Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Kitchen Vignettes

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, I'm continuing with my spiffing upness and thought I would show you a little froo frooing in my kitchen

 This is a little vignette I have poked on my island - a big white pitcher filled with greens, a candle and a new little chicken teapot! I love her and found her at an antique place recently. She is a Fitz and Floyd Classic teapot and looks like she may have been produced in the late 1980s - early 1990s mainly by looking at the blue and mauve colored bow. But I love her with her fruit and little chicks.
 I grabbed my ladder and began to poke stuff on the uppers above my cabinets. I think I told you the two sides on either side of the sink, the ceiling is very slanted, so it's very hard to figure out what I can put up there.
 Are greens still in style? Probably not but I don't care because I like the way the dark greens look against my white cabinets. Of course you know I'm gonna poke up some Roosters! They make me so happy. I squeezed a couple of yard birds between my tureens. I think I need to put something else behind these Roosters? Maybe some colorful trays? Hmm...
 Can't forget the top of the fridge so up goes another Rooster, ceramic fruit basket and a cake plate with cover that stays up there so I can grab it when I need it. I poked Mr. Rooster upon a really olden cookbook turned around so you're looking at the pages instead of the spine.

Here's the other side of the sink. See how slanted the ceiling is?
 These little chicks just barely sat up there on the edge. I poked in a few more greens.
 I just had to show you where I put my olden match box which I've had over 20 years and still love it. Of course I couldn't put a nail in my tile so I just used the Command Hook tabs you use to hang pictures. I used the ones for up to 16 pounds that way I knew it would hang up and not fall off the wall.
Still love touches of red and my mixer sits here in the corner looking like freshly glossed lips. I guess you may be wondering, "Why is her mixer poked down on a placemat?" Well, dear ones when I use my mixer I need to pull it out so I just grab the placemat because the mixer is HEAVY! 
 I just couldn't get the right look here because of the light streaming in so excuse the quality of my snap. But this is my sink area. While on my ladder I hung up these four little Currier and Ives four seasons plates. I have a huge collection of the blue and white Currier and Ives dishes but these are different as they as in color and I think they look sweet above my window.

It's nice to have a little pretty going on as I stand at the sink so I made some.
 In the center is my favorite milk glass cake stand with a favorite hen resting on top filled with flowers. Then my little scale with a doily and I'm not sure what the litttle lidded bowl is, maybe to hold butter?, but I love it and have had it for some time. I have a little copper cupcake stand and I filled it with some faux lemons and a yellow daisy. Last but not least is a very olden yard bird couple with chipped combs and all!
 Just can't leave the sides of my cabinets nekked (that's Texan for naked) so I hung up these cute Rooster hangers that were given to me by a fellow blogger, Jan. I still love them, Jan. The little silver windchimes are really old and the neat thing is that the air conditioner vent blows down on them and I can hear a very quiet little ting ting when the air comes on. I really didn't know what to put on the other hanger so I just poked a little Rooster creamer there until something better comes along.
Well, there you have my kitchen all decorated up! Slowly but surely I'm gonna get there but then it will be time to change it all up for Fall!! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Whip It


Crack that whip
Give the past the slip
Step on a crack
Break your momma's back
When a problem comes along
You must whip it
Before the cream sits out too long
You must whip it
When something's going wrong
You must whip it
Now whip it
Into shape
Shape it up
Get straight
Go forward
Move ahead
Try to detect it
It's not too late
To whip it
Whip it good
When a good time turns around
You must whip it
You will never live it down
Unless you whip it
No one gets away
Until they whip it
I say whip it
Whip it good
I say whip it
Whip it good
~ sung by Devo