Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Pink Saturday Again, Ya'll!!

Hello my Dear Pink Ones! It's that time again - Pink Saturday! This wonderful event is sponsered by the ever lovely Beverly at

Oops!! This Pink Saturday event will have to be interrupted for a few brief seconds!! Attention! Attention!! We have another breaking news story!!

Our most beautifulness dignifiedness of ladies has joined the ranks of our Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas!! This is non other than our lovely Jeanne at

Look at Ms. wonderfulness...oops, off with her head! Off with her head!

Oh, my goodness! That was so very scary, Dear Ones! I thought we had lost our first Diva! Everyone calm down...she's okay...she's breathing...she's smiling...and she's snapping!

Well, isn't our Jeanne the most clever one? Are you seeing an assortment of mirrors! Yes, that's right, Dear Ones! This gal has really put herself through the ringer ~ mirror after mirror has been used! No mirrors were hurt during the snapping!!

Oh, the joy of looking into the face of a natural Bathroom Diva! Look at that gorgeous face, her smile, her pure joy!! Oh, snap on, world, snap on!!

Now look! This mirror is smaller, but our Darling Diva can still snap a beautiful pose!! My, how clever Jeanne is! That camera is glorious up against her peaches and cream complection, don't you think??!!

Well, what have we here? I think I'm seeing our Ms. Lovely's precious little tootsies! And look at those shoes! Truly a star, er, Diva is born!!

Please folks, cover your eyes! I think there has been a mistake. It's okay! Really, let's just close our eyes!! The mirror is gorgeous, I know, but cover your eyes!!

Oh, look! Our most lovely one has tried to put a price on her beautifulness! No no no Nannette!! This kind of bathroom beauty cannot be bought and certainly not for $14.90 something!! This sort of bathroom beauty is totally priceless!!

Okay, everyone, now that was some kind of a snapping bathroom ride, wouldn't you say so? Well, our most beautiful Jeanne is crowned a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva and will be one for ever and ever and until the twelve of never!! Snap on, Divas!!!


Whew! That was some bathroom ride, Dear Pink Ones! Now on with the Pink show! I must apologize, I really don't have anything fantastically Pink planned for today and almost didn't participate ~ but I love the Pinkness of Pink Saturday and had to do something!

Since I have been in the bathroom for so long, thought I would show a little bathroom Pinkness. Now this is not my bathroom, Pink darlings, but I would love to have one like this! Wouldn't I look so gorgeous in here snapping away in the mirror with all the natural sunlight streaming through to highlight the Pinkness in my beautiful Pink hair? I am not at all sure what that little round cage is in the lower right hand corner, but it doesn't really matter does it? The little thingy is not Pink!

If I had this cute little Pink bathroom sink I could wash all the grime from my day off of my sweet lovely little Pink face here. Wait a Pink moment! Are those pumpkins on the backsplash? Oh, that would never do! would it, Dear Pink Ones? Well, on second thought neither would that awful looking floor!! I think I'm changing my mind about this little pink sink!

Oh, now I'm feeling so much better! Look at this lovely Pink bathroom! Pink perfection! Can't you see me standing in front of the mirror snap snap snapping away at my beautiful Pink image! You know I am THE DIVA of the bathroom!!

Dear Pink Ones, we all know how beautiful we look in a Pink room, especailly a Pink bathroom, but seriously now...look at those awful walls! I would certainly have to Pinken these up with my little Pink paintbrush!

Well, now, one last look at the Pinkness that can be found in bathrooms across America. Isn't that the name of a show on HGTV? Bathrooms Across America hosted by Joe Rigipinkness? I'm sure it is!
Oh, how lovely twould be to soak my Pink feet (and other parts) in a bathroom filled to the brim with Pinkness!
Hope you've enjoyed my little fantasy Pink tour today! Oh, wasn't that the name of an old show on TV a few years back? Fantasty Pink Bathrooms? I'm sure it was and the little guy would say, "De Pink! De Pink!" Yes, I remember it well...
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Splish Splash
Splish Splash I was takin' a bath
All about a Saturday night
Rub a dub just relaxin' in the tub
Thinkin' everything was all right
Well I stepped out the tub
Put my feet on the floor
I wrapped a towel around me
And I opened the door
And then a splish splash
I jumped back in the bath
Well how was I to know there was a party goin'on
They was a splishin' and a splashin'
Reelin' with the feeling
Movin' and a groovin'
Rockin' and a rollin'
Bing bang I saw the whole gang
Dancin' on my living room rug
Flip flop they was doing the bop
All the teens had the dancin' bug
There was Lollipop with Peggy Sue
Good golly Miss Molly was even there too
Well a splish splash I forgot about the bath
I went and put my dancin' shoes on
yea I was a rollin' and a strollin'
Reelin' with the feelin'
Movin' and a groovin'
Splishin' and a splashin'
hey yea
Yeah I was a splishin' and a splashin'
I was a rollin' and a strollin'
Yeah I was a movin' and a groovin'
We was reelin' with the feelin'
We was a rollin' and a strollin'
Movin' with the groovin'
Splish splash
~ sung by Bobby Darin
Wonder if Bobby Darin had a Pink mirror in his bathroom? Nah!! ;)


  1. Good Morning Sweet Beauty Snapping Diva of PINK Bathrooms!! LOL!!! Say that 3 times!! Better yet, try typing it here!! LOL!!

    Tom and I are off early again today, to see what we can find!!!


  2. Sheila, I am laughing very heartily this morning. How did you do that? Your text is soooooo funny. Thank you, I feel like a star. Didn't I tell you I would surprise you one day?

    Ok, on to the pinkness of that bathroom. what a find. You are so innovative girl. I love your post today. Smile. Of course, it has nothing to do with me being the bathroom diva star. Laughing again.

