Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We Survived Tropical Storm Edouard!

Dear Ones, last night I went to bed just a little bit on the nervous side. Our part of the Texas coast was under a tropical storm warning and we knew it was headed right at us but didn't know how fast the winds would be blowing and were praying we wouldn't have anything severe happen. Well, the morning came and all was well, praise God! It was raining, not very hard, and the wind wasn't blowing too bad, either. Well, Mr. Precious is so adventerous and said, "Let's hop into the car and go check out the storm." Being the wonderful submissive one that I am, I obeyed!

Things were looking really dreary and gloomy. But no damage to speak of!

Just crew after crew after crew of news reporters...

"We're reporting winds gust up to 11 miles an hour...see the rain puddles forming...the sea gulls and peligans are fishing for lunch!" There wasn't much to report on!
They were even interviewing our local "Flag Man". He walks down the Seawall waving the American flag and everyone honks their car horns at him. I've mentioned Mr. Precious is a runner and he loves the Flag Man. When he sees him, Mr. Precious runs by him, grabs his flag and runs a little with it, circles back and places the flag safely in the hands of Flag Man. Flag Man thinks this is such a hoot! We have some odd folks who live here. Oh, well, on with my storm story...

This is a memorial to the unfortunate dear ones who did not survive the horrible hurricane that hit our island in 1900 ~ it is really heart wrenching to look at this statue. It's a man holding his wife and she is holding their baby and his arm is reaching up to God as if saying - please help us!

Here's our damage - just a few fallen leaves and a couple of little broken branches.

The day passed with just some much needed rain and a little wind. Around 5:30 pm, my Mr. Precious, who is so precious said, "Get into the car and let's go to dinner!" I quickly obeyed again...I love to eat!
As we came out of the restaurant I looked up in the sky and God was smiling and pushing aside the clouds and letting His sun shine down on us!

How thankful we were to have survived this storm and that it wasn't as serious as had been predicted!

Have you noticed an absence of a little fuzzy faced black dog? Well, Miss Chloe Dawn is so terrified of storms, rain and thunder. So poor little thing has been under my feet all day. A couple of times she even tried to climb up my nose. I think she really thinks she can get in there.

Did you see that blurr fly by? Here she comes again...she heard another noise! Come to your Mommy baby, I'll protect you! Isn't it grand to have someone who trusts in you so much?

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Bad Moon Rising

I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see bad times today.
Don't go around tonight,
Well, it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.
I hear hurricanes ablowing.
I know the end is coming soon.
I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.
Don't go around tonight,
Well, it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.
All right!
Hope you got your things together.
Hope you are quite prepared to die.
Looks like we're in for nasty weather.
One eye is taken for an eye.
Don't go around tonight,
Well, it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.
Don't go around tonight,
Well, it's bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.
~ Creedence Clearwater Revival


  1. I'm so glad to hear that the only damage was to the reporters' pride. They really overdo it, don't they?

    I'm sorry to hear that the BBSers are retiring, but we had some fun with it!

  2. Glad to hear that you guys are safe and didn't suffer anything more than a few fallen leaves and a couple of little broken branches.

    Poor Chloe Dawn. I know how she feels. I HATE storms!!! I really do!!! After having been in a tornado and another bad storm, where our house was struck by lightening when I was home alone (Tom's house, a month after we were married)...I don't like storms. Did I say that already?


  3. Hi Sheila -
    So glad to hear that you are safe and no storm damage. I love the picture of the flag man. There's always someone who adds a little interest to a community.

  4. I'm glad to hear the storm was noting major. I've been through a couple of hurricanes here. Gloria was oen I remember. I was evacuated from my home. I also remember Bob. I was without power for a week after that! The biggest damage we have here on the Cape (in my lifetime) is downed trees and power lines.

    I liked your story of the Flag Man :)

    take care,

  5. Looks more like a fun storm than a scary one. Isn't it funny how the least little storm brings the news crews out in droves?

    Justine :o )

  6. I'm so glad that the storm missed you. I thought of you when I heard about it on the news. I know that our Father in Heaven is looking over you.

  7. Glad to hear that all is safe - even little Chloe Dawn.
    I also lived through a tornado ~ I just hate storms!
    ~ Robyn

  8. Don't you just love it when the weather men are wrong. And I am so happy that you and Chloe Dawn and hubby fine. Love all the photos of the Diva club, some really great ones I had lots of fun. Have a great day.


  9. I'm so glad that you didnt get much damage from the storm.POC didnt even get much rain.
    Love Julia

  10. Thanks for writing this.


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