Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've Been Falling Around! ;)

Yep! You caught me, I'm guilty as charged. I've been Falling around! I think it runs in the family! It's about that time of the year to Fall around, isn't it? I know, I know, it's still in the 90s here and the humidity is so thick you could just scoop it up in a spoon. But I'm still Falling around!

Here's a little Fall vignette.

Little gourds, nuts and berries in a glass jar and my Dollar Tree pun'kins!

I stuck in a few sprigs of fall color into my floral arrangement ~ more Falling around.

I even Falled around with my mantle!!

That's a ceramic basket I found at a thrift shop and then I made the Fall floral arrangement for it.
Fallness of flower.
Well, Fallness of fake flower. I know, it's a no no, but I don't care. I love my fake flowers and they love me! ;)

Look at the nice little detail in the ceramic basket!
I also Falled around with new pun'kins!

Hydrangea under glass!

Falling around with little birdies!

Even my gurgling fish jugs got Falled around with! Aren't they so handsome with their bow ties and look how cute they are juggling the little candles!
uh oh...

Chloe Dawn is upset with me. I didn't Fall around with her. But Darling, it's alright...look all the nice sunlight is Falling around on your perfectly lovely natural wavy hair! What is a Mommy to do?

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Autumn Leaves

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sun-burned hands I used to hold
Since you went away the days grow long
And soon Ill hear old winters song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall~ sung by Nat King Cole
this is such a sad song :'( sniff sniff


  1. I love FALL!! And your "falling around" stuff is gorgeous! The "FOREVER" flowers are the ONLY kind of flowers I can have in the house...with my allergies and asthma.

    Have a blessed day...I'm off to shop today!


  2. Fall is my favorite time of year, I am so thankful it's on it's way :). I love everything you've done, where do you get all of your ideas Sheila? I you a natural?

    Have a fantastic Thursday!
    Kathi :)

  3. I LOVE all of your Fall stuff! It looks so good in all of your vignettes and upon your mantle!!

  4. Everything is so pretty, Sheila!

    I have Hydrangeas in my garden, I really should cut some to dry!

    Have a wonderful day :)


  5. shhhhhhh...I haven't been painting this week...well, at least NOT with a roller! On Monday, Tom and I hauled a bunch of items outside and I spray-painted them all. I had 4 cans of different colors use!! Everything is going to look great. The rest of the week has been used to straighten up the house, de-clutter and clean. So...I figured I deserved a "break" today...that's why I'm going shopping!! LOL!!!

  6. I just love the way you decorate; you have that touch that seems to make things look exactly like I'd like them!

  7. Great job Shelia! Don't worry about your flowers. "Fake" florals have always been big sellers in my shop! My shop would look empty without them!

  8. Morning Pickle!!! I love your fall decor and that mantle is gorgeous!!!! Hobby Lobby has some beautiful ceramic pumpkins 50% off...I should have gotten some to make a pretty arrangement with...everything looks so good! Take care girl and have a great day!

  9. Sheila, I am drooling over your mantle arrangement and the green ceramic basket! Gorgeous!!! All of your Fall vignettes are so pretty! You rock! :) ~Rhonda

  10. Sheila, your fallen around is just beautiful! I need to scoot over to the Dollar Tree for pumpkins!

  11. Okay...that does it! After seeing your lovelies, I have got to get my pun'kins out of hibernation...your photos cheer me up enough to actually THINK about getting off my duff and doing something... ;-) Bo

  12. Oh how beautiful! I love your mantle and thrift store basket! Everything is just wonderful!

  13. You've done such a beautiful job! I love the mantle and the fish jugs!!

  14. I *gasped* when I saw your gorgeous mantel display....oh cripes I'm gonna have to go to work on my mantel....yours is such an inspiration!!!

  15. OHHH!!! I am LOVING all of the "fall-ness" around here! just beautiful! :)

  16. With that look on Chloe Dawns face,I believe you are going to have to make her a nice fall bandana ! Ha !
    Everything looks beautiful Sheila !

