Friday, August 22, 2008

I Want To Share My Little Trip With You!!

Attention! Attention!! Oh the word is spreading and gorgeous lovelies are continuing to burst through bathroom doors all over the world with cameras in hand just to become Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas!!

We have two more ladies in all of their beautifulness ~ Blogland, may I introduce you to Annie and Rue from
Oh, look at those gorgeous faces and the mystery in their lovely eyes! Folks, this is as good as it gets ~ Mother and daughter snapping together! This bathroom will never be the same! Look one more time at all their loveliness shining forth and how discreetly the camera is hidden. Annie and Rue ~ you are now and forever shall be Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas!! Hooray! Hooray! Now remember, you can become this gorgeous too! You just need a bathroom and a camera!! Come on now, don't be shy!!

Make sure you scroll on down to the next post after this and feast your eyes on more Divas!

Dear Sweet Ones, as I said, I've missed you all so very much and will do my best to personally reply to all your messages to me! I'd like to share my little trip with you. First of all I want to say I'm truly blessed! God has blessed my Mr. Precious with such a wonderful job that involves traveling to wonderful places and I get to go too! I never take this for granted and I am always like a child in a candy store when I get to go on these wonderful journeys. So just know I feel very humble and just want you to share in my joy, too!!

Okay, here we go! Mr. Precious and I flew to Las Vegas, rented a car and drove to Henderson and stayed three nights at the beautiful Green Valley Ranch. I kept calling this place the Hidden Valley Ranch and was craving salad all the time!

I want to share with you the beautiful gorgeous suite we stayed in! This is standing in the foyer looking into the living room!

I could not get over the SIZE of that animal print ottoman! If little Chloe Dawn could have come, she would have been dancing all over that thing!

The dining room...

This is a little room with the mini bar and fridge. OH, I tried so hard not to covet that countertop!

Looking into the dining room. See the cool little lights under the ledge?

A pretty little desk area.

This was the little powder room off the foyer.

uh oh...I see a mirror and I just can't help myself!!
Snap snap!! Hi sweet Dear Ones!!! I can't help but be a Diva!!

Now into the bedroom.

I would never be able to pull sheets this tight!

Fuzzy pillows! This reminds me of fuzzy faced Chloe Dawn!!

Cool lamps. Reminds me of the old fashioned corsets!

Now this was my little resting spot!

Beautiful restfulness...

The baaaath. Isn't it gorgeous!?

I was hoping they'd replace these every day. Nope, they didn't.

Aren't the frames so lovely on these mirrors? MIRRORS!!!

Snap snap!! You know I just can't help myself!!

Mr. Precious just loves the showers. I love the bathtub!

Looking out the window to the pool area.

Don't let these pictures fool looks so nice and cool, but it was about 109 degrees! You talk about hot!

Peeping through the bars.

Here's a few shots of the lovely lobby.

Would I love to have this biscuit jar! It's just awesome!

I have to rest my tootsies now!! Whew this tour has made my feet hurt!
Hope you've enjoyed your stay with me at the Green Valley Ranch. Tomorrow I'll show you some more!

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

It's A Miracle

You wouldn't believe where I've been,

The cities and towns

I been in, from Boston to Denver

and every town in between.

The people they all look the same,

only the names have been changed.

But now that I'm home again

I'll tell you what I believe:

It's a Miracle

a true blue spectacle,

a miracle come true.

We're together baby,

I was goin' crazy till the miracle came through.

Now you're here and my arms are around you

and baby they'll be dancin in the streets

for the miracle a true blue spectacle,

the miracle is you

I never knew you look so good.

Oh I never knew anyone could.

I must have been crazy to ever have gone away.

I almost forgot what it's like,

holdin you near me at night.

But now that I"m home again

you'll know that I'm home to stay,

cause it's a miracle a true blue spectacle,

a miracle come true.

We're together baby,

I was going crazy

till the miracle came through.

Now you're here I'm feeling so good,

and baby they'll be dancing in the streets

for the miracle a true blue spectacle,

the miracle is you.
~ sung by Barry Manilow


  1. WOW...what a beautiful fun!!

    But, it's soooooo good to have you baaaaaack, Travelling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva!!!!


    Well, I stopped in to see who was up and had posted and you were 1st on my list!!! Yeah...I only have time for 1 right now. Tom has today off and we're outta here hit the sales!!!


  2. breathtaking and BEAUTIFUL!! You are so fortunate to get to travel with your hubby and to stay in such luxury!! I would have felt like I was a Queen or Royalty in that fabulous room.

    I am glad you are back cause I missed you.

  3. WhooHoo! Welcome back! Missed you!Just wanted to also let you know that Jan and Tom from Jan and Tom's Place, of course, are coming to my shop to visit me today! I'm excited. Also, I have just a small little present that I found for you and I would like to send it to you. Can you email me for details. I'm at:

  4. Looks like they treated you as King and his Queen should be treated.
    Beautiful pics. So glad you could get away with Mr. Precious and relax and be waited on.

  5. Welcome Back Sheila *hugs*
    Its so nice to have you back...we've missed you.
    You took some fabulous pictures of your lovely hotel. Its gorgeous. would have had enough room for all of us! Oh my. I love love bunny is going there this week from Wed. to meet his son who lives in Hawaii. Darn..this is just a guys time together.
    I can't wait to hear more about your trip.
    I can't wait to see my pie birds and get a picture of them. They only just arrived at Marcs this week and I won't get them until next weekend. Hope they are nice.
    Have a lovely day

  6. That was a lovely tour and it looks like you were just pampered in your suite. How lucky!!!! I think it would be hard to return LOL!