    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  3. Jeanne is so funny! She's a diva for sure :)

    I love the pink bathrooms, but you're right, that pumpkin backsplash has to go LOL


  4. Good morning Sheila
    That was an absolutely fitting pink saturday with pink bathrooms.

    You would definately have to have pink toesies when you soak them in a pink tub. Now why would those pumpkins be in that pink washroom? What do they even have to do with the price of eggs...never mind that they are not pink pumpkins but orange.

    Again your song choice is perfect too.
    Have a lovely day...

  5. Oh Shelia, you're such a hoot, you had me giggling from beginning to end! Jeanne's oopsie crotch shot totally cracked me up, because I didn't SEE it at first, until AFTER I actually listened to you and shut my eyes! I opened them and BAM! There was Jeanne's crotch! Jeanne, I give you kudos, woman! Anyone who can make me laugh is a friend of mine!

    And Shelia, you are just so outrageously silly! I would love to have lunch with you and see how many times in an hour you could make me laugh!

    Justine :o )

  6. Oh what a perfect theme for Pink Saturday for you!!! I'm not loving those pumpkins either! Jeanne's pictures had me smiling!!!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    take care,

  7. Loved the pink potty tour :-)

    I could handle the black and pink combo (for awhile!)

    Enjoyed your song selection, too!

    Happy PSat!

  8. Oh you are just the most fun.. love all the bathroom shots the gals are sharing... I always leave with a smile on my face after visitng you..hugs to Chloe Dawn... hugs ~lynne~

  9. The pumpkin backsplash has me confused and scratching my head. How...? Oh, it's a different bathroom!

  10. You are precious! I am cracking up over here! That 'price tag' narrative has me hysterical!

    Even all those mirrors cannot reflect the beauty within Ms. Jeanne. She is a treasure! Such a dear one!

    Thank you for taking us on this 'snapping' journey. I loved it!
    Happy Pink Saturday to you,

  11. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love, love, love your PINK post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  12. I get tickled pink (hah how fitting today) with all these bathroom divas! It's just too funny. My grandmother had a pink it will always be one of my favorite bathroom colors...but my hubby would die if I wanted a pink bath now! Have a wonderous day!

  13. Oh, dear. My Jeanne has no shame. And, now she is sharing her body parts all over the internet. ;-)

    Shelia, I do believe that is a fish bowl in the first bathroom picture. How unusual!!!

    I do believe I would enjoy soaking my feet in some pinkness today.

  14. i think I liked the last bathroom picture. hehe. I can not believe pumpkins and pink? LOL. Happy Pink Saturday.

  15. Monday...on Monday I will post my bathroom pics. Try to hold down your excitement!!

  16. Love the tour of all the pink bathrooms.
    Blessings,and Happy Pink Saturday to you, Virginia

  17. ooo, I love all your pinkness today.
    I didn't much have the nerve to do the Bathroom Scene until Jeanne did it and had such fun with, if she can do it, so can I !!
    Have a fabulous weekend full of pink!
    love, bj

  18. Hi Shelia...girl you crack me up! Love your blog...always makes me smile! BTW, I am officially kicking off Tablescape Tuesday! Whoo, Hoo! :-) Anyone who would like for me to show a link to their tablescape needs to leave a comment at my blog by Sunday evening, and I will add their blog name and link to a list that will be posted on my blog on Tuesdays. Thanks for helping me spread the word. :-) Susan

  19. You have the most fun pink posts! I love these bathrooms! I used to have a pink bathroom at my old house. It and the kitchen are the only thing I really miss about the old place.

    You were right about the pumpkin backsplash to the pink sink! And that awful floor...I hope that was just a prelude to a remodel! I'd have kept the pink sink though!


  20. oh my, your pink potties are a hoot! I agree, the pumpkins have to go and that floor was awful! the fish bowl is kinda unique though. fun post!!

    thanks for stopping by and have a great Pink Saturday! :)

  21. What a perfect pink post for the bathroom snapping Diva!!! You are just too funny.
    Hope you have a marvelous Pink Saturday!

  22. Oh I love the pink tiles and the pink sink.One day I will have to have a bathroom like that.Poor
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  23. Hi Shelia,
    This is a cute pink Sat. post! Hope you're having a great pinky day!

  24. What a great post! I love all those pretty pink bathrooms. Your pink saturday posts are always so nice!
    Love, Ann

  25. Wow, those bathrooms are!

  26. LOL! Jeanne is a great bathroom diva! When I was at the Biltmore seeing the Beach Boys last weekend, I spent a little time in the Biltmore Bathroom.....I had my camera....I thought about it.....but there were about 50 other women in the bathroom...So a las...I didn't snap the picture..But sometime in the future, I will :-)

  27. Hi Sheila,

    The bathroom diva's are still going strong! I love it.

    I have been catching up on reading. We stayed at The Green Valley Ranch Resort in May for a Toyota/Scion event. I could have moved in!

    Welcome back home.


  28. Fun pink saturday post, Shelia!

    I loved your trip report! WOW!

    One of these days, I'm going to get a bathroom photo, too!

  29. Hey Shelia, I think all of us girls should have a pink bathroom. I'm going to have to pain a bathroom pink someday and make it MY bathroom!

  30. Hi Shelia
    I finely got around to posting my bathroom snapper. Looks like you have been keeping busy too.
    Love Julia

  31. Happy belated pink Sat. Shelia, that was one sweetie pink bathroom! LOL

  32. Hi Sheila, oh what cute pink bathrooms. My aunt had a pink and black bathroom just like that one. Soon as I saw the pic I thought of them. Thanks for the memory! Off to check out your vacation post!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  33. I love the *pink* bathrooms! Simpley divine! We need to redo our bathroom soon, I wonder if I could convince hubby to go for a *pink* one ....


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