Monday, March 30, 2015

Springy Mantel

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm finally getting my Easter decorating done. With company coming for Easter, it's amazing how fast I can move when I have too! :)
 Okie dokie! Now first you'll see the chains still pulled up on the cuckoo clock because it needs to get fixed. Then the quilt is spread down on the cushions of the sofa because my little grandchildren come over all of the time with snotty noses that get wiped all over everything and sticky little cookie crumbed fingers, well, you get the picture. The chenille fabric is just a little bit too dainty for that! I share this with you because I love you! :)
 Now since that is all cleared up, over to the fireplace we go.
 I decided since my mirror is so very plane (but I'm sentimental about it) I would hang some plates on either side. I think it helps fill out the space.
 I found these white lanterns and poked them up here. I'm thinking they may be too white and might have to do something to them after I dismantle the mantel! That sounds cool, huh? :)
 Any way, I poked in a couple of my favorite little bunnies. One little bunny even has a nest with eggs in it to keep him company.
Love my little lidded bunny dishes and I poked them all over the mantel.
 I made this wreath and it's twin years ago for my two front doors in Texas. I thought, why not just hang one up to celebrate Spring! I'm so talented like that you know! ;)
 Plates, lanterns, bunnies and a wreath. I also tossed in a little green leafed vine I had and thought how neat it would look if I had some of those little LED twinkly lights spread though it. I looked at a few places and couldn't find any. Oh, well...
 There you have it, my Easter mantel that will probably stay this way for a couple of months. I even lit the fire for you, actually I just turned a knob because...
We're still covered up in snow! Can I vent now? Waaa!!! Waaa!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

I'm A Believer

I thought love was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else but not for me.
Love was out to get me
That's the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in love, I'm a believer!
I couldn't leave her if I tried.

I thought love was more or less a given thing,
Seems the more I gave the less I got.
What's the use in tryin'?
All you get is pain.
When I needed sunshine I got rain.

Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in love, I'm a believer!
I couldn't leave her if I tried. 
~ sung by The Monkees


  1. Beautiful Shelia - the decorating, not the snow!!! I love your glass bunny dishes, I have one bunny and one chicken like that, but they are not in such pretty colours as yours are! I hope that you have a wonderful Easter! xx

  2. I love it all, Shelia! I'm crazy about your door wreaths that you made, you clever you! They are beautiful! Loving the plates, bunnies, and those lanterns are perfect!
    Have a great week up in NY! Oh my, can't believe you are so far away from Texas!

  3. Yep, I'm over the snow too we had more yesterday :( but on the good side your mantel is beautiful and all ready for Easter guest.

  4. Wow, you have a great home with so many wonderful things and decorations (have seen not only this one post). I like your idea to complete your posts with a song.
    Have a faster springtime

  5. Your spring Easter mantel looks wonderful Shelia!

  6. Your mantel ispretty Sheila ! Such a pretty wreath .. The last photo with the tureens .. oh my gosh they are beautiful!

  7. Shelia your mantel says Spring...soooooo pretty!! Now we just need some warmer temps!

  8. Your spring mantle is very pretty and it makes you feel like spring is just around the corner. Now all you need is for Spring to hurry and get there. I am sure the kids are excited about Easter.
    Have a wonderful week Shelia and Happy Easter.

  9. Love all the bunnies in your mantel! Mine is so blah right now so I enjoy seeing how others decorate theirs! love the lantern idea too and seeing a peak of your cabinet vignettes with all those straffodshire dogs just makes me smile. Hang in there, spring will be outside before you know it!

  10. The mantel is so very beautifully Spring Shelia!....I am sure it gives you joy when there is so much still outside!

  11. What a gorgeous Spring mantel my friend. Love the bunnies inside the lantern and all your depression glass around. The wreath is lovely and the hutch with the tureens in the last photo is awesome! At least allyour décor will cheer you up regardless the weather outside your window, lol..
    Have a nice week and a blessed Easter ahead.

  12. Love those bunny lidded dishes! So pretty! Happy Easter to you!

  13. Looks like you are ready for Easter and company! Looks great.


  14. Your mantle is so springy and I love all of those little bunnies. The wreath with the fabric flowers is especially cool...I just may steal that idea! Happy Easter and enjoy your company!

