Friday, June 19, 2015

GE Plots Historic Home Tour - The Emmet-McNaughton House

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, I'm back again with another home tour, the 1914 Emmet-McNaughton House. I have one more home to show you after this one and I certainly hope you've enjoyed these tours. I've loved showing them to you and loved reading all of your comments.
 The little info book we were given with the tour said this house was "a stunning example of an English Butterfly home". Well, that sounds nice but I didn't know what that meant so I did my research. This design was adapted from a traditional English country house with hints of Medieval English  Tudor style in its overhanging second story and the chimneys that interrupt the roof line.
The original owner, Herman L. Emmet, was a GE Production Manage in the Schenectady GE Plant from 1920 to 1929, but he only lived in this house for a year before selling it to Mr. Archibald McNaughton. Mr. McNaughton was the president of the Clark Whitbeck Company and this house remained in that family for many years. The current residents are only the 4th owners.
 Okie dokie, let's step inside. Here in the entry was a sweet little secretary. Now I hope none of you know the owners of this house and please know I'm not being disrespectful but folks! this was a messy house! I didn't even take a snap of the kitchen because of all the clutter and the dishes were right out on the counter top drying in the dish drainer! Wouldn't you have picked up just a bit knowing lots of folks would be walking through your house? That's all I'm going to say about it so just look around! :)
 See? I had a really hard time trying to see the architecture of this lovely home for seeing the clutter! Yikes!
Now this was a lovely spot. The kitchen is over on the right hand side. Look at all of the marvelous light and the pretty upholstered pieces.
 This is a little bit of the butler's pantry. This home owner loves dishes as so many of us do.
 I got sidetracked and didn't take a full on snap of the dining room. But, look at the lovely mirror and the china cabinet with all of the pretty dishes.
 I LOVED this table. We were told it had been in the home owners great grandfather's hunting lodge to hold the food for dinners and then was in the grandfather's office. He was an attorney.
 Here we go upstairs. Now this house was huge and had nine bedrooms! I didn't snap each one though.
 It was a glorious day and I snapped Itsy parked outside while touring one of the bedrooms. :)
 This looks like a nice little bedroom for some little grandchildren, don't you think?
Each bedroom was so different from the next. Some rooms were small and some large. This was a rather small bedroom filled with Frenchy furniture. See the radiator to the right of the bed?
Coming on back downstairs, we walked through the TV room. Put on your shades! Now I just want to point out the nutcracker on the windowsill. Do you see it? Um, it's June y'all! :)

Hope you've enjoyed seeing this home with me. Like I said, I have one more to show you in my next post.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Songs ~

Messy Girl (parody - sung to the tune of "Jesse's Girl" by Rich Springfield) I know, I'm bad! :)

Mess is my best friend
Yeah, I like to lead a very messy life
But lately it's been lonely - trying to survive
I just gotta find a woman - I just gotta find a wife

But I want a very messy one!
One who's sure she has a bedroom floor, she just knows IT!
I wanna trip on stockings - as we wade through her mess
Y'know I wish I had a messy girl
I wish I had a messy girl
Where can I find a woman like that?

Then I saw the perfect girl
She was digging up potatoes next door
Y'know she looked so filthy, she started looking cute
wanna tell her "dig down deeper" and she'll find herself a root

and she's wallowing in that grime
and she's comfortable in that mess, I just know IT
I wanna wallow with her, in it, late late at night
Y'know I wish I had that messy girl
I wish I had that messy girl
Can't take my eyes off a woman like that!
That messy girl
I wish I had that messy girl
The Queen of Grime - is a woman like that!

We could look - in - the mirror the same time
to see who's messier - her or me
we could rub spaghetti through our hair
aint that the way love's supposed to be?

Tell me! Where can you find messy women like that?

