Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've Been SEW Busy!

Last week I decided to make a couple of pillows using some of my red work I had embroidered this summer. You know I kinda like the old roosters and found these great patterns to embroider in red work. Red work is really just using red thread for the entire design. You could use blue, or green, or whatever...but I guess you'd have to call it green work or blue work. Duh! :)I was really pleased with how these pillows turned out. The photo is a tad dark, but the red work is framed in a really pretty green fabric with big red roses on it. Then I added a little two inch ruffle around the edge out of a coordinating red print.
This is the first pillow.
Here is the second pillow. Isn't this guy a cutie? Now where am I going to put them?
I don't think pillows belong in a bookshelf, do you?

Don't think the kitchen counter top is a good idea either, especially by the microwave. Nope!

Not on top of great grandfather's clock! Now I have to get my stool to get this pillow down. You know I'm not very tall!

Roscoe! I know you have a bad back, but you cannot use this new pillow!

How did this pillow get here with Bunny Foo Foo!?

Chloe Dawn! Are you in on this too!

Oh, I think this just might be the perfect spot! Yes, this is it! I think my new rooster pillows look just right on the little love seat on the sunporch. Do you agree?

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Pillow talk, pillow talk
Another night of hearin' myself talk, talk, talk, talk
Wonder how it would be
To have someone to pillow talk with me
I wonder how I wonder who
Pillow talk, pillow talk
Another night of bein' alone with pillow talk
When it's all said and done
Two heads together can be better than one
That's what they say
They always say
All I do is talk to my pillow
Talk to my pillow, talk to my pillow
All I do is talk to my pillow
Talk about the boy I'm gonna marry someday
Somehow, some way, sometime

~ Buddy Pepper & Inez James


  1. Oh. your pillows are darling and they look perfect on your love seat.. And by any chance is that toile I see? :-)
    I visited your Grandmas room yesterday.. WE too have a grandmas room.. I've called it that from the time dh's mother moved in with us.. I truly loved her and with all the grandkids she had I just called her Grandma too..she has since past and I miss her so.. you were there the other night.. yes the toile room is called Grandmas Room.. I hope all is well with you this beautiful day.. Lots of hugs for Chloe Dawn... hugs ~lynne~

  2. Shelia,

    I love your pillows...and they look PERFECT on the love seat on your sunporch with the red/white toile!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Now...I have to get busy sewing...or painting...or cleaning...or re-decorating...or, can I just go antiquing??? LOL!!


  3. Gorgeous! They look beautiful on your little loveseat too, a perfect compliment to the other fabric. I have to admit though that the pillow with Chloe Dawn is a close second. Awww, who am I kidding, Chloe Dawn makes any picture number one!

  4. Good morning Shelia,

    I think you found the perfect spot for you beautiful pillows. What a cozy spot for coffee and prayer. Thanks for stopping by yesterday, its so much fun having visitors.

    Love Julia

  5. Cute pillows. Roscoe looks like he could use a pillow.

  6. Love the pillows Shelia. I think Cloe Dawn needs a pillow! Kathy

  7. Love those rooster pillows! You did such a sweet job on them... I know you are proud... Now Chloe Dawn... you dont knock those sweet pillows off that couch. Momma worked way too hard on them... I bet she is dying to lay her little head right on top of em'... what a sweetie she is.
    I cant wait till you get your tassels. I smiled all the way to the post office because they were going to such a special place. Thank you and take care my dear friend! Susie h~

  8. Hi Sheila -
    What beautiful pillows! They are perfect on the loveseat. You tried them in a few 'interesting' places. I thought Chloe Dawn would claim them, for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello and for leaving your sweet comments. I wish you lived closer - you could join us under the blue umbrella lights. Wouldn't that be fun?

  9. Shelia, I love those rooster pillows! You did I beautiful job! Though I dont have red in my house, I do love redwork!

    I love bunny foo foo too!! :)


  10. Morning cuz! LOL I decided to come back & give you a holler, for those of you who don't know translations, that's southern for hello LOL & no we're not really cousins, that's a private joke LOl, the pillows are fabulous! I'm doing some "brown work" snowmen for my upcoming shows, I'll send you an email with all my site & blog info. have a wonderful blessed day !

  11. Oh my goodness, you just crack me up, putting the pillow in all different silly locations, just for our viewing pleasure! They came out wonderful, btw., but... well... I think they'd look much better in my grubby hands. Hand em over!

