy fingers attached to a CAMERA!! Oh, my wonderful Ones...we have another Bathroom Diva!! I'm just so thrilled from my head to my toes!

Who is this most beautifulness of ones? I know, I know, we are so honored to have darling Ms. Pat at Oh this dearness of one is quite snappy with her camera! She takes the most beautifulness of photos. We are thrilled to have you join the Divas, dear Pat!!

Okay, here we, I didn't, I didn't take Ms. Pat's necklace! Okay, okay, I'll give it I will do my Divaship work. Pat, I am about to crown you with the most important and sought after title in the whole wide world! People everywhere desire this title, but not everyone can obtain it. You, Dear One, are one of those most fabulous lovelies who was able to reach to the top and become a bathroom achiever! Pat, I bestow upon you the title Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva! You are now one of the true Divas and shall be for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Rue, we honor you again today, Dear One, because you blessed us with another bathroom snap!! Thank you, Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping One!!

Oh, bathroom work just thrills my soul!! Snap on, Dear ones, snap on!!


  1. have Pat listed at Rues PB&J Life...

    Love your pink vases...very sweet!
    love, bj

  2. Morning Shelia...

    We're about ready to run out the door, but I took one last look to see if you were up and running with your PINKness and Alas, you were!!!

    I love the little pink what-nots!!! No matter how small, they are meaningful when passed down.

    And Chloe Dawn...YOU look fantastic!!! Get in mommy's lipstick more often, girl!!!


  3. Hi Shelia, Hello from Cape Hatteras, we are braving Hannah right now, house is swaying in the wind! Just had to stop by and say hello and Happy Pink Saturday! I love your little pink "what nots". My mother always called them that also. I remember her and my Aunt looking for a certain size what not shelf! Thank you for the memory! Chloe Dawn you look beautiful in Mommy's lipstick!
    Blessings, SHirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  4. Those are beautiful little "what nots" and how neat that you still have them. Chloe Dawn you look "maahhhvelous" this morning!!!

  5. ooooooooooo, I love Chloe Dawn chicks, liPsticK!! She must be a pitbull or soccer mom dog!! LOL

  6. Well, Miss Texas, now I know that you have some Northern roots as "what-nots" are a Northern tag. (Note please, that Shirl's mom used that expression as did my mom who was born and raised in PA.

  7. Those pink trinkets of your grandmother's are quite pretty! I like when I have something that belonged to one of my relatives it makes me feel closer to them and remember them!

    take care,

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lovely PINK post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Morning those precious pink vases of your grandmother's & that Chloe dawn...oh my word!!!!! lol lol Have a great 'pink' Saturday girl!

  10. Happy Pink Saturday, Shelia.

    I imagine your grandmother would be so pleased that her granddaughter treasures these pretty little things. They are a special reminder of someone that would have loved you very much.

    Kisses to Chloe Dawn. And, you're not old because if you are that means I am, too. And, I'm definitely not. ;-)

  11. Sheila, I love to visit your posts and today is no exception. Your grandmother's little pink things are a blessing to have. Lucky you.

    Your diva list is growing and is a hoot. Chloe Dawn has beautiful pink lips. So cute. Smile. This Kiss is awesome by Faith Hill.

    Hugs and kisses, Jeanne

  12. Those are beautiful. Those are the kind of little pretties I LOOK for when I'm out and about. How special that yours belonged to your Grandmother. OMGosh I love them. So Pretty. By the way I really was going to put pink bows on my dog for PINK Saturday but ended up doing something I laughed when I saw yours. Great ladies think alike. LOL. Wendy

  13. Ooh, Pat has such awesome hair! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's got that perfect white color and the cut is superb! GO PAT! You're gorgeous!

    Love your pink stuff this week, but especially Chloe Dawn! Oh, she's so precious with bows on her ears and pretty pink lips!

