Monday, July 28, 2008

Fish Jugs and Awards!

Have you ever seen these little fish jugs before?

There are many sizes, many colors and they're so cute, don't cha think? Here is a Majolica one that only cost $415!

Well, I had never ever seen one of these little objects until I saw my sweet friend, Linda's, from Rate My Space. ( she gave me permission to post her pictures ). She had these darling little fish jugs and you can see how marvelous she made them look! She just decorated with them all over the place! Her fish jugs were just a huge hit on RMS!

I don't actually 'covet' things my friends have, but boy howdy did I want a fish jug like Linda's. Look, she has three white ones and a great big colorful one in the background! I want a fish jug! I want a fish jug!

During one of my shopping trips, my eyes always looking for treasures, I spied a white fish jug like Linda's at Tuesday Mornings! I was so excited! I picked it up, looked on the bottom for the price and carefully placed it back down on the shelf... was almost $200! Nope nope, I'll continue on my search for a fish jug.

The same afternoon I went inside a little thrift store and saw two fish jugs! Hideous looking as they were, they were still fish jugs! And at $2 each, I just had to buy them. I brought them home. Chloe Dawn barked her little head off at them. She hated those fish jugs. Mr. Precious said, "Why in the world would you buy those things!" Oh, my sweet fish bubble was almost popped!

They were painted a horrible teal bluish/green with dark yucky gray accents! They looked like they could have been painted by a fourth grader - one who didn't like to paint very much! You know, they really look better in these pictures than they really were.

Not to let some yucky colors deter me, I bought some spray primer, some spray paint and some spray sealer all for glass and china and started to work on these puppies, I mean fish jugs.

Oh Gloriness! Oh Joyness! Oh Fish Jugs! What do you think?
Look at the beauty of the fish jugs singing my praises because I released them from their yuckyness

During my search to find out more about my fish jugs I learned they are called Gurgling Cod Jugs! Excuse me, darling jugs! Because when you pour liquid from their sweet little fish lips, they are supposed to make a gurgling sound. Now isn't that the cutest thing? I haven't tried this yet...don't want to mess up my fabulous paint job! ;)

Chloe Dawn and Mr. Precious are very pleased now with my newly resurfaced Gurgling Cod Jugs! I am in Gurgling Cod Jug heaven!! Please don't tell me if I've painted over some vintage antique worth zillions of dollars!

I will leave you with a little Note Song~ trust me, this is a 'real' song

Fish Heads
Fish heads fish heads,
Roly poly fish heads,
Fish heads fish heads,
Eat them up yum
In the morning,
Laughing happy fish heads,
In the evening,
Floating in the soup,
Ask a fish head,
Anything you want to,
They won't answer,
They can't talk
Took a fish head,
Out to see a movie,
Didn't have to pay
To get it in
They can't play baseball,
They don't wear sweaters,
There not good dancers,
They don't play drums
Fish heads fish heads,
Roly poly fish heads,
Fish heads fish heads,
Eat them up yum,

~ Barnes and Barnes

I feel so honored to have received this award two times this week! First by Shirl at and then by Ruthie at Thank you sweet ladies and I appreciated this so very much!!
The rules are~~~~~~
1. Display logo and link to who gave it to you.
2. Nominate at least 7 blogs
3. Add links to those 7 blogs
4. Leave the Nominees a message that they received the award.
I'm passing this on to these blogs that I find so inspiring and a joy to visit~~~~~~

I would like to pass this award along to :

1. Theresa at theresa-sentimentaljourney
2. Bella at bella1104
3. Kimba at asoftplacetoland
4. Barb at thefrenchelements
5. Ceekay at thinkinofhome
6. Kathy at gladkate.blogspot
7. Susie Q at rabbitruncottage

Then another very special award was give to me from Alex at urluckyitsme.blogspot. Thank you so much Alex, you're a very special lady. She has just had surgery and we're praying for her.


  1. Neat little jugs there (that kind of sounded bad...but truly was not meant to). I've never seen anything like them. Thanks for being the first to introduce me to fish jug.

  2. I recently saw these advertised in a magazine. The one in the ad was pink for breast cancer research!

    You did a marvelous job with your thrift store jugs! They look great! I'm going to have to remember the paint next time I find something I like, but with ugly colors!

  3. Girl! You did an excellent job in turning these into beautiful pieces...but...when I saw your title, I got so excited..I thought you was gonna talk about "fish jugs" and I thought WOW! Sweet Pickle knows about 'fish jugs!'? See around here when you say "fish jugs" you are talking about the gallon plastic milk jugs that the Burly boys sometimes use for setting fish traps! lol lol hey,, Don't be throwing stuff at me like that...if I don't educate you on this kind of stuff who will!? lol lol Have a great day sweet Pickle!

  4. CONGRATS on your awards!!!

    Lovely gurgling cod fish jugs!!! You done good!!!


  5. Aw shucks, thanks for the award, that is so sweet of you :)

    I would have never looked at those jugs and thought to spray paint them, I am learning something new everyday here in blog land..and let me tell you, I love me some spray paint, it is my new obsession!

    $200 is ridiculous, you did soooo good with your find!!! I really want to go to the Salvation Army today, wish I had a girlfriend to go with instead of my 4 year old, lol, that's what I get for moving so far away from everyone!

    Have a great day :)

  6. Oh, how creative you are! Those gurgling cod jugs look great in their new white paint. Hehe, the Fish Heads song had me giggling this morning.

  7. Whew, I saw the word "jugs" and almost had a heart attack, sweetpea, thinking "huh?! what is this chick posting this morning?!" My gosh, ya had me a bit worried that I was getting into p.........well, ya know what I mean.

    I don't think I've ever seen those fish jugs before but at that price I probably won't pick one up off a shelf! Whoooooa..........

