Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Mr. Precious Is Away...

...I don't cook! I'll bet you thought I was gonna tell you a nasty little secret, didn't you? Well, no, I'm actually a pretty good gal when Mr. Precious is away.
But I do get to "play" - you know, do the fun things around the house I want to do. Wear my gown until 3:00 pm, eat popcorn for breakfast, visit my blogging friends all day, and no cooking! You get the picture.
This is the scenario...Chloe Dawn and I hop into my Jeep and head out down the street. This one of Chloe Dawn's most favorite things to do - ride in the car with the window down letting the wind blow into that precious little face!
Then we pull up to the drive-thru window at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Miss Chloe Dawn sits down like such a good girl and her little nostrils take in the aroma of grease and fried chicken billowing out of the window that just opened.
We're home now and here is the delicious fried stuff just waiting to be woofed down! I did hear Kentucky Fried Chicken uses a more healthy oil now to fry with. Okay, that'll work!

Just look how the little plastic container is all filled up with steam from the hot food!
Now, I must tell you - I don't eat off plastic dishes! No no! Here's a plate and a coffee cup will work nicely for the beans. Oops! I forgot my biscuit! You know how good those biscuits are, don't you? What is this? Chloe Dawn, do you want something? Your mommy did not forget about her baby girl. You may have some mashed potatoes.
Notice...Chloe Dawn does not eat out of plastic dishes either and she even has her own placemat. Now after our dinner what are we going to do next, Miss Chloe Dawn?

We'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Sweet Home Alabama

Big wheels keep on turning
Carry me home to see my kin
Singing songs about the Southland
I miss Alabamy once again
And I think its a sin, yes

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you
~ Lynyrd Skynyrd ( I think it's a little funny using a song about Alabama to represent Kentucky, don't you?)


  1. What a fun time you and Miss Chloe Dawn had! Your meal looks wonderful on your pretty plates! :)

  2. Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmmm...that dinner looks sooooo good!! It's been a long time since I've had KFC!!! Looks like the 2 of you are having a GREAT time!!

    Just wanted to let you know, Tom is taking your package to the Post Office right now...on his way to you should have it in a couple of days!! Hope you enjoy it!! After you receive it, post some pix about the package!!


  3. If it makes you feel better I wear my P.J.s until at least noon almost daily! I'm glad that you and Chloe Dawn are having a good time. Sometimes it's fun to just have the girls for a day or two.

  4. I have a secret weakness for dog tails. Chloe Dawn certainly has a cute one. I'll bet when she's happy she almost wiggles to pieces.

    It is good to have time alone, I think. And reunions are so nice.

  5. Hiya Luvie,

    I just have to say - look at the cute little bottom on Chloe Dawn! She can eat all the KFC she wants - LOL woof!!

  6. Morning girl...I love being around the house in my frogie and just relaxing when Bill is at work..oh and I love KFC..the breast plate with the mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuit oh and gotta eat my veggies so I get the slaw! lol lol My Maggie has her own little ceramic doggie bowl on a place mat also! lol Have a great day sweetie!

  7. And Kitties have their own special fancy dishes and placemat too!!
    Hi there! I just found your blog and have really enjoyed getting acquainted! Maybe your "big wheels [will] keep on rollin'" and bring you up to central Texas to visit us! I am Minister of music for our church, so we could play to our hearts' content!
    Peace is Joy resting,
    Joy is Peace dancing!

  8. What a cute post...made me hungry...but cute nonetheless! Maybe me, David, and Coco, will load up and go visit the colonel for lunch! ummmmm....

    Wanted to let you know that I am hosting an online virtual baby shower for Heather, at Hopscotch and Hydrangeas next Friday, the 25th. Hope you can join us and spread the word! You can get more details at my blog site!

    Have a blessed day...and you be a sweetie while the Mr. is away! LOLOL! I know you and Chloe will!

  9. Hi Jaybird, I'd love my big old wheels to come for a visit. We could make lots of music together, couldn't we? It would be fun. Come back to see me sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. I know it's fun to go a bit out of the box when our sweeties are away. Mine works a job that has the same hours everyweek. He does hunt maybe once in a blue moon so I see him everynight... Not a bad thing a all but sometimes when he does go away for a little business trip... I go all out... the kids and I all climb into bed together... I cannot sleep alone, hehe... I thought about you this morning Miss Sheila... I made something with a teacup this morning.. It is too sweet for words... Susie h~

  11. I love that song :)

    It looks like a fun day to me! I LOVE KFC!!!! Now I am hungry, lol! Chloe Dawn is so CUTE!!!


  12. Now that is MY idea of a great meal! Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

    M ^..^

  13. Oh, you are a girl after my own heart! I love to do that too when Shnookums is away!!! lol!!!

  14. Shelia, you're such a LADY. Now if that had been me, I'd be eating it right out of the plastic tray they'd put the food on in the first place! LOL!
    And is Mr. Precious home yet? Where did that man go?

    Justine :o )

  15. I know you two girls are living it up. Have fun!!!

  16. Ah ha, "when the cat's away, the mice will play". It's been ages since I had KFC. Is that baked beans I see? (Don't have them with our meals in Canada, unless they just added them to our menu.) Will have to investigate. Have fun!

  17. Now you know that it is not right waving that KFC around in front of a hungry pregnant woman! And at dinner time too!!! How dare you?? LOL!!! Oh my goodness that looks so good- and made even better looking on your pretty dishes! I don't like to eat on the take-out containers either. My husband is always telling me "Part of the thrill of ordering take-out is so you don't have dishes to do- and you still dirty the dishes!" There are some things our men will never get- and it's fun to keep 'em on their toes!
    That first picture of Chloe Dawn is just too precious! Give that girl some smooches for me right on top of that pretty, pampered head!! Oh she's a cutie!
    -Heather :)

  18. I don't care what people say. I love KFC. OH so good!!!Kathy

  19. Now THAT is a great meal! Our Kipper loves it and is probably abit envious of sweet Chloe right now. he is laying here looking at the screen and licking his lips. : )


  20. You know, I really miss the extra crispy KFC used to offer because it really is all that crunchy skin for me. And the more batter the better. This meal is what I call a guilty pleasure as most of my friends would not enjoy indulging with me. Thanks. That was delicious.
    Lisa & Alfie

  21. Yeah, when my 'Mr.Precious' is gone ('Handyman'), I don't cook either. It's usually Lean Cusine for me on those days! Chole is a grrrreat girlfriend!


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