Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My First Award!

I am so thrilled - last night CeeKay of Thinkin' of Home passed this award on to me! I just wanted to make sure you could share in my joy today! I didn't know if you would see it since I posted after today's Tea Party. Thank you again, CeeKay!


  1. Congratulations, Shelia!!! It's no surprise to me why you'd have won this award!!!


    ps...I just won mine this week too!

    ***the 2 of us dancing in circles together, celebrating***

  2. Yeah Miss Shelia!!! Im exicited for you... Good job... I betcha it was cause that tea was soo good! ((hugs)) Susie H~

  3. And you well deserve it girl!!!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  4. Just the first of many for you I'm sure! Congratulations dear Sheila!

  5. Congratulations on your award, how lovely.

  6. Way to go!

  7. Congratulations on your award. You certainly deserve it!
    Loved your tea party pix also.

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  9. Hi Sheila, thank you so much for stopping by again. Sewing pillows sounds like so much fun. Please post pics when you are done. I'd love to see! I love to sew, I have been working on a project that I will be announcing soon. Be sure to stay tuned. Congrats on the award and I love your new tea party post. Such pretty pics! I made a typo and deleted the previous comment.
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  10. Congratulations! This is a great honor. I've enjoyed visiting your blog home this evening. You tea party was delightful.

  11. CONGRATS Mommy!!! You certainly deserve it :)
    I am so proud of you!!

    Lots of love, luv


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