Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello, Dear Ones and Happy Valentine's Day! Well, Tang has made so many friends in her new neighborhood that she wanted to host a special Valentin's Day party for them! Lola wasn't really sure at first because she isn't finished decorating the dining room. She hasn't even hung curtains or pictures yet! Oh, well.
 The dining room is absolutely packed with little animals!
 Before the guests arrived, Tang went to town decorating. She hung up a heart banner she made. Oops, I see she knocked a couple of plates down in the china cabinet. We'll have to fix that.
 She wanted to display all of her Valentines she'd received in the mail. She is so popular, you know!
 Since I had made all of the clay food she asked if she could share it with her friends and of course I said she could. So Lola and she brought out all of the food and placed it around the dining room for her guests.
 Look at all of the dogs! There are mostly dogs in the neighborhood but Tang gets along with them fabulously. As each dog guest entered the house, they were given a Valentine and ushered into the dining room.

They were also given a cinnamon roll but I don't think these dogs like cinnamon rolls because you can see they have all ended up on the floor with their Valentines!
 There is one little kitten who lives in the neighborhood but she was a little scared of all of the dogs and mostly stayed on top of the buffet. I think she ate a few of the cookies too.
 Oh, this little doggy got all tuckered out and found a quiet corner to nap a little nap.
 Tang thought of everything and even invited Barky Manilow to entertain her guests. Right now he's singing "I Can't Smile Without You' and accompanying himself.
 I do believe the dogs are smelling the turkey because I can see they are all eyeing it and licking their chops! This snap is fuzzy because a couple of dogs kept bumping into my leg!
 There will be sweets after they all get some turkey. Too bad they don't like cinnamon rolls.

Oh, hear comes Lola with some fresh baked bread and more dogs. Barky Manilow promises to sing 'Copacabana' especially for her!
 Sit back, relax and grab a biscuit or a cookie and listen to Barky Manilow as he entertains us.
Thanks for coming to Tang's party and we all want to wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~


 Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the cha-cha
And while she tried to be a star, Tony always tended bar
Across a crowded floor, they worked from 8 till 4
They were young and they had each other
Who could ask for more?

At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion
At the Copa....they fell in love

(Copa Copacabana)

His name was Rico, he wore a diamond
He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancin' there
And when she finished, he called her over
But Rico went a bit too far, Tony sailed across the bar
And then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two
There was blood and a single gun shot
But just who shot who?

At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion
At the Copa....she lost her love

(Copa. . Copacabana)
(Copa Copacabana) (Copacabana, ahh ahh ahh ahh)
(Ahh ahh ahh ahh Copa Copacabana)
(Talking Havana have a banana)
(Music and passion...always the fash--shun)

Her name is Lola, she was a showgirl
But that was 30 years ago, when they used to have a show
Now it's a disco, but not for Lola
Still in the dress she used to wear, faded feathers in her hair
She sits there so refined, and drinks herself half-blind
She lost her youth and she lost her Tony
Now she's lost her mind!

At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion
At the Copa....don't fall in love
~ sung by Barky Manilow, um I mean Barry Manilow


  1. Happy Valentine Day.It looks something different. I have not seen such a decoration for valentine:)

  2. Why am I not surprised that you would have a party for the animals??? They are all waiting on that always make me smile!!!

  3. This is so darn cute, Shelia! Love it!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

    Jane x

  4. Cutest thing EVER!! Love it! Especially the pic from overhead. They had a big shin-dig didnt they?

  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Shelia! xo

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! What a cute party for the animals. Wish you had audio so we could all hear Barky singing and playing. Ha, ha! You are so creative.

  7. Shelia, This is the cutest party. So funny too. I like Barky Manilow. :):) Wishing you a great valentine's day. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. Thank you for sharing your Valentine party and making me smile! Beyond cute.

  9. What a fun party! Makes you want to get in there and be a real part of it. Happy Valentine's Day Shelia!

  10. Happy Valentines to you and Lola! She certainly has a lot of pets!

  11. This is hilarious. Mainly because as I turned around to look over my shoulder after an elegant dinner party, my beagle Lois Lane was on top of the table helping "clear" the dishes! Your artistic work in the dollhouse has mimicked my real life! Hahaha! Happy Valentine's Day to you and thanks for the fun!

  12. Hi Shelia, well I sure enjoyed the party that Tang had for Valentine's Day. You are so creative and this was so much fun. Now I think little short stories are in your future.
    Hope you enjoyed a special Valentine's Day. xoxo

  13. You delight me, Shelia.

    This whimsey just brought the biggest chuckle and smiles to me. Thank you so much.

  14. I wish I was there to enjoy listening to Barky Manilow, love his music! I'm very happy Tang has neighborhood friends:). Lola did good setting up the Valentine treats and I sure do love the decorations:).
    I hope you had a sweet day with your sweetie, Kathleen in Az
    p.s. I'm eyeing the secretary desk;).

    1. Hi Kathleen! I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day too!

  15. Happy Valentine's Day, Shelia! Looks like fun at your "house!"

  16. Awe, what a sweet little Valentine Party Sheila. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. I love that you have so much fun with your miniatures, Shelia - so cute!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  18. Now that's the way to celebrate Valentine's Day! No party here - I've been under the weather with a nasty cold so my sweetheart prepared a delicious salmon dinner last night. But I couldn't taste most of it! It was so sweet of him to do that for me.

  19. Soooo sweet!!!!
    Hope your Valentine's Day was very HAPPY!

  20. Ohhhh my Goodness... I'm in love. My friend Mildred sent me here to visit your lovely blog, she knows that I love miniatures also. You had me at all of the animals in your tiny house!!!! : ) I totally need more dogs! : )


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