Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chloe Dawn!!!

Does your little fuzzy face do something, just one thing that simply drives you crazy? Well, my darling Chloe Dawn has a little habit that is driving me bananas! If she makes it downstairs before I do in the mornings, the pillows from the living room chairs are knocked out onto the floor ~ even an arm cover or two if she can mange it.
When she started doing this I thought it was so cute and would giggle to myself and just put the pillows back into their places. Once a day was just a little reminder to me ~ Hey, Mommy! You're not giving me enough attention!

But now, that little stinker does it almost every rime I turn my back. Maybe it's not that often, but it's at least four times a day! It's beginning to get on my nerves! Even the arm covers! Chloe Dawn!!! Now you've got to stop this! You're driving Mommy crazy here! Bad bad Chloe!!!

Oh, honey, look at that sad little face. Mommy's so sorry ~ I've hurt your little feelings. You're not a bad dog, but Mommy's little baby...kiss kiss. Now Mommy loves her Chloe Dawn so much. It's ok...just kick those old pillows all over the floor if you want to. I'm a sucker for that little pouty look on that little fuzzy face. Oh well, life goes on...

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Wild Thing, you make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
Wild Thing
Wild Thing, I think I love you
But I wanna know for sure
Come on and hold me tight
I love you

~ The Troggs


  1. You know, Shelia, maybe that's Chloe Dawn's way of attempting to follow in your footsteps...of re-decorating!! LOL!!! I wonder where she'd go and work on next if you didn't pick up the pillows and arm covers and put them back where they belong!

    We might end up giving CHLOE DAWN an award for decorating!!!


  2. Hehe, I thought I was the only one who talked to my babies that way. Chloe Dawn is a beautiful girl and I understand completely why you can't stay upset with her.

    My Seamus likes to pull pillows down and then chew them. He ate an entire sofa the first day we left him alone. Even after that, he only has to wiggle his little butt and I melt.

  3. Chloe Dawn you are a silly girl! Do you just love playing with the pillows? Or are you teasing your mommy? ~Adrienne~

  4. Chloe Dawn.. if Mommie gets fussy with you just let me know I will have to come pick you up. My sister has a fur baby that looks just like you. His name is Max. He loves to play too. He comes over to play with my fur baby Drake but.. Drake is an ole' grumpy... just give mommie those sad eyes and I betcha she will give you an extra treat!... Susie H~

  5. LOL! She's so cute, and I think she's just reminding you to fluff your pillows!

    Justine :o )

  6. Sheila that is so cute, she is really trying to get your attention! This week I took a pretty scented sachet from my sewing room to put in my sewing project box. I sat it on my endtable to put in the box a little later in the day. When I went to do it, guess what? It was gone, well Molly the Newf took it and hid it from me. I found it later that day in her dog bed. She also loves to take my hubbys watch. He will take it off and set in on the kitchen table at night. She takes it outside in rain snow and sleet, guess what? It still works, great Timax watch!!! Sometimes she will go outside and get it and bring it to him in the morning knowing he will be looking for it. Yes, Molly the Newf is definitely "The Watch Dog".
    Blessing, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  7. Helloooo there! I just found your blog! How cool are we blogging, huh?? LOL! How've you been? What a sweet face that little rascal has, haha! My cat Lucky always take my throw rugs and drags them all over the house!

  8. You may get mad at them yet when thy are no longer here that is when you wish just one more time sweetie. Hugggggs from Kathy

  9. Oh goodness. That is just so cute! You can't stay mad at them very long.
    Have you ever seen "The Dog Whisperer?" Cesar is so good at correcting behavior "problems." Of course if she does it behind your back, it is hard to correct her!
    I guess you just have a future of putting the pillows back or you could have a pillow free home! : )

  10. My hubby's dog eats my shoes!!! I'd give anything for a few re-arranged pillows. I'll be introducing all our pets today.

  11. Hi Miss Shelia... I have two rooster's for you to pick from. If you like one of them just let me know and maybe I can talk you through it. I have never bought from etsy before so we will learn together, smile... If you have a paypal account it makes it real easy... take care, Susie H~

  12. Sheila, I would like to tag you in a game of 7 Songs. Please come take a look on my page if you'd like to play. This should be right up your alley! Thanks, Bridget

  13. This is too funny! What an ornery little girl! And so adorable! How could you look into those eyes and be upset with her??? Oh! Maybe that is why she is so ornery!?! LOL!!

  14. Me again Miss Shelia... I just saw that award... thank you! I left a comment on your last post... smiles.. Susie H~

  15. I see it now.......a NEW blogger has joined us...Decorator Chloe Dawn. Please stop in and say hi to her (with a doggie treat) at her new decorating blog!! LOL!!

  16. I think our pets get away with more than our children ever did. LOL. She is so sweet, no wonder you don't mind her little frolic.

  17. Now, don't you be hurting her sweet little feelings.

    I love today's song.

  18. Sheila my sweet note chick, we have an agreement. He spends money on model trains when we have extra money and I spend money PERIOD!! Works out quite well as you can imagine, sweetpea. ;-)

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog! Cute cute doggie even if she puts those pillows on the floor!


  20. LOL ~ That just cracks me up !! Aren't they just the funniest little things !!

  21. Oh, Sheila, she's such a cutie... Why not get rid of some of the pillows? Or put them in a basket for her? She's your sweetie!

    I am "tagging" you for the 7 Songs of Summer, since you love music! You can learn about it here.
    I won't have my post for it up for a couple of days, but I am going to link to everyone I tagged.

  22. What a sweet face, When my two little girls mess up it is hard for me to yell and be mad at them. I think they know it too, and use it to make me feel bad. They are to smart for me. lol; I am just and old softy. Give her a hug for me will you. Kiss Kiss; Chloe Dawn...

  23. My dog has a habit of pulling covers down from things and curling up in them. Drives me nuts too.

    I laughed so hard at your choice of songs today! It's perfect for the post though.


  24. What a cute game she plays! ;)

  25. Bad Bad Chloe Dawn - no no Cute Cute Chloe Dawn :)

    She is such a little precious. One could never be mad at the little one. Now maybe she could teach Finn how to throw things on the floor gently.

    Kiss Kiss

  26. How could one scold such a sweet face?? what a precious girl! I have the same problem with my Jujube he does all these bad things and I look at his little face and have to laugh...I pcitures of him in my blog..( he is my furry baby boy) I found your blog while visiting Cindy at Romantic home...Just love your Chloe Dawn!!1 Marlene from Cambria


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