Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life Is Good

Hello, Dear Ones! Yes! Life is Good! Very good! First of all I wanted to share with you that Carter's last appointment with her doctor had wonderful results! Her numbers are normal! NORMAL! Praise the Lord and Hallelujah to His name! He told my daughter it was probably a transient something that attacked her and maybe it was but we believe God is healing her! The steroids will completely stop Monday and the rest of the meds she is on will be tapered off! She is acting like her 'old' self again, all of her six years! She has energy again. Her little body is shrinking from the results of the steroids! We're so happy and I just wanted to thank you all who have prayed for her and have kept her in your thoughts. Yes, life is good!
 She spent the night with us Friday. We picked her up from school and it was a beautiful day. I had found her this wonderful doll house and we spread a quilt out on the deck and she played and I sat and watched. We saw a red headed woodpecker in the tree and he was seeming to play 'peek a boo' with us! Life is good!
 She was teaching the kitty to go potty! :) Life is good!
 Then we came inside and baked cookies. Carter was the official 'adder of sprinkles'!
 Mr. Precious has been looking for a fun car to play with and has even joined a Model A car club. Well, the search was on and he found a beauty ~ a 1930 Model A, Ford coupe with a rumble seat. It needs tags so it couldn't be legally driven on the highway and it only goes about 35 miles an hour! So he had it brought in on a wrecker. Of course I was waiting with my camera in hand as they pulled up and started to back it in...

Isn't she beautiful? Meet Sybbie, named after Sybil from Downton Abbey who married Tom the chauffeur. You get it, don't you?
 Mr. Precious is like a kid who has just gotten his most favorite toy at Christmas. Life is good!
 And what a blessing to have our little Carter doing so well so we poked her in the rumble seat for a snap. We had hot dogs for dinner and cookies, played some more and watched a mermaid movie and then it was time for bed. We let her sleep with us in our bed. We have a queen sized bed and it was a little crowded but we didn't mind. I was just thanking God that she was lying next to me asleep. This was the bed where I prayed my heart out to God for her when she was so sick and God's answered prayer was in my arms! Life is good!
The next morning, we had french toast and then Carter was out the door to help Mr. Precious clean up the back yard. Sticks and limbs from the trees were all over the place. We've had some pretty windy weather. I know the yard is nekked but life is still good!
Life is good. Dear Ones, I'm just so thankful and feel so blessed! Thank you again for your concern and prayers for our little granddaughter! Life is very good and I pray God will bless you all so special today.

You are all my bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Bless The Lord

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and all that is within me,

bless His holy name.
He has done great things,
He has done great things,
He has done great thing,
bless His holy name 
~ by Andrae' Crouch