Saturday, September 22, 2018

We're Here!

Hello, Dear Ones! I can't believe it's been over a month since I told you we were moving back to Texas - so here I go. We're here! We're in Texas now and in our rent house. I'll go back and share...
 If you haven't read my last post, we decided we needed to move out of the northeast cold and back to Texas, put our house on the market and it sold in less than a week, cash buyers so it closed fast! During that process we flew to Texas and found a house to rent and then we could take our time looking for a home to buy. Another move in the future but it will be easier than this one. We packed some of our stuff but had the packers do the majority of it. They packed for two days and then the movers came and loaded up the truck.
 We met the new owners and they were nice so I left them a few things they wanted in the house. We said goodbye to our home for the past four years, kissed our grandbabies bye and headed out on our loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong journey back to Texas.
 We bought a new car and guess who got to drive it to Texas??? Me!

This was my view for almost 2,000 miles. Mr. Precious driving Kiki towing Itsy. We were so intent on getting back to Texas that I didn't even record where we spent each night. Just drove, parked, slept, got up the next morning and kept going.
 Willow loves to travel and wanted to drive just a little but she can't reach the brakes! :) I can't believe she is a year an a half years old now!
 It took us seven days to get to Texas - almost 2,000 miles and this is our rent house.
These were the pictures of it online - a little enhanced - the brick is not that red but it really is that green. It's a little smaller than our New York house but it has four bedrooms. But alas - no basement. I'm gonna miss all the storage a basement has.

It has a two car detached garage. 
 Here are snaps from online. That's the front door with the dining room on the right.
 Dining room with dark wood floors. I know now when we buy a house I don't want 'dark wood' floors. They show everything y'all.
 Now the snaps are enhanced with a fishbowl lens to make the room look larger. I wish folks wouldn't do that. This is the official living room but we're using it for our den. The breakfast room to the left and the door to the backyard on the right.

The kitchen is a lot larger that my old kitchen. The countertops are granite with a nice backsplash. The cabinets have been painted a darker brown than it shows in the picture. My neighbor says the houses on our street were all built in 1991. Okie dokie!
 Here's the little breakfast room. I'm able to use my little kitchen hutch and my baker's rack! Yay!
 Don't you love it? There is not a laundry room but at least there is a washer and dryer as we left ours for the new owners of our old house. I'm not using those curtains. That's another door that goes outside.
 The master bedroom and bath are on the 1st floor and I really like that.  The master bath is a really nice size with a soaking tub and a separate shower.

This is the great room upstairs. I had it all figured out - our living room furniture and my piano would go up here and it would all be hunky dory!  Well, those movers couldn't get the piano up the stairs! Shoot!! That blew my plan. The living room furniture is up here ( and lots of other pieces) but the piano had to go in the den and honey, it's not very big. I tell myself - this is temporary!
 Now this is fun! This is an office upstairs. Mr. Precious didn't want it because  he has his own storage pieces so it's my sewing/craft room! Look at all of the shelves!! Yay! I'm trying to get set up in here and then I'll show you.
 Now this is (was) reality! Boxes! Boxes! Boxes! I have almost killed myself trying to get all of these puppies unpacked! I don't remember ever being this tired! So I took off for a few days and rested. I'm so delicate ya know! :)

You want to hear some funnies? Well, I was unpacking boxes in the kitchen, tossing the wrapping paper all around and grabbing dishes and stuffing them in the dishwasher. It was old and was loud and took forever to finish a normal wash. Well...I happened to see something out of the corner of my most gorgeous peeper and there were suds plopping out on the floor! Lots of suds! I could have taken a bubble bath in it! Called the landlord and he had to put another one in. Okie dokie - thank you.
Then one evening Mr. Precious and I had enough boxes unpacked so we could rest and watch TV. There is a ceiling fan in the den and I was cross stitching and watching TV. It began to get hot, hotter and even hotter! We checked and the air conditioning went out!! Oh, Lord! Yep! The old ac was dead as a door knob. Called the landlord again and he said he'd take care of it. But y'all, it's south Texas we're talking about HOT and it's still in the 90s here and the temp was rising and rising. We couldn't stay here. So we packed up Willow and some things and had to stay in a hotel from Saturday night until Wednesday! The landlord is a nice guy and said he would take care of our hotel bill. Well, we get back home, unpack, go to bed and notice we're hot! The ac stopped working again! Called the landlord again, a guy came out and fixed it. We're good now but heck this was not what we had thought would happen. It's all funny now. Our landlord probably thinks, these folks are killing me. Oh another thing...the washing machine stinks!! Yep, I've done everything I can think of. Bought a dishwasher cleaning ball. Nope! Poured baking soda and vinegar in it. Nope! Poured bleach in it. Nope! So, I took a spray bottle filled with bleach and decided to spray it behind the tub. Maybe that's were the moisture is holding its stinky self. So I think I may have solved my problem! I'm not going to tell the landlord as he may just kick us out! :)
 Today my little Campie is having his 5th birthday party. He is so excited and it's a Ghostbuster theme. We still miss our babies to all get out but we facetime and talk to them. We'll probably fly back up soon and kiss them.
 Things are settling down and I'm getting things set up the best I can. Still got lots of boxes in the garage with dishes and Christmas stuff. But I'm finding time to stitch - love it!  So that's my story and hopefully this new change will get me back to blogging. You know I love you. Oh, guess what? I thought about it the other day and have been blogging for 10 years! I just can't quit.
Before we left New York, Mr. Precious ordered a new Texas flag and she proudly flies out front! Love to you all and I'll start showing you stuff...

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

I once did know a President, Away down South, in Texas. And, always, everywhere he went, He saw the eyes of Texas. The Eyes of Texas are upon you, All the live long day. The Eyes of Texas are upon you, You can not get away. Do not think you can escape them At night or early in the morn- The Eyes of Texas are upon you 'Till Gabriel blows his horn. Sing me a song of Prexy, Of days long since gone by. Again I seem to great him And hear his kind reply. Smiles of gracious welcome Before my memory rise, Again I hear him say to me, "Remember Texas' Eyes." ~ sung by me