Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Real Nitty Gritty

Hello, Dear Ones! Again my thoughts and prayers are with our Texas bloggers and our other friends and family who were hurt by hurricane Harvey! This just breaks my heart.

I'm almost ashamed to be having fun with my new dollhouse after watching all of the devastation in Texas.

If you hadn't seen her before, here is my new dollhouse. I've had her almost two weeks and I've repainted the outside and gave the inside a nice coat of white paint. Nice and clean.
Now I loved the fact there was a little sun room, you can see it on the left there, but the only way to get into it was through the other room. Now that wasn't going to work. So I grabbed me my little electric saw and went to town chopping out the outside wall. Mr. Precious had to help me a little bit. 
After sanding around the edges my little sun room was open! Yay for me! I painted the walls a soft yellow. Curtains will come later.  You do not see little bits of damaged with the electric saw places on the eaves. No, no Nanette, you do not!! The sun room leads right into the kitchen. So the sun room will probably become the breakfast room.

I really like wallpaper in little mini houses and there are lots you can download from Pinterest. Pinterest is just my best friend forever!! You know how I love my Roosters and found this darling Rooster wallpaper. I adjusted and matched the pattern up and just printed away. Now I'm not a real miniaturist but I'm just learning and having fun. So to hang my wallpaper I used Mod Podge and it seemed to work really well! Yay me, again! 
 Here's what I chose for the living room. I'm going to add some trim later on to my little windows so that's why the wallpaper is bare around them.
A pretty floral for the dining room. I found some beadboard (paper again) and printed that out too. It's also on the opposite wall. I'm going to add a little strip of wood where they meet. Oh, please excuse my misspelling of 'strip' up there. I think I was just so excited to show you that I missed the 'r'. 
 Just a sweet little floral for the bedroom. I also plan on putting some little white baseboards around my rooms too.
 This will be my laundry/sewing room. Must have a room for my crafts! Now the little door leads out to the upstairs deck but it's so short!! It's really too short so I'll just ignore it.
Here's the bathroom. I decided to just paint it white and add a border, printed off Pinterest. I don't know what room this was supposed to be originally but it has a fireplace. I decided I would use the fireplace surround to house a little bathroom sink and mirror.  Now that I'm looking at my snap I realize I should have continued the border around the top of the fireplace. Oh well, live and learn.
 I was so happy how the wallpaper turned out using Mod Podge so I decided to use it to put down my floors. There are lots of patterns for floors you can chose from on Pinterest too. I glued down all of my floors and the next morning - bubbles!! POOP!!! Did I just say POOP? Well, that's my little grandsons favorite potty talk word and I'm sure I learned it from him. Well, um, he may have learned that word from me, but I'm sure he didn't. Just sayin'. Anyway, POOP, horrible bubbles all over my floors!! Trust me, it looked must worse in person. What was I going to do? POOP!! Go to my best friend of course - Pinterest! Pinterest to the rescue!!
I found a couple of pins where folks had used these self stick tiles you can buy from Lowes. They used them for wood floors! Bingo! Go to Lowes!! I grabbed a few of these tiles and cut each one into four squares. You can see the different shades and grains of wood. I'm loving this!
Then I flipped over the squares and measured off 1/2 inch lines for my boards. I used my craft knife and it took a few cuts before it went all the way through. You can use scissors and I did for a few cuts but they weren't as clean a cut as with the craft knife. I must tell you that my right arm muscle is so big and strong now! :)
 Excitement = fuzzy snaps! Here are my boards. I left some the full length and cut up some to short and medium lengths.Then I went to town laying my floor.
 Ta dah! What do you think? I think it turned out pretty good and there are no bubbles.
 I just love it and can see my little living room furniture (which I haven't made yet but have to because the scale of this house is off) sitting on it.
Like I said my arm muscle was getting big and strong but at this point my arm was pooped! That word again... So I cheated and laid down two squares in the middle of the bedroom floor and just added little slats around it. Done!

I can certainly tell I would never want to put an entire dollhouse together piece by piece. I'd probably just grab my hot glue gun and go to town! :) Anyway, thanks for sticking with me and as soon as I get some more things done here - I'll show you.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

The Nitty Gritty

Yeah, mmm, yeah
Do you know that some folks know about it, some don't
Some will learn to shout it, some won't
But sooner or later baby, here's a ditty
Say you're gonna have to get right down to the real nitty gritty
Now let's get right on down to the nitty gritty
Now one, two nitty gritty
Now yeah, mmm, nitty gritty now
Ooooowee, right down to the real nitty gritty
Ooooowee, can you feel it double beatin', I keep repeatin
Get right down to the real nitty gritty
Say it again double beatin'
Get on down, we gotta get right down to the real nitty gritty
Let's get, let's get right on down to the real nitty gritty
It's all right, it's all right
Get on down, get on down
Get right down to the real nitty gritty
Listen to me now
Oooowee, ooowee
Come on and let the good times roll
Let the music sink down in to your soul
Double beatin', keep repeatin'
You gotta get right down to the really nitty gritty
Get on down, get on down
Talkin' about the nitty gritty
Get on down, get on down
~ sung by Shirley Ellis