Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Love Mr. Darcy

Hello, Dear Ones! No, no Nannette! I have not fallen out of love with Mr. Precious. There is not another man in my life. You'll understand the title of my post later on. Bare with me! :) So come along with me on our second day in England.
 We discovered the little Yatton train station and took the train a couple of times to Bath. So nice to take the train and it gave Mr. Precious a break from driving on the wrong side of the road! ;)
 We made it to Bath and Mr. Precious and I are ready to take you along with us on a little walking tour. Notice the umbrella...rained a bit on us every day!
 Here we go!
 Some pretty snaps of the lovely buildings around town. It really is an easy town to walk through.
 This is the Royal Victoria Park and how beautiful it was! It was named after Queen Victoria when she was a little girl. England was chosen to hold the 2015 Rugby World Cup and there were fans everywhere chanting!

 I turned around twice to see this as I could barely believe my eyes and yes, those are real humans! The guy on the bottom must really take some strong vitamins!
 Coo coo! I love you! Evidently these doves/pigeons loved this gal.
 Mr. Precious and I were needed some nurishment so we stopped into this nice department store,
Feast your eyes on this lovely. Folks call it Bath Abbey.
Now hang on gang, this church was founded in the 7th century! Can you believe it. It was rebuilt at different times through the centuries! Wow!
Then...look! The Jane Austen Centre! We all love Jane, don't we? Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma and probably some more I can't think of.
We're greeted at the door by this pretty lady! She's not a real person but look at those eye lashes! Okie dokie, let's go in.
I'll just let you look around for a little bit.
Okay, now don't you laugh. We wanted to poke our heads behind these clothes stands. Mr. Precious did just fine but me - I'm so short my tiny neck couldn't reach the opening so I had to lean the stand toward me so I could fit! I'd tried to put Mr. Precious and I together and he ended up with two elbows!
We found out that the above drawing is the only image of Jane and it was drawn by her sister."The only verifiable image of Jane Austen is a small watercolour painted by her sister Cassandra but it has been acknowledged by experts as a poor attempt and was described by her niece as ‘hideously unlike’ her aunt Jane". So, a wax figure of Jane was made from written accounts of friends.
Dear Ones, this was just amazing:
 "The Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England unveiled the wax sculpture above, which they say is the closest “anyone has come to the real Jane Austen in 200 years.” The figure, The Guardian reports, is the creation of forensic artist Melissa Dring, a “specialist team using forensic techniques which draw on contemporary eye-witness accounts,” and Emmy-winning costume designer Andrea Galer." Based partly on that description and others from niece Caroline, the wax figure, Dring told the BBC, is “pretty much like her.” Austen “came from a large… family and they all seemed to share the long nose, the bright sparkly eyes and curly brown hair. And these characteristics come through the generations.” Dring used Austen’s sister Cassandra’s famous portrait as a starting point, but noted that the sketch “does make it look like she’s been sucking lemons […] We know from all accounts of her, she was very lively, very great fun to be with and a mischievous and witty person.” All descriptions with which her devoted readers would doubtless agree."

I had to sit at Jane's deck and write a note thanking her for all of her literary works! :) With a quill pen, I might add.
Now to end with why my post is titled "I Love Mr. Darcy". This is a lovely portrait of Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth, I think the best from from all the actors who played Mr. D) from Jane's book "Pride and Prejudice", When my daughter was younger I wanted her to love some of the classic books I so enjoyed reading as a girl. So, I introduced her to the Bronte' sisters (Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, etc.) and of course Jane Austen's works, but Pride and Prejudice was my favorite and we watched all of the movies from these books we could find. And as we all did, she fell in love with Mr. Darcy, especially Colin Firth's Mr. D. So, what did I find in the gift shop?
I saw this Tshirt and knew she had to have it. Don't be jealous son in law, this was only a book! :)

Thanks for continuing along with me on my journey in England! There'll be more to come.

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~ 

Pride and Prejudice Lyrics

Growing frightened of the sound of my own voice
I really didn't want to listen, but I had no choice
All the things you taught me begin to ring untrue
Now all I wanna do, all I wanna do is love you
Pride and prejudice
Keep us from being together
Lies and cowardice
The walls that keep us locked out
Sticks and stones may break us
But the fire of hate will burn us down
Now we're all alone
With the war inside our souls
Everything I'm feeling is reflected in your eyes
(Can't you see?)
But caught up in a struggle and too blind to realize
That to love without connection
There's a rule that makes us strong
The only place to find it
Is deep inside and it's been there all along
There is a hunger in the human heart
That leads us to the light
There is a higher power
To teach us wrong from right
~ lyrics by Martika