Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Ever Tablescape Tuesday!!

Attention! Attention!! Dear Ones of Blogland, before we can have any Tablescaping we have just learned we have had another Bathroom Snapping Sighting! Oh, I've just been informed there have been three Bathroom Snapping Sightings! Are your bathrooms safe from these invasions...absolutely not! Lovelies are crashing, climbing, breaking through bathroom doors all over America! But these invaders, in all of their beautifulness, are not dangerous at all, oh no ~ they just want to snap! My heart is leaping in my chest at the joyness I feel at this very moment. But we cannot be too careful, there are imposters out their in bathrooms who want this title and we are only going to give it to the genuine bathroom Divas.

So I must start the examination...let's see, I do see beautiful peachesness and creamness of complextions here, gorgeous locks of hair with bathroom highlightness, the most pearly whitenesses of teeth, bodies attired in the most stylishness of clothes, arms tilted just so and poised in the air with tiny little dainty fingers wrapped around their CAMERAS! Yes, Dear Ones! We have truly found three Bathroom Divas in all of their gloriness!! Oh the joyness of this moment!

Now who do we have here? It our own precious Dawn at http://dawnsdaybreak.blogspot.com/. Isn't she the most wonderfulness loveliest of ones? She could take her title to her classroom this fall...no no, young children are not allowed to be Divas...never mind, sweet Dawnness.

And who is this most alluring one in all of her smiling gloriness? It's our own BJ at http://sweetnothingsbj.blogspot.com/. Even in all of her sophistication, BJ has dreamed of this achievement and I'm so proud of her bathroom gorgeousness!

Oh, my goodness! Who is this most alluring one? This is Glenda, affectionately known to me as Tootsie Wootsie, at http://tootsietime.blogspot.com/. This Bathroom Diva stepped away from her flowers just to snap and be crowned!!
Okay, Dear Ones, on with the most importantness of this moment! Ahem...does my hair look okay? Now, Dawn, BJ and Glenda, I am so proud to bestow upon you the most desired and coveted title in all of Blogland! Because of your bathroom accomplishments you are now Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas and shall be for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Oh, please pass me a tissue. This is very emotional for me. Remember, you too can be a Diva ~ just snap, tell me about it and I will give you all the praise I can and introduce you to the world in all of your bathroom gloriness ~~ Snap on, Divas ~~

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm so excited to be a part of the very first ever Tablescape Tuesday which is sponsored by my dear sweet friend, Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/. For those familiar with RMS, you'll remember Susan as MoonlightandMagnolias. First of all I must tell you something...you know how I'm the Diva of Bathroom Snapping? Well, this little lady is the Diva of Tablescaping! She is so good at this and has the most beautiful sets of dishes you've ever seen.

Okay, I will show you one of my tablescapes!

These dishes are by Spode and are called Trade Winds. Living coastal as we do, I just love the look of the tall ships. The dishes have different ships on them. The plates have one, the dessert plates have another, etc.
Here you can see the little saucer with it's tall ship! I have my dinner plates sitting on top of reddish chargers. Now these dishes are not really white but a grayish white with brick red ships and trim. Also there is a gold trim around the outer edges!

Do you see the sweet little silver sugar scuttle on the left there? Well, I have this all because of my sweet Susan who is sponsoring today! Like I said, Ms. Tablescape Diva had one of these posted on RMS along with her beautifully appointed table. I had never seen one and just fell in love with it. A couple of days later I was in my neighborhood junk shop and saw one for about $2.99~~ I was jumping up and down for joy!! I bought this little darling sugar scuttle, brought it home, cleaned it up and here she sits proudly on my dining table.

Does this remind you of Cindy from My Romantic Home? I think of her when I 'do' shells and white!

Dear Ones, you know how I love stories, so I will tell you a story about my dishes...

Once upon a time a certain Mr. Precious came home bearing gifts for his Mrs. Precious. Mrs. Precious always loved receiving gifts from her Mr. Precious and just could not wait to see what was in the bag! In went her dainty hand and out it popped with a dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl and a cup and saucer! Oh, she cried with glee!! Dishes, dishes!! How she loved dishes! Mr. Precious told her if she liked these, he could bring home many more. Of course Mrs. Precious said, "Yes! Yes! Bring me more dishes!"

So Mr. Precious did just that! You see the King he worked for had moved from their old palace to a newer bigger palace and these dishes had been stored away in the dungeon for many years. The dishes had been used in the large eating room for all the special knights and ladies. But alas, the rich King no longer wanted these dishes any more. So Rumplestilkins was going to sell all the dishes to the common folk and make lots of money for the rich King! Word got out to Mr. Precious that he could buy some dishes that had been used at the King's table. And that is how Mrs. Precious ended up with these great dishes.

The moral of this story - dishes from King's castles can end up for all to see in Blogland!!

~the end.

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Castles in The Air

Here my head up in the clouds
I feel I’m spinning around
Dreams will come and go
But this is here to stay
So forever this way
Hold me now, hold me now
And say the things you say
Hold me now, hold me now I pray
So here we are at the start of this road
Together building castles in the air
Words we don’t need without you I don’t breathe
Forever building castles in the air
So softly like a sigh
Sea where the white horses ride
It all seems so real
A feeling deep inside
So our time will go on
Hold me now, hold me now
And say the things you say
Hold me now, hold me now I pray
So here we are at the start of this road
Together building castles in the air
Words we don’t need without you I don’t breathe
Forever building castles in the air
~sung by Don McLean