Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's A Tea Party!

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm posting a Tea Party from last year! I was very new to blogging, met Jan and wanted to join her Tea Party, so this is it!! Well, if you know me, I went a bit overboard and showed almost all of my tea sets... :)
I'm so glad you've stopped by for tea today. Jan from Jan and Tom's Place is hosting a tea today, so go here http://jt-jantom.blogspot.com/ and you can visit all the different tea parties! So here's my selection of tea thingys.
Hope you have fun!
A sweet tea pot and tray from my dear daughter

This lovely tea set was a Christmas gift from my Mr. Precious

This is a little crocheted doll I made many moons ago
and she just adores having tea!

Another old tea set from my Mr. Precious!

Odds and ends of Pink Willow and some pink depression glass

This one means a lot to me. It's from my mother who
gave it to me many years ago.

You know rabbits are particular about what they will eat at tea parties.
They don't care for sandwiches so
I thought this Bunny Foo Foo would like some cherries!

I call this the "Blogland" teapot (everyone has one!) and it's with
some very old white dishes my mother gave me.

My mother knows I like tea sets. Here is another one she's given me.

Odd tea pot with some of my sweet little dishes

You know when you come to my house - I have a few roosters. Well, these guys are a little pushy and a little shovey and would not listen to me. I told them Teas were mainly for ladies. Did they care? Not one bit. So they hopped up here and said "Snap a picture of us!" Well, that's just what I did. You can see they brought their own sugar and creamer, the big guy is the tea pot, they brought a little marmalade holder with their specialities in it and even their own salt and pepper shakers! Why would they bring salt and pepper to a tea party?
They told me everyone knows they like to eat seeds and they want their seeds seasoned! I see they've already scattered some seeds in front of the shakers. What am I going to do with these guys?

I certainly hope you've enjoyed my tea party. Hope you tried all of the different flavors of tea and all of the goodies I prepared just for you! Chloe Dawn did not like drinking the tea. She tried it and just spit it out and now she's pouting - that's why she's not around today.

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

When I Take My Sugar To Tea

Every Sunday afternoon, we forget about those cares
Rubbing elbows at the Ritz, with those zillionaires
When I take my sugar to tea
I'm as ritzy as I can be
'Cause I never take her where the gang goes
When I take, take my sugar to tea.

~ Kahal, Fain & Connor