Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Kitchen Window Sill

 Hello, Dear Ones! Well, since we've been in the kitchen I thought I would go ahead and show you my window sill all Christmased up in the breakfast room! I love to decorate this little spot each season.
Here she is... 
 Just a bunch of olden things I've had forever but things that make me smile.
 I made this little wreath last Christmas time just for this spot. I didn't have the half shears up or my curtains made at that time, so this area really looked nekked! That's Texan talk from someone who has moved to upstate New York! ;) Sort of a baking theme going on with the gingerbread men, kitchen utensil and cookie cutters. You can't see them in this snap but the ribbon on the right has three little copper cookie cutters hanging down.
 I love my olden tins so I grabbed them and poked a couple of sparkly little Christmas trees on them. I also poked one Christmas tree right down on my runner. I'm so talented like that you know! ;)
 Then a couple of Santies. Twins. Did you know Santie had a twin? :) I've had these little boogers forever and they just make me smile. The one on the left is standing on some Goose Berry Patch cookbooks. I love those too.
 Then I have another little tree just for the breakfast room. This little tree does have lights but they're on a timer and don't come on til later in the day. Now you'll see all kinds of baking things and sweets hanging on this little tree along with some cute little bitty red pine cones!
I love to look at this and then I just smile and remember my mixer bowl is filled with Christmas balls and I am not gonna take them out or nuttin'! ;) Well, I might, but not today! 

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~ 

Fum, Fum, Fum

 On this joyful Christmas Day
Sing fum, fum, fum
On this joyful Christmas Day
Sing fum, fum, fum
For a blessed Babe was born
Upon this day at the break of morn
In a manger poor and lowly
Lay the Son of God most holy
Fum, Fum, Fum!

Thanks to God for holidays
Sing fum, fum, fum
Now we all our voices raise
And sing a song of grateful praise
Celebrate in song and story
All the wonders of His glory
Fum, fum, fum
~ sung by my tiny Christmas Tree


  1. Hermosa toda la decoraciĆ³n Sheila...un ambiente muy familiar y navideƱo. Saludos y que tengan lindas fiestas.Bendiciones

  2. Cheerful Christmas trees on your window sill. Love your wreath too:)
    Hope Carter is doing well and her parents, being strong can be so stressful, prayers.
    Kathleen in Az

  3. I love your decorated window sill. I've been collecting things for a similar wreath for a couple years now. I have a few of the gooseberry patch books, too. Love the snowmen.

  4. this is so much fun, your gingerbread ornaments and wreath is just all so adorable Sheila!

  5. Your window sill looks so festive!! I love those trees!!!!

  6. I love this Shelia..totally adorable!!!

  7. Your grandchildren must be enthralled with this corner of your kitchen. Show us a picture of them studying this enchanting area. Sally

  8. What a cheery kitchen nook, Sheila! I love all the gingerbread boys; so darling! Your wreath is really cute. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, and I hope that little Carter is doing so much better now.


  9. Bright and cheery, filled with good tidings!!! xoxoxo

  10. It all looks so festive and beautiful. Ready for Christmas. I enjoy looking at all of your decorations and the stories behind them. And of course I think the little hutch in the dinette is beautiful. Also, I am so glad to hear that your little Princess is doing ok. Merry Christmas. Karie

  11. What a perfect place to decorate for any occasion! Love all of your little trees. Look wonderful.


  12. Love the baking tree. I may be coping your tree for next year. It,s just so cute and would look great in my own

  13. Shelia, I love that cute little spot to decorate too. You have decorated it prettily. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. Quite perfect! So cheerful and filled with love. I can practically smell the gingerbread -- what an adorable wreath! And the sparkly trees and all the pretties make my heart sing! What a joyful spot you have here!

  15. Shelia your bay window in the kitchen is so nice. I love your twin Santas and the wreath, you are so talented. In fact I think I'll just come over and take it all home with me :)


  16. Adorable ~ just like you! I love Gooseberry Cookbooks too. It's funny because I also like Julia Child's cookbooks. But Gooseberry Patch is just so "down home".

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  17. Looks so happy with your cute Christmas trees! Perfect spot for Christmas morning!

  18. Shelia,
    A d o r a b l e vignette on the Windowsill, dear friend!!!
    Love those Santa 'Twins'!!!
    Your Christmas tree decorated with baking ornaments and pinecones is charming!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  19. My dear friend, I seem to have missed this post but it gives me good reason to stop by and wish you a wonderful Christmas - even though it's not as planned this year. You've been on my heart and in my prayers today. I'm asking God to fill your heart with the wonder of His gift and give you some (what my dear, little mother calls) 'glad surprises!

  20. I adore your kitchen window sill!! That wreath is absolutely charming with all the kitchen goodies on it - how clever of you! I am learning all sorts of cute tricks from all my blogland friends this Christmas - now if I can only find the time to do them all! xo

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