    Justine :o )

  14. Love all your little pinks and Chloe Dawn looks adorable.
    Have a Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Virginia

  15. Hi Shelia ~ I love your Grandma's pink vases. They may not be expensive, but they are Priceless.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Love all your pretty pink "what nots"! And Chloe is just all done up!

  17. You crack me I was feeling all nostalgic seeing your Grandmother's pink what nots...and then bam!...That baby girl Chloe Dawn shows up and steals the show..
    Have a wonderful weekend.. ;-) Bo

  18. I grew up hearing pretties referred to as "what nots." And that is an apt term--better than "accessories." Oh, the good old days. Your vases are beautiful--so full of detail.

  19. Hi Shelia :)

    I'm so happy Pat joined us! We're a growing Diva Cult LOL

    I love your grandma's what-nots. I think she would be thrilled to know you love them :)


  20. In my family, we always called them knick knacks. Those are so pretty, and made especially precious because they belonged to your grandma. I'm sure she'd be pleased that even if you don't remember her, that she is thought of when you look at her pretty things!

    Love the ribbons and the kissing lips on Chloe Dawn! She looks almost good enough to kiss...wait, nah. I'll pass, lol.


  21. Love, love, love your little treasures and to have something pasted down from your grandmother is really neat. I'm still giggling about Chloe Dawn. You are an inspiration. I love to read your posts.

  22. Shelia I love your Pink Saturday post.

    Thanks so much for inspiring me to become a Bathroom Diva!!

  23. Wonderful Pink~ness!

    You go girl!

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  24. Hi Sheila
    Love your grandmother's lovely pinkness that she gave to you. How special they are to have them for so many years from her. Lovely.
    Thank you for sharing
    Have a love one.

  25. Love Cloe Dawn !! So PINK!!! Pink to you Kathy

  26. What lovely treasures from your grandmother! Cloe Dawn looks sweet with her little bows and pink lipstick, too.

  27. Hey Shelia. Your pinks are very pretty; but I adore your FALLEN ways.

  28. OH! You just wait till I get home from Australia...I'm gonna' catch some BR pics over there! Leaving tomorrow!


  29. Very sweet collection of vases. :o)

  30. Hi Shelia!
    Your grandma's what nots are so pretty! I love the things I have of my grandma's, they are so special.
    And Miss Cloe Dawn is the prettiest thing in pink of all!! She is such a cutie pie! Give her a smooch for me!
    Glad you liked my Louise makeover, I had so much fun working on her!
    Hugs, Sherry

  31. Mwah back to you Chloe Dawn! Tell Mama her little what nots are very pretty. It is so nice to have little treasures from her grandmother. Also tell mama that she is not old!

  32. What a lovely post and such soft pinks. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  33. Oh my Shelia; Laughing out loud...
    Chloe Dawn my what pink lips you have..... I never get bored at your blog dear friend. I love your pink pretties. Happy Pink Saturday.


  34. I love that pink vase with the white rose...very pretty...but only half as pretty as Chloe Dawn all spiffed up and looking snazzy!

  35. Hi Shelia,
    your little what nots are adorable. My grandmother must have known yours because she would have called them the same thing.
    Your little puppy is so cute!

  36. How fun to have inherited pink "what-nots"! Happy Pink Saturday!

  37. Hi! Happy pink saturday! what a nice pink post! so cute
    visit me anytime...



  38. Pretty PINK what-nots! But I love your fur baby best!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  39. I think your pink what-nots are so precious! Happy Pink Saturday!

  40. I stopped by to visit your pink pretties but I leave laughing at your bathroom divas. Too fun!

  41. Your *pink* what nots are so lovely! Chole Dawn is one gorgeous girl in that lovely shade of lipstick! I think my McDuff has fallen in love! Smoochies to Chloe Dawn!

  42. I know your grandmother's what nots are so special to you. Happy Pink Saturday

  43. I love the This Kiss song. And Chloe Dawn looks very cute in her pink bows and lipstick. Hope you're having a great weekend. I see you tomorrow.


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