Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Making Cuteness

Hello, Dear Ones! I showed you my 'clean' kitchen the other day and thought I would show you this little area where the microwave is. Here we go...
This little area to decorate sits between the ovens and the pantry.
I'm looking at this spot when I'm at the cooktop so I thought I should make it cute. I like cute, do you?
I pulled out some pieces of my Mildred dish pattern thinking they look all sweet and springy.
My tiny little microwave needed a doo so I tossed down a blue and white place mat and started poking down Mildreds.
Don't you just love this old fashioned pattern? I don't exactly remember how old this pattern is, but it's pretty old. That's okay as I'm pretty old too! :)
Here's an up close and personal snap of the little Mildred creamer. I poked in some cute little tea things topped spoons for more cuteness.
I don't really have a place to poke my cookbooks, well, they are pushed into the bottom of my little hutch in the breakfast room. I thought I would pull out a few of my favorites and toss them down here. I like this and I can grab one in an instant! The Susan Branch binder has blank pages where I can write down some of my recipes. There are many in there from you! :) Y'all are such good cooks and I just love to copy your yumminess.
This little casserole is not a Mildred but she blends very well. I got this at a garage sale last year for $2! I think I did good. It's olden too.
I slung down a Mildred platter, some Mildred dessert plates topped with a pretty milk glass dish filled with apples.
If you didn't know, I just love milk glass and grab a piece as often as I can. Oh, speaking of apples, when my daughter was little she made up her own words for things. She called apples peedos. We affectionately still call them peedos! ;)
Now here is my ultimate dose of cuteness. I love little cow creamers too! I guess I love lots of things. Well, this little cow creamer was my very first and I named her Buttercup. I didn't slam, toss or poke her down on the counter, but gently sat her down and filled her little opening with flowers. I hope you've enjoying seeing a little bit of my cuteness today. Life is too short not to have some cuteness to look at!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

I'm Cute
I'm cute, yes it's true
I really can't help it
But what can I do
When you're cute, it just shows
WIth these two darling eyes and a cute little nose
And a pretty pink dress, that's adorable, yes
And when they see my dimples then everyone says
Oh shoot!
Isn't she cute! Cute, cute
Oh isn't she cute, cute, cute
I'm the one they adore
I'm sweet and I'm cuddly
And small just like Dudley but more
It's a chore
To be constantly cute
And enchanting to boot
When my lip's sticking out
In that cute little pout
Then there's just no doubt
Why the guys like to shout
She's a beaut!
Let's face it, I'm cute
Cute, cute
Oh, baby, she's cute, cute, cute
Being cute's a thing I can't hide
If you look up the word in a book
There's my picutre inside!
TV Guide
Has me on the cover
Don' cha just love her?
I'm simply a goddess
And isn't she modest?
I'm the answer to one of the questions on Trivial Pursuit
For "Who's the most cute?"
Cute, Cute
Oh isn't she cute, cute, cute
I'm cute and I'm sweet
And I'm innocent, neat
And so trusting
If you want our opinon this song is becoming disgusting
I'm cute
So what!
I never am vain
She's becoming a pain in the ..
But I'm also real nice
I'm a doll through and through
So big whop-de-do
I'm sweet and adoring
And also real boring
And that's why we're snoring at you
That's it! You've ruined my entire cute song!
I am angry! I am furious! I am enraged!
I've had it!
You're awfully cute when you're angry...
You really think so?
A babba dabba dooba do wah!
She's cute! 

~ lyrics by Animaniacs