    Smoochies my little song birdie,

  8. I've never seen fish jugs before! I will say that your refinishing of those fish makes them look a million times better. You did a great job. If I tried that there would be drips of paint every where!!!!!

    take care,

  9. Sheila, I've never seen these before, but they are so cute! And your paint job turned out great! I couldn't wait to get to the end of the post and see what song you had chosen for it! LOL!

    Don't forget to pick up your awards at my place...the Brilliante and Just Plain Fun To Read Award! And congrats on your other awards! You certainly deserve them!

    ~Hugs, Rhonda :)

  10. Those little fish are super fun! My little sister has such a love for fish and frog pottery, I better not show her this!

  11. Hmmm...I wasn't aware of fish vases. See what you can learn through your blogging buddies! Cute for a fun summer tablescape!
    Have a great summery filled week!

  12. Those ar so cute. I think I have seen them in some shops here...Kathy

  13. PP Girl~~~ I made it! I actually FOUND you here, A-N-D, I'm loving your blog ~~~ what fun, and what a really GREAT WRITER you are! *** A-N-D, THANK YOU for saying I have "nice (or was that "pretty"?! ha!)jugs" ~~~ I haven't been told THAT in YEARS, and I was getting a GREAT morning chuckle out of reading it! Don't know what it "is", but THIS year I just seem to have a thing for FISH ~ n' FROGS, too (not the edibles, tho!)! I just adore them more than ever! YOUR great idea from the TS find worked BEAUTIFULLY ~ I didn't know one could paint glass that would turn out looking SOOOOO GOOOOD! (And heavens to Betsy, I did NOT pay $200 ea for these babies,honey!!) ~~~ The huge one I found at a discount store (like TJ Max) or something, but I can't REMEMBER where I found the white ones ~~~ I'm just SURE they weren't $ at all, tho! I'm honored you liked them enough to "showcase" them~~~ you DID "MAKE MY DAY"!!! So, THANK YOU, dearest PP Girl! Big, warm "MOM HUGS", Linda

  14. I think what you have there is a reproduction if it is larger than the originals and the before colors,,,well....LOL...I have seen these on ocassion on eBay.

    . There isn't much you can't fix with white or black paint. I am big on painting. It works wonders. You did a beautiuful job.

    I am holding Alex in my prayers too.

  15. Oh! I'm so glad I got to see this post today! I love the fish jugs! I've seen them before and thought I would get one for my sister-in-law for her birthday. She's a fun gal and would love them. But I completely forgot and have been noodling what to get her next week.

    Off to find a fish jug!

    And thank you for the sweet award. I really appreciate it!

  16. Wow ! Sheila , those jugs look FANTASTIC . What a find girl ! Oh And thank you for the award , I'll put in the awards case . :0) :0)

  17. I would love some fish jugs too - excuse me gurgling cod jugs ;) You did a complete rescue of scary ugly sea serpent monsters and turned them into a thing a beauty. Ugly duckling into a swan! Where can I place my order.

    You done well, Luv!

  18. I thought they were adorable till you quoted the price, then I read on and saw what a great price you bought them at. They are soooo cute. You did a great job painting them.

  19. I love your white fish jugs. You did a wonderful job releasing their beauty. I love thrift store finds!
    Congratulations on your awards. You deserve them.
    Have a great week.

  20. I love your fish jugs!! You did a fantastic job bringing out their hidden beauty!! I really like how you paired them with the compote of shells too!!
    The song at the end had me crackin' up! Whenever I get frustrated around the house or can't get the kids to listen I start singing that song as loud as I can and they stop and look at me like I am a crazy woman and we all just laugh!! Love it!!
    Have a great evening sweetie!!!
    -Heather :)

  21. I have never seen those before but what a job you did with the ones you found!! They look beautiful now...great job!!

    Congrats on your award!!

  22. Sheila, I had to re-read this, I am in awe at the amazing job you did on refinishing your fish jugs, beautiful.

    Congratulations on your awards!

    Have a wonderful evening!
    Kathi :)

  23. See! Everything looks better painted white!!! Those look 100 times better! I'll have to look for some fish jugs now!

  24. Those fish jugs are just what I want now! Where can I find some I wonder. I can't imagine there would be any around here so I am going to have to check around whenever I go... someplace. They look soooo much better in white. Good for you for having such a good idea! Enjoy your fish.

  25. You sweet, wonderful thing you! Here I am, this bad blogger of late, and you offer me such a wonderful award! Thank you dear, dear friend. I am honored and humbled.
    And I adore your fish jugs!!!
    I think they look just perfecton your mantel!!


  26. Ooh girl, I took one look at your newly acquired fish jugs and thought, "Blechhhhhhhhh! What was she thinking?" But look at how you've transformed them! Now they're gorgeous! Good for you, girl!

    Justine :o )

  27. Sheila...guess what? I FOUND a fish jug and I bought it!! I just won't have it for a bit. I am so excited to see it in person. In the meantime would you mind if I posted one of your pictures with the ones you painted white? I would link it to your site as well. You'll have to visit mine once I get it too.
    All the best of fun with your shopping today!!

  28. I'm not that fond of fish, but those are adorable. How clever of you to think of painting your find!!! Sally

  29. HI Sheila, I've never seen fish jugs before. They are so cute!!!!! Congrats on getting those awards, you sure do deserve them, I think your blog is wonderful and a joy to come to!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  30. HI Sheila, I've never seen fish jugs before. They are so cute!!!!! Congrats on getting those awards, you sure do deserve them, I think your blog is wonderful and a joy to come to!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  31. I had never seen anything like this before, and the price...yikies! How cool that you found some for so cheap, then transformed them into something wonderful! I am really amazed at how well they turned out! You have and eye for bargain shopping.



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