  15. Shelia, your mantel is lovely and springy and so sweet! I just love the wreath you made! It looks like fabric roses! How lovely--Have a great week and enjoy your family! ♥

  16. I love your pretty mantel! Maybe hunting Easter eggs in the snow will be fun!?!?!


  17. Enough of the snow right!! Love the mantel and I think it looks Easter and Springy! I understand about the quilt on the sofa, my grand does the same thing!


  18. Your mantle looks beautiful, I love all the bunnies! I like the white lanterns too, in fact am looking for another one for out front. Happy Easter week. I hope your SNOW disappers soon!! UGH!

  19. Your mantle looks just beautiful, Shelia! I love that wreath and the fabric roses you created.
    I also love that you share REAL life with REAL little kids running around and making messes. So worth it though, isn't it?
    I just LOVE the way you POKE things here and there. You are a GOOD POKER! lol xo Diana

  20. Oh no, about the snow, Shelia! Ours has melted and our grass is greening up. I'm so happy to see that. This is probably the best week we will have so far - except for rain on Thursday, but it will be about 70 so who cares! Your mantel looks lovely and I like the white lanterns. I actually have to get a new one for outside our front door. I saw a plastic one (quite bit) that looks metal and comes with three fake candles at CVS for $20.00. I'm thinking of going back and getting it.

    I am totally with you using something to cover up the furniture when the grands are over. I used an old quilt on our sectional that we always seemed to sit on (the television is in that room) because crumbs were the main thing I wanted to avoid. Since she is 4 1/2 now, the crumbs are not as much of an issue.

  21. You have decorated your mantle perfectly! (And I actually like your white lanterns there. It's a busy area - plus white goes with every season! The white keeps that area toned down a bit, so give that another thought or three before you paint!) : - )

    Love your hen glassware collection - they remind me of my favorite auntie who used to collect them.

    We snowed a couple days ago but it didn't stick and it is all melted but still cold. Today was sunny, so from indoors it LOOKED like spring, kinda. Will it ever arrive? Of course I will be the first one to complain when it gets too hot. I prefer to be cold rather than hot.

    Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Hugs.

  22. Hi Shelia, Love your mantel for Spring and Easter. The wreath is gorgeous in the center over your beautiful mirror and I love the plates on each side.
    Your lanterns are perfect on each side and love the bunnies popped inside.
    Looks like you are all ready for your quests and they will love your inviting and cozy home.
    Enjoy your company and sending you BIG TEXAS HUGS!
    Wishing you a blessed Easter Week.
    Hugs, CM
    p.s. I loved that Monkee song when I was a little teenager. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Looking lovely, Miss Shelia!! Love your little glass bunny nests! And the wreath is gorgeous!! You are talented, like that!!

  24. It's beginning to look as if you traded the white sands of Galveston for the snow covered ground of NY. ;-)
    At least you can play with your beautiful things in a warm cozy home. Have fun!

  25. Just adore the springy mantel. Those are the most darling little bunnies.

  26. I love your mantel! The little bunnies are adorable.


  27. Your mantle looks beautiful, Shelia! I an not believe how much snow you still have. Happy Easter!

  28. Shelia, your mantel is pretty with the pastels and all the goodies. I love the serene quality of it.

    What on earth is that white stuff outside your window on the ground? (*wink*)

    Have a sweet day, you cutie!

    Barb xo

  29. You DO still have a lot! We're in the brown mud phase, but overall, that's more heartening. Nonetheless, it is cozy and springy inside your beautiful home!

  30. Your mantle is gorgeous....I especially liked the wreath! Have a blessed Easter...hugs....

  31. Everything looks so pretty. I can't imagine snow on the ground at Easter. It is so spring here :)

  32. Your mantel looks very pretty decorated for Easter, Sheila!

    I hear you about the grands being rough on furniture--the best thing I did was to buy a leather couch and love seat for my family room as it wipes clean! I also bought metal end tables and lamps and a round metal coffee table for that room--they are indestructible and no corners to fall into--lol!

    Hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter!


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