Saturday, August 15, 2015


Hello, Dear Ones! Well, we are under a thunderstorm warning, the skies are dark, the thunder is booming and we're waiting for the rain to start. I do kinda like a good little thunderstorm. This afternoon we saw the most beautiful lightning bolt in the sky and it was not even raining!
I took this snap on Friday afternoon. I just loved the sun shining through the shears and it made me happy. I hope my snap will make you happy too!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Let The Sunshine In

When you are unhappy,
the devil wears a grin

But oh, he starts to running

when the light comes pouring in

I know he'll be unhappy

'Cause I'll never wear a frown

Maybe if we keep on smiling

He'll get tired of hanging 'round. 

If I forget to say my prayers
the devil wears a grin.

But he feels so awful awful

when he sees me on my knees

So if you're full of trouble

and you never seem to win,

Just open up your heart and let the sun shine in.

So let the sun shine in

face it with a grin.

Smilers never lose

and frowners never win.

So le the sun shine in

face it with a grin

Open up your heart and let the sun shine in. 

~ sung by little children in Sunday School and me!