Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Little Bitty Dollhouse Furniture

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, I come to you with much excitement again today! I found some little dollhouse furniture on Craigslist and got it! Do you love Craigslist like I do? Of course, I never go alone to a viewing and always take Mr. Precious with me.

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 Look! Are these not the cutest little pieces you've ever seen. They are little. The man I bought them from told me they had belonged to his mother and she was born in 1937 and played with these in the 1940s. I asked if he had her dollhouse and he just laughed and said if he did he asked $100s for it. Alrighty then!
 These little pieces are all solid wood and are beat up a little - they were played with. The pieces were also pretty nasty and dirty so I gently gave them all a little bubble bath. So if you'd like to see them a little closer up here goes...
 The living room. Now the sofa and chair are flocked and I can see the lint from the towel where I tried to clean them up a bit. I think these two pieces are my least favorites. But look at those little lamps! And the grandfather clock and the radio! That radio reminds me of old movies where the family would gather to listen to "The Shadow".  Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men?  :)
 Here is the dining room table and it's really in good condition but only three little chairs. Also in great shape.
 The bedroom furniture. Now I can tell the little dolls were in this room the most because it was the dirtiest and most banged up. Oh, but it's cute. I'm sure they did a lot of jumping on the bed.
The bathroom pieces. They're a little banged up too but we all know how busy a bathroom gets. But you want to know what? These little furniture pieces are the perfect size for my 1st dollhouse I bought!! The one I thought was so off scale.
The furniture is the perfect size for this little dollhouse! Oh, joy! I would have never guess the furnishings for this house would be so small!
 See? I'm not finished at all with the backgrounds of my house but couldn't wait to show you how the furniture fits.
Here's the living room. Oh, someone suggested on my Smiles by Shelia Instagram to rub in some brown paint to fill in the the grout between my slats! What a great idea and yes, I will do that.
 The dining room! See, I can add a tiny little hutch in here. All of the rooms need work. I'll get there.
 The cute little bedroom pieces! Of course I'll make bed linens and maybe a rug and yes, curtains.
Again, I'll rub in some brown paint for the grout in here too. The little bathroom pieces are just darling. I'll add a little more flooring for the sink to sit on.

Now the million dollar question is - would it be a dollhouse furniture sin to paint all of these vintage pieces? I didn't buy them as a collector but because they would work in my dollhouse. I know some of you are purest and don't like to paint wood pieces but heck, I could make these so much cuter. I'll be anxiously awaiting for your answers. 

Oh, by the way, I won't be posting for over a week because we are going to keep the grandbabies while my daughter and son in law go on a trip. So I'll be busy. Pray for me! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

In Dreams (because I love Roy Orbison's music)

A candy-colored clown they call the sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night
Just to sprinkle star dust and to whisper
"Go to sleep, everything is alright"
I close my eyes then I drift away
Into the magic night, I softly say
A silent prayer like dreamers do
Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you
In dreams I walk with you
In dreams I talk to you
In dreams you're mine all the time
We're together in dreams, in dreams
But just before the dawn
I awake and find you gone
I can't help it, I can't help it if I cry
I remember that you said goodbye
~ sung by Roy Ordison