Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tiptoeing Into Blogland

Hello everyone! I have been visiting so many of you in Blogland and have been so inspired by you that I thought I would tiptoe ever so softly into this wonderful place! Bear with me as I learn how to do this, but I am up for the challenge!

So I would like to introduce myself to you - my name is Shelia and this is my husband, Mr. Precious! We love each other dearly and enjoy traveling and sharing adventures together. I'll share more on that a little later.

We have two married children and they have given us three granddogs! Oh, well, grandchildren are grandchildren even if they have fuzzy faces! ;)

Next I would love to introduce you to our cherished dog child, Chloe Dawn. She is the apple of our eye, spoiled rotten and has a very special stubborn streak! We love her! She is my true little companion and my shadow! Meet the little dahling...

Well, toodeloo for now and I'll see you tomorrow.

I'm leaving you with a little Note Song:

Getting to know you, Getting to feel free and easy.

When I am with you, Getting to know what to say

Haven't you noticed Suddenly I'm bright and breezy

Because of all the beautiful and new Things I'm learning about you

Day by day.

~Getting To Know You, by Oscar Hammerstein

Be a bunch of sweeties...Shelia


  1. hellooooooo! how are ya? welcome to blog land...I am putting you on my list! this looks great so far sweet friend!

  2. Welcome!!! Hope you enjoy blogland and make lots of wonderful friends! There are some great people out there!

    Have fun!


  3. Welcome to blogging, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    I know you will enjoy your blog and meet many nice people

    I always have loved that verse.

    Will you be setting your profile to allow the commenter identity option of name/url?

  4. Hi Beverly and thank you so much for coming by. You know, I'm not sure what you're talking about but I'll do my best to fix that.
    Be a sweetie, Shelia ;)

  5. OHHH Sweet Pickle Poo!! What a wonderful surprise to find you've started a blog... I love the format... This is going to be wonderful journey. I love the picture of your Chloe Dawn.. they do become a very important part of our lives don't they... Thanks for inviting me along this journey.. lots of hugs ~ lynne

  6. Welcome to blogland!!! I'm sure you will have a wonderful time, and make tons of new friends!

    I can remember singing that song in a grammar school concert -- i've always loved it!

  7. Ohhhhh ...It's you!!!!! Pickle!!!! Oh now I am crying...Look at is so emotional for me to put a face to a name of a friend!!! Girl put a box of kleenex out here I can't take this!!!! lol lol Welcome to blogland sweetie...I will put you on my list..ohhh this is so exciting..this has made my go girl!!!! lol

  8. You must be from RMS! I recognize all the girls here! Welcome to blogging! I know you are going to love it! It so much fun!

  9. Oh My Goodness!! I am soooo proud of my Mommy :) She told me she was going to create a blog - but I had no idea it would be like this! I am so proud of her. Not many daughters get to say that their Mom has created one. Especially since I really didn't know what one was. LoL. Mom I wish you the best of luck - I know it will be great - it already is. As for the Doggy grandchild - he says 'woof woof'
    LoL your baby :)

  10. Howdy PP aka Sheila, I saw your comment over at Kathy aka Artis111 and want to come say hi. You are doing a fabulous job as a new blogger. I've been trying to do this for about a month now and you are already way ahead of me. I'll be looking forward to seeing more posts from you and it is so nice to see your face at last. I just love getting to see the faces of the RMS gang. BTW, I am BLGeee

  11. Welcome to Blogland Sheila!
    May you bloom in its' beauty and love as we all have... thank you so much for sharing your link with me and for your kind words on my blog!
    Daisy Cottage

  12. Sounds like my dogs. Spoiled rotten. I managed to be strict with my girls (now 29 & 33), but TOTALLY dropped the ball with the furry babies! I am at their beck and call. But aren't they loves? True, loyal, dependable loves.

  13. Hey ya cutie.. not sure where to visit you at any more..:-) so I'll start here and then head over to your "other" beautiful rooms.. just popping in to say a big hello.. give some hugs.. ok.. ok.. a kiss for ya to sugar and a pat for Chloe Dawn.. and tell Mr. Wonderful we sure appreciated him sharing you with all of us.. I'm heading back to work on a few things.. Hugs ~ lynne ~

  14. Shelia,
    I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your blog (found it from 'Little Red House' and to wish you luck and fun! I, too, am new to the blogging world, but it is such fun. Reading blogs of wonderful people like yourself is so inspiring to me.
    Yaya at

  15. Hi Yaya and thank you so much for your visit. I tried to comment on your blog ~ but it wouldn't let me. What a beautiful tea for your Bride to be daughter, she is beautiful! You're as cute as can be, too! I'm sure it was a wonderful time for you all. Come back and see me sometimes.
    Shelia :)

  16. Hi Sheila,
    So good to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit. Your new blog is just beautiful and I see lots of things that we have in common.
    I will add you to my list of favorites so we can keep in touch.
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Hi there, just stopped by for a quick visit. As we can see here, we know now that you enjoy life, with such class and style. But we knew that from your posts on HGTV. Be well, greetings from Brady

  18. Sheila~ I've spent my Tuesday evening meandering around you deeelightful blog! I've never done that before...stayed and made myself at home like this. I didn't, in all honesty read it all but I read a LOT of your posts! And looked at all your beautiful photos!
    I have fallen in mad love with you (and your mom:) I'm praying for her...and you and yours! Love your "voice" which comes through louda and clear!
    Sweet Dreams new friend~
    Robin Rane'
    All Things Heart and HOme


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