Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Redwork

Attention! Attention! I must interrupt this post today with a most astounding announcement! Kady at http://bonnielane.blogspot.com/ has been bathroom snapping again! Look at the amazing posture of this lady, hair is styled beautifully, hands are poised perfectly! Look at that amazing smile. You too can have the charm and attention getting looks as Kady! You ask, how? Hurry to the closest bathroom you can find with camera in hand. Turn off you flash, pose with a great big ole smile and snap away! It's just that simple.
There is nothing like the satisfaction you will get by doing this. People, Kady is an amazing Daring Darling Bathroom Snapping Diva! You can be one too! Break down the bathroom doors of America and snap snap snap! If you do this, post your self portrait on your blog, then come tell me and I will show your charm to the world of Blogland! It's that simple.

This has been a paid announcement and sponsored by the Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva herself - Shelia ;)

Hello Dear Ones, today I thought I would show you more of my Redwork. I found these patterns in a book from the library in the late 1980s, traced them onto some pillow cases and went to town with my little needle and red thread. I use these on our bed during the summer months. Think they look rather nice with my
matelasse cover.

This is the one on the right that says Good Night (I know you can read). I just love the old fashioned look of the fairy and the letters.

This is the other with morning glories and a sweet little bird. Did I ever tell you how creative I was? ;)

Well, I'm getting a little bit sleepy now and may need to lie down a bit and take a nap! Let me just take off my wonderful Redwork pillows and turn down the covers. Here, I'll stack them up in the corner.

uh oh...
Do you see who has gotten into my bed, already under the covers and is pretending to be asleep?! Chloe Dawn! What is Mommy going to do with you? Well, schooch over...

shhh...I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

When at night I go to sleep

Fourteen angels watch do keep;

Two my head are guarding,

Two my feet are guiding;

Two are on my right hand,

Two are on my left hand,

Two who warmly cover

Two who o'er me hover,

Two to whom 'tis given

To guide my steps to heaven.

Sleeping softly, then it seems

Heaven enters in my dreams;

Angels hover round me,

Whisp'ring they have found me;

Two are sweetly singing,

Two are garlands bringing,

Strewing me with roses

As my soul reposes.

God will not forsake me

When dawn at last will wake me.

~from Hansel and Gretel