Saturday, October 1, 2016

Falling on the Coffee Table

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, I decided it was time to do a little falling on the coffee table in the living room. My sofa just screams FALL! Don't you think? It's s little hard to know how to decorate around it with pillows but when I saw it, I just fell in love with it.
 Here's my little setup on the coffee table all sitting atop a table runner.
 I grabbed one of my lanterns and put a little fall wreath around it. I put it all up on some books to give it some height.
 I found this blue and white glass pun'kin at a thrift shop a little while back and just had to have it. Now I have it! Only thing wrong with it, the lid doesn't fit snugly on the top. Maybe I could sand  it down some? Oh, well.
I took one of my Fostoria bowls and put a few little blue and white orbs in it along with a few pun'kins sprinkled around here and there. Pretty simple arrangement and it pleases me so I'm done! :)
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~


 Autumn, it feels like autumn
Although the breeze is still
I feel the chill of autumn
Oh, yes, it's autumn
It's always autumn
However green the hill
To me it still is autumn
I can feel the frost now
That makes my spring and summer dreams
Seem lost now
Why can't the autumn haze
Recall the days of warm summer laughter?
That faded soon after in the autumn
He left in autumn
And though another season's here
I feel the emptiness of autumn
All the year...

~ sung by Barbra Streisand


  1. Good Morning! I can comment again! YAY! Your coffee table is gorgeous. Oh, how I love Autumn! Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with many blessings. xoxo

  2. Lovely! I really like that blue and white pumpkin!!

  3. Oh my goodness sweet lady ! Your coffee table Fall vignette is gorgeous. Such pretty pumpkins and elements. Love it !

  4. What a great find at the thrift store I love the blue and white pumpkin. A beautiful vignette.

  5. Hi Shelia,

    Your coffee table is beautiful!! I love the pretty fall-colored table runner and that blue and white pumpkin is my favorite. I just never tire of blue and white. :) Have a great day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. How pretty, Shelia! I love the blue accents in your vignette.

  7. Very pretty coffee table vignette, Sheila! I love your sofa! What a charming piece of furniture and I don't blame you for wanting to bring it home. Blue looks so lovely with the autumn colours. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week end.


  8. So pretty! You've got some pretty punkins!!

  9. The blue reminds me of the sky with the Autumnal colors. Sweet deal with the pumpkin too.
    Have a lovely Fallen day, Kathleen in Az

  10. Love your little set up. That blue and white pumpkin is just adorable!

  11. Lovely fall arrangement, Shelia. I have a blue and white pumpkin like yours and I must remember to bring him out. Have a great evening. ♥

  12. Your couch does scream fall it is very pretty. I would fall in love with it two If I had found it first. Cute blue and white pumpkin.

  13. So beautiful and festive. Love your style!

  14. Beautifully done Shelia! The soft blue with the warm autum colors are perfect. I have a tool I bought that is for grinding the edge of glass, crystal or ceramics. The handle says "Chef's Choice, Crystal Crafter". It's diamond coated and I have used it to grind a few pieces and it really works. You'll need something that can work on the fired ceramic. I guess it depends on how much you need to take off.

  15. Such a beautiful look Sheila. Rich warm colors look so inviting. Great find with the lovely blue and white pumpkin. Your couch looks perfect with this arrangement. Happy Sunday and don't forget to share at Dishing It & digging It today.

  16. I love the interplay of the patterns, and you can never go wrong choosing a complimentary color like the blues to balance the orange tones. Just gorgeous -- now I need to do something besides twiddle my thumbs.

  17. Your sofa is beautiful! And I'd know your words anywhere, any place.

  18. Hi Shelia, Love your pretty coffee table vignette. So inviting and cozy!! WOW your sofa is gorgeous!! Love it and yes, it says fall in the color. Pretty Fallin post below too.
    I just love your style and decorating. Have a great week ahead.

  19. The coffee table is darling, but I adore your sofa!

  20. Oh my Shelia..your sofa is perfect for Fall decor and any season for that matter. Love the coffee table so beautifully adorned with Fall pretties!! Happy Fall!

  21. What a wonderful arrangement, fun and feminine and ever so pretty!

  22. When we were first married, my husband's bachelor coffee table was clear glass and I really did "Fall on the Coffee Table" quite a bit! I much prefer your beautiful and safe display!

  23. Such a beautiful vignette. I love your sofa with all the fall decor!

  24. So pretty! Love the blue and white pumpkins! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing at Dishing It & Digging It. Hope to see your creativity each week! :)

  25. Hermosos arreglos Sheila...una calabaza hermosa...por acá no tenemos esta tradición pero amí en lo personal me gusta como arreglan en otoño y esas hojas de los árboles son hermosas.

    1. Hi Shirley! So nice to hear from you and hope you're doing well.

  26. I love blue and white and orange. It makes a wonderful display that just pops. Your sofa is wonderful for fall.


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