Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Bathroom Diva!!!

Attention! Attention!! Oh, my goodness, Dear Ones!! We have had another invasion! But alas, this invasion has not occurred in a bathroom. No No No! This invasion happened in a bedroom! That's okay, bedrooms will work...any room will work as long there is a mirror, a camera and of course, a Beautiful One!
Um, I don't, well, I thought there was a Beautiful One?! That's what my sources have told me! Wait a minute, Citizens of Blogland, I've just been given an updated report on this snapping invasion! Thank you, would you please hand me my glasses? Thank you...oh, was my mike still on? Ahem...Dearest impatient Ones! We do have a Snapping Diva ~ or that's what we think we have. You know I must inspect to make a perfect positiveness inspection ~ we do not accept imitations!

Okay...on with my bathroom, er, bedroom business...that doesn't sound right, does it? Oh, well...Divaship onward!

We have very special equipment just for this sort of thing, Wondering Ones! Now I can see the very mysteriousness, almost hiding Beatifulness One in the mirror! But as I gaze with my most gorgeous blueness of eyes, I can see the most peaches and creamyness of complexions, I'm sure there's two gorgeousness eyes (however, I can only see one), oh the long flowingness of locks filled with bedroom highlights! I also see the most slenderness of an arm poised just so with those dainty fingers attached to a CAMERA!! Yes, Bloglandonians! We have another Bathroom Diva, even though she was trying to hide from us! True Divas are always found out and then they are awarded and given the full Bathroom treatment! Now, who could this most mysterious one be? Hmmm...I think I recognize her, I do know I've seen this room before. Why yes, Most inquisitive Ones!! It's our own elusive Gollum at, Oh, I am so honored this most elegant Decorating Guru of Blogland would honor us with her presence! She was a favorite on Rate My Space and now she is the Dancing Queen of Blogland, no no, that's Decorating Queen and is about to become the most wonderful Bathroom Diva. Every Dear One in the house...stand up and give honor to Gollum!

Okay, I must do what my Divaship entitles me to do! I'm just so nervous!!! Do you realize who this most Beautiful One is? Oh, I've told you already! Okay, what? I thought I was supposed to kneel in her presence! I'm not? Oh...ahem...did I wrinkle my Diva Cape? Okay, Gollum, I am about to bestow upon you the most desirable and sought after title in the entire world!! You are now crowned as a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva and will be one for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never!! Oh, thank you for coming into our presence Gollum! Shh...she'll hear you, okay, okay, I'll quit bowing.

I'm totally exausted, Dear Ones! Divaship can be so hard sometimes, but oh so rewarding. Snap on, my lovely Bathroom Divas, snap snap snap on!!