Y'know I wish I had that messy girl
I wish I had that messy girl
Can't take my eyes off a woman like that!
That messy girl
I wish I had that messy girl
~ written by Stuart McArthur


  1. Well, let's just say the butterfly plan is wonderful and unique. I love houses that don't fit the typical plan. I think anyone who is brave enough to have strangers traipse through their house is deserving of a pat on the back. And only four owners? Wow!
    Thanks for the tour!

  2. The house does look like a butterfly! I love the mirror over the China hutch. I am enjoying the historical home tours very much. Kathleen in Az

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! Have a great weekend.
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia ;)

  3. I loved the tour, like a butterfly it's beauty just kept getting prettier and prettier. Have a great w/k.
    fondly ~lynne~

  4. Oh, I see the butterfly, how unique!!! Love all the tours.....

  5. I have never heard of a butterfly house, learning a lot on these tours! xx

  6. The small rooms were probably servants' bedrooms?

    What a neat house. I think it is awesome and never heard the term "butterfly house" before now - though I have seen that STYLE just didn't know it had a term. I love learning new things. Thanks for the tour!

    And I cannot imagine now tidying up before company. Holy smokes. How odd.

  7. It's been fun going on this tour with you. That's one of the nice things about touring homes folks actually live in...some not as tidy as others. Beautiful architecture, sure was surprised the inside wasn't near as tidy as the outside...go figure?

  8. Fun tour! Thanks for taking us through. I'm sure glad I wasn't the one who had to paint all those balusters! Have a wonderful weekend, Shelia.

  9. Shelia, the home is lovely and the setting is dream-like...just gorgeous.

    Love your little car.


  10. Enjoyed the tour. Thank you for sharing.
    Some people are just more comfortable with a lived in home. Beautiful place.

    The Nutcracker didn't scare me off. I like them! Perhaps that's a cherished gift from a loved one that the owners are proud of and wanted to share with the tourist?

    1. Shelia, I don't think of you as judgmental. You gave an honest opinion about the extras you saw. I so enjoy home tours and am glad you shared. It is great fun to go inside houses.
      Blessings, d

  11. Gorgeous home! I love the architecture of this one. All I can think is the home owners wanted those walking through to feel at home? I don't know what else they would be thinking!

  12. I'm LOVING your tours and I think this was the best. I could see myself living in this home---simply lovely!

    You are a dear for sharing your trips, I know you have enjoyed visiting them as well.

    Hugs to you, Shelia!

    Jane x

  13. Hi Shelia, another beautiful tour. Great example of a butterfly house. This house had gorgeous furniture. I'm like you, if companies coming, I have to declutter!! lol
    Great shot of the tiny car.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful and informative home tours. I so enjoy them!
    Have a nice Father's Day weekend with your sweetie
    Hugs and Blessings cm

  14. Lovely home, but I see what your saying? You would think there would be enough places to "shove it in there" for that stuff before people got there! Geez I do that before people come, thank goodness for my walk in pantry.....I have been known to throw and I mean throw things in there! Loved the desk and the china cabinet.

  15. Fascinating house shape - I thought the "butterfly" referred to the way the house has a center with two "wings" flying inward - oh gosh I'm such a dreamer, eh?! Well I see what you mean, there was some very, very good parts to this house, and some - well maybe not so good. I liked the first room with the leather furniture, very nice. The grandchildren's room was precious, that gets an A+. The hunting lodge table was amazing and I love its history. But I think my favorite thing of all was Itsy sitting on the road waiting for its lovely owners to return ;)

    I love these house tours and will be sad to see them end.


  16. I saw a butterfly shape in the way the home is designed with the center and wings off to each side. I adore it! I enjoyed the interior and that big curved table is awesome. They have some very nice furnishings and most of the decorating seems fitting for the home. I suppose some people are just comfy in the kitchen and not thinking about putting it all away. I can imagine I'd love living in this area. Now all I need is to win the lottery so I can!

  17. These homes are so lovely! I just know I could never keep mine that neat!

  18. I love this house. What a beautiful design. I always have to declutter my home before company comes. Then I forget where I stuffed everything :)

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