Friday, June 24, 2016

On the Porch

Hello, Dear Ones and I'm so glad you're here and I'm going to show you the little porch of my 'make do' dollhouse today.
 I have tried to set up the front porch so it would be a comfortable place to sit in the early mornings and evenings. Tang, my cat, just loves to sit out here and watch the squirrels, chippies and birds.
 I am trying to make as much of my mini furnishings that I can, but as I was walking down the aisle of the craft store I saw these darling little lawn chairs and just had to have them. They seem just a little small as I'm trying to do 1:12 scale furnishings but I still couldn't resist. You see the unfinished table? I made it from a hunk of wood I found in the basement and a little round piece of wood that came in a package from the craft store. Oh, the the little bowls? Hobby Lobby! They have lots of wood pieces you can buy and do whatever with and I just had to paint these.

Here is another little homemade table from more little pieces of wood from the basement (the previous owners had a work area with a box of little pieces of wood and I'm finding lots of uses for them, thank you!). The little top rectangle came again in a package with other pieces from Hobby Lobby. The flower pot, I found three in the basement, is porcelain, and I'm not sure what they are but they have a little hole in the top perfect for poking in a plant! Instant flower pot! 
 There's Tang sunning herself. Isn't she cute?
 Now I know I'm not fooling anyone with that blue pot but just so you know, there are trillions of mini printables on Pinterest and I thought this was so cute and just had to print it out, fold it and glue together so it could sit by the front door!
 Well, hope you've enjoyed seeing my little porch area in my 'make do' mini house. I'm having fun getting it all set up.
Yes, Tang, I see you. I guess she wants to go inside now and scratch on some furniture! ;)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Sittin' On The Front Porch 

 I remember the time when the bloom was on the cotton
When our hearts chased the clouds like the swallows on their wings
Winter cares which we're already few or soon forgotten
Just sittin' on the front porch swing

Oh we sit every Sunday and watched the married ladies
And we dreamed of white dresses and church bells in the spring
And they talked and painted their nails while they let us hold their babies
Sittin' on the front porch swing
Where was I when the time came to join the married ladies
Why did I paint the nail when the finger had no ring
Why do I sit at night at my age to hold their baby
Sittin' on the front porch swing
When the mind longs to follow but the memory erases
And the lips form the words that the heart no longer sings
When the leaves in the hollow have been died to match our faces
Sittin' on the front porch swing
~ sung by Dolly Parton