Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Wall Pockets

Hello, Dear Ones! It's been a little time since I posted last and wanted to say 'hi' to all my sweeties today. I pray you're all doing well and praying this madness in our country will calm down. When I watch the news I would never have dreamed some of our cities would look like a war zone. What has happened? The pandemic, the riots, the disrespect...I know I don't have the words but I do pray for our country every night. Enough of my preaching! :)

Okie dokie. I don't have much to share today but I wanted to show you what I've done on the backs of my columns separating the kitchen from the living room. Also I don't have lots of cabinets in the kitchen so that row of cabinets you see under the columns helps so much.
 I decided to take my collection of olden wall pockets and hang them up. I haven't had them hanging on the walls in over 20 years so it was time. I used to look and look for wall pockets all over the place. I don't any more but they hold a sweet place in my tiny heart.
The column on the left is closet to the front door and you can see right through to the living room. I use the divider wall tops to poke stuff on - right now my blue and whites and soon it will be fall stuff.
 Here are the other two. The column on the right is close to my piano area.
Now I'll show you up close and personal to my little wall pockets.
 When I look at each one I can remember exactly where I bought them or the ones that were given to me.
 I am loving these on my columns and when I'm in the kitchen I see them alot.
I am so glad I took them out of their box, unwrapped them and hung them up as they make me smile.

I hope you have a smile on your beautiful face today.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~


 Four o'clock I've been walkin' all night
It's the time I always think of you
If you could only see through my eyes
Then you'd know just what I'm going through

Here am I I'm taking a chance
In running around with stars in my eyes
Here am I I'm looking for you
Wondering why do I feel so blue

I'm dreamin' dreamin' of me and you
I'm dreamin' dreamin' will see me through
Never letting chances pass me by
I'm gonna dream you right into my life
Yeah dream you right into my life
(dreamin' dreamin' will see me through)
Woman you'd better believe I'm
(dreamin' you into my life)

Five o'clock still walking around
I call you up but you just bring me down
I guess you'd say I'm getting nowhere
But in my dreams you always come around
Here am I I'm takin' a chance
I'm walking on air flyin' so high
Here am I I'm facing the truth
There's no other way I'll ever make you mine
I'm dreamin'
Dreamin' of me and you
Dreamin' dreamin' will see me through
Never letting chances pass me by
I'm gonna dream you right into my life
(dreamin' dreamin' will see me through)
Woman you'd better believe that I'll be
(dreamin' you into my life)

Woman you've got to believe me woman
Oh woman you've got to believe me woman
I'll be (dreamin' you into my life)
You've got to believe me woman
Woman oh woman you've got to believe me I'll be forever
(dreamin' you into my life) oh woman you got to believe me 

~ sung by Cliff Richard


  1. Cute touch to your HOME! I'll have to youtube the song. I'm not familiar with it. Blessings to you.
    Stay safe,

    1. D I tried to go to your main blog and a page popped up saying it was dangerous! I don't know what happened. Hope you come back and see I'm saying hi. You mention the song - you're probably not familiar with it because Cliff Richard is a UK singer and very popular there and had a few hits in the states but I just love him!

  2. They made me smile to. I am so glad they are making you happy in these very uncertain times.

  3. Shelia, what beautiful touches you've added to your home! They add so much more warmth to your already warm and gorgeous decor! Hope you have a safe week watching hurricane Laura! Take care.

  4. Hola Sheila, me gusta mucho esta decoración se ven muy bien y todos son lindos..Cuidense mucho por lo del huracán y el Covid...Bendiciones

    1. HI Shirley! Thank you so much and we were not affected by the hurricanes at all. So thankful!

  5. I love these. I have a set from my grandmother that I've been thinking about hanging in my bathroom & adding some plants to. Do you ever put anything in yours?

    1. Hi Jenny! Oh, I'd love to see your grandmother's wall pockets. I don't usually put anything in them but I have seen little plants in them - probably silk and artificial hangy down ones.

  6. Very sweet Shelia. Love wall pockets too. I'm with you on all the trouble in our Country and I keep praying for it to end.
    Stay safe Sweet Friend and keep posting Happy Stuff.

  7. Oh Shelia, I love your beautiful wall pockets. I am sure they do make you smile. You have the perfect place to hang them. Just beautiful, as always my friend.

    1. Thank you Karie and I hope you're doing well.

  8. Looks like you've been busy again dear Sheila. What cute wall pockets and I have never heard that term used before! I like that! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Oh, Sheila, these are just lovely! I can see how they made you smile upon their unwrapping. ~ New follower hugs, Donna

    1. HI Donna! Oh, thank you so much for your visit and I so appreciate you following my blog!
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia :)

  10. You haven't posted in a long time Shelia.........are you doing okay?

  11. These wall pockets are so cute! They can transform a wall so easily! Regards Naomi Dreams

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