Monday, November 16, 2015

My Love For Milk Glass

Hello, Dear Ones! Thank you all for coming to visit my Fallen home tour. Today it's all about the milk glass. I guess my obsession started with my little mother who had some pieces of milk glass and I always thought it was so pretty. The pieces were almost 'see through' like milk! :) When she passed away I received a few pieces and I looked at them with new eyes of appreciation. I started picking up pieces here and there but lately I have been on a Milk Glass kick and have gone to town pinning it on my Milk Glass board on  Pinterest. So today I thought I would show you some of my recent finds.
Here are some of my hobnail and diamond patterned Milk Glass. Isn't it beautiful? Just to let you know, Milk Glass seems to be plentiful around here and cheap, honey, cheap!! I can't help myself.
 Look at this most gorgeous candlestick! Sit down, are you ready for it? It was $1.25! Yes, a buck and a quarter!! Woo Hooness for me! I'm using my fall floral basket as a backdrop and the afternoon sun is peeping over the top! I love this time of day!
 See all of the little bumpy circles!! Love love love! I even poked in some non drip candles for you and lit them. It's hard to see the flame against the sunshine. Oh, did you know it's a faux pas to put a candle into a candlestick that has not been lit? Well, it is. A friend told me this many years ago and I believed her. So when I poke a new candle into a candlestick I always light it and let it burn a minute or so! We all want to know these things don't we?  :)
Then I found this beautiful compote which is actually a diamond pattern and she's so so pretty. See the stem? It's totally different with the little loops.
 Don't you love the shape? It's not round like most are but squareish.
 I'm not sure what this pattern is on the little candlestick and it cost me an entire dollar bill! I'll be on the lookout for it's mate. It reminds me of the candlewick pattern of pressed glass or the boopie glass pattern.
 It looks like a little strand of pearls twirling around the base! I love this stuff!
 Then I found this candy dish and I believe it cost $5. Works for me. It's the diamond pattern also and it's gorgeous, don't you think? It looks a little pink with the sun shining through.
 Then another candy dish. I guess it's a candy dish but I remember my little mother had something similar that she kept on her dresser with talcum powder in it and was topped with a great big soft powder puff. She would let me 'powder' myself sometimes after my bath.
Look at the knob. Almost looks like a bunch of grapes! Hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my Milk Glass. Stay tuned because I have more! More is always more I say!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Milk Cow Boogie

 Well, I woke up this morning,
And I looked out the door.
I can tell that old milk cow
By the way she lowed.

Hold it fellows, that don't move me.
Let's get real, real gone for a change.

Well, I woke up this morning
And I looked out the door
I can tell that that old milk cow
I can tell the way she lowed.

Well, if you've seen my milk cow,
Please ride her on home.
I ain't had no milk or butter
Since that cow's been gone.

Well, I tried to treat you right,
Day by day.
Get out your little prayer book
Get down on your knees and pray.
For you're gonna need,
You're gonna need
your loving daddy's help someday.
Well, then you're gonna be sorry
For treating me this way.
Well, believe me, don't that sun
look good going down?
Well, believe me, don't that sun
look good going down?
Well, don't that old moon look lonesome
When your baby's not around.

Well, I tried everything to
get along with you.
I'm gonna tell you what I'm going do.
I'm gonna quit my crying,
I'm gonna leave you alone.
If you don't believe I'm leaving,
you can count the days I'm gone.
I'm gonna leave.
You're gonna need your
loving daddy's help someday.

Well, you're gonna be sorry
You treated me this way
~ sung by Elvis