  17. As you already know, Shelia..I've been falling around,too!

    We're at the lake...Gustav sent rain. It's rained here since Tuesday night...the temps have actually feels like fall, this week! Yippee! So, in honor of these glorious fall-like days....I've done some falling around, here at the condo, too!

    I love your fall vignettes! Gorgeous!

  18. Aw, I think Chloe Dawn needs a bow around her neck or something! I love the way the mantle came out. I have NO fall decorations. Big surprise, eh?

    Justine :o )

  19. Thank you so much Shelia,
    you inspired me!
    I love your decoration - gorgeous!!!
    I've been falling around!

    You inspired me to take pic by myself in bathroom too. My first attempt is at my profile.

    God bless you and your great work!

  20. Oh I still don't wanna thinking about fall...but I do love all your fallness. It looks lovely. I love the ceramic basket too.
    Have a lovely one

  21. Of course Shelia,
    I'll tell you about my bathroom snap. Soon.
    God bless you and your family!

  22. Your home is looking beautiful all "falled" up. We are moving this month, so my falling won't happen until we get to the new house. So thanks for sharing and letting my get ready for fall vicariously through you!

  23. I've "Fallen" in love with yur Fall decor!

  24. Maybe Chloe Dawn would like a fall bandana or some ribbon to wear!

  25. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your mantle is breathtaking. I love it and my 2 year old loves your dog. He's walking around saying Chloe, Chloe, Chloe!

  26. Thanks for visiting my blog I love all your falling around and yes I think Chloe needs some falling around also maybe a pretty orange bandanna or shiny orange collar
    Have a great day

  27. Hey there, what a lovely post! Great ideas and fun inspiration. Thanks so much for being a part of the fun for Fall Nesting Week!

    Happy day,

  28. I will definitely have to check out the Dollar Tree~cute pumpkins! I also love, love your jar full of fall goodies!

  29. Sheila, Your fall decorations look beautiful. Your home is lovely too. I am wanting to decorate so badly, but not yet. My knee is doing great and I expect this to be a very positive outcome. Life is good. smile.
    Chloe is adorable. We love our furry dogs so much.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  30. Shelia!
    You're such hussy "falling" around like that!! LOL

    Everything looks wonderful!!


  31. Hi Shelia,
    I just love all of your fall decorations. I especially love the flowers. I could never put anything together as pretty as that. Poor Chloe Dawn. She needs an orange ribbon. Charli insists on dressing up :>) but we do have cooler weather here. You have a very beautiful home.

  32. Shelia; I love all your fallen around. You do such a wonderful job at decorating your home. What a wonderful find love the green vase.


  33. Hi Shelia,
    Haven't been falling around here yet! LOL...but I need to be!

    Your pics are great, and everthing looks really pretty in your home! You are inspiring me!

  34. Shelia, You "fall around" very well! Love all your fall decor! It's still hot and humid here, I'm not falling, yet...but it won't be long. :-) Susan

  35. Love what you did with the Fall theme!! its so adorable@@@
    Wonderful pictures!!

  36. Love your fall decor! Man, I've got to get mine out. It's getting a bit cooler here in Michigan too. Maybe I can find some spare time this weekend.



  37. Shelia, You'd be a hoot to fall around with! But dag gumit, I'm not ready for fall yet! Your fall goodies look mighty purdy though.
    Stay silly milly!

  38. Iknow the weather is feeling like fall, and the kids are back in school, but Im not ready for fall. My garden is still in full bloom! The dahlias are dazzling - just like your mantle and as well as the rest of your fallen decor. ~ Robyn

    PS I love fake flowers, too. There are some really nice ones out there's hard to tell sometimes if they are real. :)

  39. I thoroughly enjoyed these pictures. You've inspired me to bring out the pumpkins and the Halloween tree. Chloe Dawn does look a tad peeved--but in a cute way. She is such a doll! Mine give me the same look.
    Take care.

  40. Beautiful....beautiful....
    I love this time of year...

  41. It all looks so pretty!! Please come do my house!!

  42. everything's so pretty! I love your little birdies. :)


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