Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Redwork

Attention! Attention! I must interrupt this post today with a most astounding announcement! Kady at http://bonnielane.blogspot.com/ has been bathroom snapping again! Look at the amazing posture of this lady, hair is styled beautifully, hands are poised perfectly! Look at that amazing smile. You too can have the charm and attention getting looks as Kady! You ask, how? Hurry to the closest bathroom you can find with camera in hand. Turn off you flash, pose with a great big ole smile and snap away! It's just that simple.
There is nothing like the satisfaction you will get by doing this. People, Kady is an amazing Daring Darling Bathroom Snapping Diva! You can be one too! Break down the bathroom doors of America and snap snap snap! If you do this, post your self portrait on your blog, then come tell me and I will show your charm to the world of Blogland! It's that simple.

This has been a paid announcement and sponsored by the Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva herself - Shelia ;)

Hello Dear Ones, today I thought I would show you more of my Redwork. I found these patterns in a book from the library in the late 1980s, traced them onto some pillow cases and went to town with my little needle and red thread. I use these on our bed during the summer months. Think they look rather nice with my
matelasse cover.

This is the one on the right that says Good Night (I know you can read). I just love the old fashioned look of the fairy and the letters.

This is the other with morning glories and a sweet little bird. Did I ever tell you how creative I was? ;)

Well, I'm getting a little bit sleepy now and may need to lie down a bit and take a nap! Let me just take off my wonderful Redwork pillows and turn down the covers. Here, I'll stack them up in the corner.

uh oh...
Do you see who has gotten into my bed, already under the covers and is pretending to be asleep?! Chloe Dawn! What is Mommy going to do with you? Well, schooch over...

shhh...I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

When at night I go to sleep

Fourteen angels watch do keep;

Two my head are guarding,

Two my feet are guiding;

Two are on my right hand,

Two are on my left hand,

Two who warmly cover

Two who o'er me hover,

Two to whom 'tis given

To guide my steps to heaven.

Sleeping softly, then it seems

Heaven enters in my dreams;

Angels hover round me,

Whisp'ring they have found me;

Two are sweetly singing,

Two are garlands bringing,

Strewing me with roses

As my soul reposes.

God will not forsake me

When dawn at last will wake me.

~from Hansel and Gretel


  1. Good Morning, Shelia & Chloe Dawn!!

    Ooops...was I too loud? You were in bed, sleeping, or pretending to.

    Beautiful Redwork!! Love it!!


    ps...off to finish painting the Bathroom, since I never got to it yesterday! The LORD had some things for me to do yesterday...evident by the interruptions until I did it!!! LOL!!

  2. I thought I'd see how you responded to Carol's tag. I guess you'll do that later.

    The embroidery is beautiful. You are a talented lady. I think your bedroom looks pretty and inviting--perfect!

  3. Oh, I had to giggle at Chloe Dawn with her head on the pillows. My Maggie does the same thing. In fact, she has her own pillow between my husband's and mine.

    Your redwork pillows are lovely. Your whole bedroom is really gorgeous.

  4. You do such lovely work. The pillows look great. :)

    What really impressed me this morning was that song. I can remember so vividly being in my bed and my mother putting on the Hansel and Gretel record from the Disney collection we had. I loved when that song came on!! Such a great memory that is for me.

    take care,

  5. Good morning Shelia :)

    That Kady is a darling Diva for sure ;)

    I adore those pillows!!! You won't notice them missing will you? ;)


  6. What beautiful stitchery! And how clever of you to find them at the library (I LOVE "free" ideas), what section would they be in? I'll make a trip to my library to see what's on hand!
    Chloe Dawn is adorable.
    Just found your blog the other day (I was out blog-hooping), and I'm enjoying it immensely!

  7. Mabel does that too! She tries her best to sleep right up on my pillow. Not Matt's pillow. Mine. :)

  8. Love the redwork on the pillowcases; I might steal that idea!
    I'm still on vacation, but only 2 bathroom pics so far. My family is refusing to participate. Party poopers!

  9. That is some beautiful red stitchery. You do beautiful work and you ARE soooo creative!!!

    What a pampered Chloe Dawn.....Lucy does the same thing...sleeps curled up with her head on the pillow. :)

  10. You are very creative! I love when you show off your work. My mother in-laws schnauzer always slept with her too. ( so does her cocker spaniel now) My hubby's Great Dane tries to sleep with us, but I'm a mean mommy and I make her get down.