    I'm glad you took advantage of those mirrors and snapped your picture. :)

    take care,

  7. What a beautiful, luxurious place. Hang on to Mr. Precious!

  8. WOW that place is fit for a kind and Queen...or a Bathroom DIVA extraordinaire! What a beautiful place. But we're glad to have you back!

  9. Welcome back. We missed your smiling face and good cheer.

    What a beautiful resort. I like being spoiled on occasion.

    And, great pictures. We word is getting around.

  10. Wow! What a gorgeous suite fit the Bathroom Diva Sweet! Can't wait to see the rest.....Robyn

  11. Welcome back Shelia!!

    Thanks for the tour of the ranch! It is beautiful! I hope you got into the fab pool!

    You were craving salad! Girl when i go on vacations i love to eat and eat big! lol!!

  12. Sheila, I left you a comment about my bathroom diva post but you probably didn't see it. I posted my bathroom dive picture yesterday. I wanted to wait until your return, but it's a long story. I am having a knee replacement om Mon and time was running out for that post. I told you I would surprise you one day. I had a huge laugh over the whole thing.

    Your vacation is nothing short of heaven. Your photos are wonderful. I am so happy you had a much needed rest. I am also happy you are back home.

    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  13. Oh woweeeeeeeeeee! Look at that place! What kind of company does Mr. Precious work for that puts him up in a deluxe suite like that? Holy bonkers! I would have just stayed in the room the whole time luxuriating in all that beautifulness!

    Love your newest Diva pictures. You're a gorgeous woman, Shelia!

    Justine :o )

  14. I'm so glad you're back. I've missed all your wonderfulness. Your Hidden Valley Ranch looks so luxurious. Were you being terribly pampered while Mr. Precious was working hard?

    And what about the food--I'm hungry and I need details! :)

  15. Well, you should have called! We were in Vegas also! At the Venetian. I haven't posted my pics yet...but guess what??? I have 2 bathroom shots JUST for YOU! Now, believe me...I wouldn't have done it for anyone else!! I will try to post this weekend. I am still dragging a little from the trip!

  16. Good Lord, what kind of job does he have? That looked like a mansion to me!

  17. Wow that is some spread there! Looks like you had a real tough week. lol
    You have me craving salad now too!

  18. Holy cow ! What a shack Sheila ! That was the height of luxury girl . Looked like the kind of place where they would be standing around fanning you with palm leaves and feeding you grapes !
    :0) :0) :0)

  19. I would never want to come home!!!! thanks for the tour!

  20. Holy moly, that is the most sumptuous hotel suite I have ever seen! People would give their eyeteeth to be able to stay a few days in something like that! It's just stunning, and how fun for you! Glad you're back and happy that you had such a great trip! I want to come with you next time, lol. Does Mr. Precious have a single co-worker who gets trips like this too? lol


  21. This looks like a very beautiful place! My husband is in his truck travelling all day long but never to anywhere as wonderful as this. The good thing is he's home every night so I won't complain!

  22. Glad to have you back! .The place looks beautiful!! Kathy

    WOO HOOO !!
    I just HAVE to join in your BATHROOM BEAUTIES so I will have mine posted on Monday morning. Will you just take them and add to your collection? I would email the pics to you but my email program is acting up so much, I'm not thinking it will take pictures.
    Hope this works for you, dear. And...I can't believe I let you talk me into this silliness but you are havin' waaaay too much fun for me to just ignore for THIS 70 YEAR OLD
    BATHROOM BEAUTY that should have more sense...HAHAHAHA...FUN, FUN...

  24. Hello there! I have missed you glad you are back. Wow what a room, looks more like a house than a hotel room. I love the master bath, how pretty. I can't wait to see more. Have a great weekend. Give Miss Chloe Dawn my best.


  25. Wowie-Wow-WOW!!!! I am all about that suite. I'm looking into that place on our next trip there! Thank you for luxurious getaway! :-)

  26. Hi Sheila me again...although I've had some instructions I still don't get how to post an award. Now say that I wanted to post the Diva Bathroom Slogan on my sidebar...not in a post but on the do I do it? I just don't know how. :o( Can you give me step-by-step instructions. Thank you...

  27. Wow that is a beautiful place! I really love the bathroom!

  28. Good morning Shelia :)

    Thank you? for post our pic LOL Annie was making such a face LOL

    What a gorgeous hotel! I've never heard of it. We used to go to Vegas 2 or 3 times a year up until we moved 7 years ago. Did you gamble??


  29. Wow! That's beautiful! What a fun place to stay. I'm glad you had fun. Welcome back, you where missed.
    P.S. I love your last "Diva" shot is awesome, you look very cute!

  30. What a fun place. I used to love it when Bob traveled and I got to go along. He is happy that he has a job now that requires no not so much. I miss having some alone time once in a while when he was off in some place I didn't want to go and I miss the thrill of a trip to Ireland or London or SanDiego ( my fav). What a jet setter I *used* to be.


    PS. I am still trying to get a picture of myself in a mirror!

  31. looks like you have a wonderful vacation, great place for vacation

  32. WOW Mummie,

    Looks wonderful. You and Dad simply must start taking me along :) I love your bathroom shots :)
    Hugs & kisses!

  33. Oh my goodness Sheila what a lovely place and those counter tops were just beautiful! Everything was so elegant. Lucky girl!!!
    Blessings, Shirl

  34. Oh my goodness Sheila what a lovely place and those counter tops were just beautiful! Everything was so elegant. Lucky girl!!!
    Blessings, Shirl


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