    Justine:o )

  12. Hiya Luv,

    The pillows look FAB! I love them. They look wonderful on the wicker love-seat in your sun room. I think the Mr. Precious rooster lamp might be a tab bit jealous that they are getting so much attention :)
    Luv ya Luv!

  13. Hi, Helen! We can be cuzes. Is that how you say it? lol Oh, thank you for stopping by. I just clicked on your name and your shop is wonderful! I love all the raggedies and toys.
    Thanks again for stopping by.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Those pillows are gorgeous! And...you gave me such a great idea...I have a wicker bench like that, but in tan...I think I am going to spray paint it white now! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

  15. Good morning Shelia... Your pillows are darling! Thanks again for the award; I will post about it soon. Just got back from Portland, come see the roses... :)

    Have a lovely day


  16. Hello Sheila, I just stopped by to say hello and I see you are a girl after my heart. I love, love, love redwork. I research needlework and have done alot of that on redwork. I have some beauties in my home and plan on doing a blog post on redwork. My living room has red, surprise no pink! With the dogs, cats and so many people in and out pink and white would be so hard for me to keep clean. I have a dog and cat door so they come in and out sometimes when I don't get a chance to wipe their little feet. I keep the couches covered in quilts at all times!
    Anyway I've never seen roosters in redwork, you did a wonderful job. I love the print you used for the ruffles, very nice!
    Well you take care, TTYL!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  17. Wow, I'm impressed! They are fabulous! I used to do needle point years ago so I know what time goes into them. You did an awesome job and they came out just great!

  18. I do redwork too. When I say that, usually people have no idea what I'm talking about. I'll have to think about making pillows out of mine. That's a nice way to enjoy them on an everyday basis!

  19. What beautiful pillows and where you put them really brings out just how beautiful they are. I have a thing for roosters too. I plan on doing a rooster/chicken theme in my kitchen. I always wanted chickens since I was a little girl and I guess that is as close as I'll get!


  20. thought I'd come back by & give you ladies a link I have in my fav's for free redwork patterns http://www.redwork.info/free_redwork_patterns.html
    here is another great link for seasonal sticheries & more http://www.homeberries.com/FreePatterns.html

  21. Hey Pickle.I love the Redwork pillows and you know I love roosters!!! They look fabulous in their new spot...Hope the sun is shining on your side of the mountain sweetie!

  22. Your red work pillows are grand. I am proud of you for making those darling pillows. They look great on the love seat. I start needle work and never finish. I guess I am not devoted to it. I'm devoted to blogging and that leaves you no time for much. Smile!


  23. So pretty! And so versatile!

  24. Shelia, your pillows are fabulous. I love them, and they do look perfect on your loveseat.

  25. The pillows look great on the love seat! I really need to get back to doing some embroidery!

  26. Those are beautiful! It all looks so good with the other pillows and patterns and colors you have on your wicker loveseat. I haven't done any kind of needlework in over two decades. This makes me want to try it again!


  27. Sheila, Glad you found the perfect spot for your sweet rooster pillows to rest a spell! They are so pretty, I love the coordinating fabrics! I enjoyed the post! :)

    Congrats on your award! You certainly deserve it!

    ~Rhonda :)

  28. Hi Sheila!
    Beautiful pillows! You did a great job on them. I can't believe you aren't going to let Chloe Dawn use one of them!! She looked so adorable with it.
    Stop by my blog, I tagged you!!
    Hugs, Sherry

  29. Hi Shelia! Wow, you are so talented! Those pillows are gorgeous! I love that they are just the one color, they really POP! Maybe you should open up your own Etsy store. I am not sure how exactly they work, we would have to find out but I am sure you would have many patrons of your beautiful work! Glad to see you are really settling in nicely to blogland, isn't this a nice place to be? Swing on by my place and see what I have been up to! Take care. ~ Laurie

  30. Your redwork pillows are amazing, you found the perfect spot for them! I enjoyed the pillow talk :)

  31. I just love you pillows, I do red work too. Where did you ever get the rooster pattern. they look great on your love seat. You did a great job as always. Please let me know where you found the pattern if you can. Thank You sweetie.


  32. You are so talented in so many ways. You are also so creative. I bet your house is just lovely. It is always so fun to read your blog.

  33. Those pillows are darling and they look absolutely perfect on the bench. You are inspiring me to do some needlework....

  34. Oh you are so funny! You had me crackin up with that pillow moving everywhere before it found it's home!! I enjoy your posts so much!! The pillows are beautiful and that redwork! Oh my goodness!
    Have a great day sweetie!
    -Heather :)


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