Monday, March 7, 2016

Blue Monday for Our Dear Smiling Sally

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm was saddened to learn last week that our dear Sally who blogs at Smiling Sally and was our hostess for the blog party Blue Monday passed away. I'm joining others in blogland to honor her today.

I met Sally right after I started blogging in 2008. She was such a faithful blogging friend and charmed us all with her wit, love for her family, her husband, Johnny, and God. In the early days she was sharing her love of books with us too. Back then she would post every single day and even sometimes twice in one day! I couldn't keep up with her!

Now I started Bathroom Beauty Snappers totally by accident but decided I'd put it out there and see if other bloggers would join me. Well, our wonderful Sally was one of my first Divas and if you'd like to read her post just go HERE.

Sally was so savvy she even made her own magazine cover and snapped away for me, encouraging others to follow.

As time went on, I'd send out another challenge for y'all to run and snap for me and Sally would always join in. 
Look how cute this one was. She was so clever, look how she just captured her pretty smile. HERE is that post if you'd like to see it. 

 Just one more! I just loved this bathroom snap of our dear Sally and she seemed to really enjoy doing this for me too. If you'd like to read her post on this one is it, just click HERE.
She put her heart and soul into doing this bathroom snapping and she was really up for the dare.

I didn't join in on Blue Mondays now a days as much as I used to, you know how it is. But Sally and I did email each other occasionally to keep in touch. It was great to connect with her on Facebook too. She was ill but she didn't ever say much about it, she was such a positive uplifting lady. I will miss Sally, her beautiful smile and her sense of humor. Some one earlier said, we'll never enter a Monday without thinking of "Blue Monday" and our sweet Sally. I know she is seeing the Blues that our eyes have not seen in her heavenly home today. I love you and will miss you, sweet friend and will meet you face to face one of these days in heaven.


I'll leave you with a little Note Song for Sally ~

Blue Monday

Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday
Got to work like a slave all day
Here come Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday
I'm so tired got no time to play

Here come Wednesday, I'm beat to my socks
My gal calls, got to tell her that I'm out
'Cause Thursday is a hard workin' day
And Friday I get my pay

Saturday mornin', oh Saturday mornin'
All my tiredness has gone away
Got my money and my honey
And I'm out on the stand to play

Sunday mornin' my head is bad
But it's worth it for the time that I had
But I've got to get my rest
'Cause Monday is a mess 
~ sung by Fats Domino