  11. Pretty , pretty . I love red work too ! Do you have very many patterns Sheila ? Chloe Dawn isn't spoiled is she ? :0) :0)

  12. Good afternoon Miss Sunshine! I love your needle work. I used to do it years ago when the kids were small. I may have to take it back up! These are SO pretty!

  13. oH, my goodness...that Red work is to die for. Do you sell your work? If so, I would like to know how much you charge for a set of pillowcases, just like these you are showing....they are so pretty!!

  14. Those are beautiful. I feel inspired to drag out my needle and do a little redwork now.

  15. What a beautiful room, Sheila!

    Bella :)

  16. LOL! Yes it is something I would do! Artie is a funny writer, I got a big kick out of his story this morning!

  17. Your bedroom looks so cozy. I could take a nap there too. Sure Chloe Dawn takes up half the bed, hehe. Enjoy your nap.Shhhhhh

  18. I adore redwork! I guess that was the common phrase for it and it stuck!

  19. I loved the bathroom snapping ! lol I am still giggling...the red work is very nice too...but I am still giggling at Kady!

  20. Shelia I LOVE your redwork pillows, they are gorgeous! It doesn't surprise me at all that you are that talented sweetie. Oh and I love that photo of your darling little Chloe Dawn snuggled up in your bed. It reminds me of my Paris Fifi....and guess where she is right now too! lol Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  21. Thank you for your love and encouragement.

  22. Hey sweet Pickle...those pillowcases are such a treasure! Girl you are so talented...and I love that sweet Chloe Dawn! I read your post about Edra..OH MY WORD that turned out glorious!!!!!! Girl, sister and I was up in the Cracker Barrel yesterday and we went in the bathroom and she mentioned taking pics...I told her don't even think about it! lol lol
    You let me know if you start making things and selling them! Have a great day sweetie!

  23. The pillow cases and accessories are lovely as is your bed. I especially like the wall hanging above the bed. Also, I see that you play the piano. I took lessons when I was in school. Recently we bought a piano and I find that I'm struggling. Your blog is delightful.

  24. Such beautiful work...I love redwork! What a little sweetie under the covers. :0)

  25. Oh Sheila your pillow cases are just devine! What a great idea. You are so talented. I hope you and darling little Chloe Dawn had a nice nap.

  26. Another bathroom beauty snapshot. Doesn't she look lovely!
    Your redwork pillows are gorgeous and you did such a beautiful job. I would love to try something like that too.
    Your bedrooms is beautiful and so cozy. The work above your bed is really lovely too. Chloe is so cute and she sure loves her mommy...Lovely..lovely...lovey...
    thank you for sharing...

  27. Just too cute.. I love all of your handwork... hugs ~lynne ~

  28. Sheila, your red work is lovely. In the antique world, red work is very collectible. I enjoyed the bathroom diva. One day soon I will surprise you:)

    Chloe Dawn looks way too comfy. Is she taking up the middle of your bed? Move over darling!!

    Love ya, Jeanne

  29. Shelia; you are so funny, I so look forward to my visit with you and Miss Chloe Dawn. My two babies sleep with us too, and they take up most of the room. I love to do red work I have a book with some great patterns, then you quilt them. I have made a few, I always wanted to do ones like you did but never can find them.How lucky you were to find them. Your bedroom is to die for, just love it all.

    Have a great week.

  30. The pillows are darling! They look great on your bed. You did a great job. Sweet dreams!

  31. Those are the sweetest pillows! What lovely work you do, Shelia! And Chloe Dawn is so precious in this picture. She's so hairy I can barely tell where her pretty face is!

    Justine :o )

  32. I am laughing so hard at what you said about me! So fun...and funny! My hair was not right though, lol.

    Love those pillows! They look beautiful on your bed, and what a gorgeous bedroom! I especially love that throw at the end of the bed.

    Sweet little Chloe looks so at home and comfy there all tucked in like a baby! lol


  33. How beautiful your handiwork is Sheila. Do you also create your own patterns? And Chloe Dawn appears to have the place of honor reserved for all our fur babies. Alfie loves that position.
    Lisa & Alfie

  34. The pillows are fabulous! But then so is the rest of your bedroom...very warm and lovely. And even prettier still with that big furry lovelump sharing the covers!

  35. What a beautiful bed! Now I have to say THIS looks like a magazine. And I'm dying over the pillowcases. I have embroidery patterns like those somewhere. I think I may need to make some for myself...but in pink! Pinkwork? Is that a thing? Well it will be!!! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. Sheila your redwork is just beautiful. I must get working on mine. You did a great job on them.
    Miss Chleo Dawn looks so cozy!
    Blessings, Shirl


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